Saturday, June 26, 2021

A Rainy Day, Bill’s Day Off

The Ridge

On Friday, June 25th I had to be the one to get us up out of bed first. Gibbs and Bill came back to bed at some time, unknown to me since I was sound asleep. When I did wake up and roll over there they were, comfortable together. Unfortunately, by 7, I had to make a move and get off to the Mat to clean. It would have been nice to just stay put with my boys. 😊

I left at 7:45 and only one customer was in doing the last of their laundry. When I returned home, Bill, Ken and Gibbs were sitting outside. Needless to say, the latter was very anxious to see me. It was quite warm and dry outside, the best part of the day, as we soon found out. I made my tea and joined them for a couple of hours. Kim joined us at one point too and eventually, I came inside for my shower and then it was lunch time.

Coming home from Durham, the sky doesn't promise much

Bill had had a bowl of cereal earlier but I didn’t so we each made ourselves something to eat. I prepared a tortilla wrap with mayo, shredded cheese, onion and egg. When I put 2 pre-cooked strips of bacon in the microwave to warm them, we realized that it wasn’t working. What the heck? The convection ‘bake’ seemed to work but no way would the microwave do anything. It made a noise and then shut itself off after 2 seconds. LOL

This picture is unrelated but I wanted to show that 
Gibbs isn't 'just' a Momma's boy🐶

It looks like we’ll be replacing it again. This was a floor model from London Major Appliances and we remember how challenging it was 2 years ago to find one at all. Needless to say, we weren’t very happy. A microwave is something we use a lot. Bill had a snooze in his chair after lunch and I read through my homemade travel books. It has been nice reminiscing with Ken and Kim about our southwest travels so I was encouraged to peruse them again.

It was fun reading the stories of our 
last 5 winters again

Bill went out to help Mike back the cargo trailer down at the corral when the boys were done work at 1:30. Bill, himself, had the day off so he went to the Hangar to kill some time. It had been raining since just after lunch. Bummer. At 3, we gathered at the Journey for Happy Hour and continued our stories, laughter and catch ups. There is never a shortage of topics. It was around 6 when we made it back to the Suite to start supper.

Chewing our shoes is something Gibbs likes to do
But sometimes, like this one, he just wants it beside him as he sleeps

I had chicken thighs thawed so I used Shake ‘n Bake coating and cooked them in Rosy, the air fryer. On the stove I cooked 2 cobs of corn and fried up some leftover cooked potato for Bill. It was just a nice amount and the chicken turned out great after 20 minutes. Kim and Ken had picked us up at pecan pie at Anna Mae’s in Millbank on their trip here yesterday so after dishes, we invited them over to share a piece together. 😊 I have whipped cream in the fridge in case anyone wants some.

Simple tasty supper

At 7:45, with rain coming down, a knock at the door brought 2 friends and 2 pies. An Apple Crumble and a Pecan. Oohs and aaahs. Forbidden food! 😊 We made our choices and sat and enjoyed our dessert together over the next hour. Well, the pie disappeared a whole lot faster than that! So fast, I didn’t get a picture. Anna Mae’s food is never a letdown and this was no different.

Mike's work trailer is tucked down at the
bottom of the hill

I felt exhausted but I really didn’t do much all day other than clean, vacuum and shower. Okay, enough. We watched a movie together but I couldn’t keep my eyes open so was in bed by 10:30 before it was even over. I slept well and didn’t hear Bill come up soon after. This was a great day despite the rain.

Looks like a whole family of geese floating on the pond
in the rain

Gibbs sure knows how to relax
Good night!

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