Wednesday, June 23, 2021

If Only They Could ALL Be Like This, A Bit of This and A Bit of That, A Lot of Gibbs

The Ridge

Wednesday, June 23rd aka Hump Day has arrived. First thing on the agenda for me is to slap my own hand. Yesterday, I was remiss in wishing our pretty young granddaughter, a Happy 14th Birthday. Birthdays are a dime a dozen, it’s true, but every single one is special. We sent her a card and I’m sure she received it but I try to mention our family in my daily blog posts when they are celebrating. So! I hope it was an awesome day, Chelsea!

Chelsea at 3 years old

Happy 14th birthday, Chelsea!
Isn't life great!? πŸ’—πŸ°

On to today. I woke up at 6 with the patter of little feet on the bed and Bill trying to keep the little mutt quiet so as not to wake me. I don’t mind being woke up but gee, I think I was in an interesting dream! 😊 Gibbs and I snuggled in bed until Daddy was finished getting ready and then I got up and took him out for a quick piddle. We settled in my recliner together and Gibbs actually took turns between me and Daddy, while the latter was waiting for his ride to work.

Gibbs enjoys his time outside

After they left, I fed Gibbs a bit earlier than usual, 7:30, took him out for a short ‘business’ walk and then he went in his crate. I had the laundromat to clean this morning and was in town just before 8. A couple of familiar customers were doing their laundry so we chatted a bit as I went about my cleaning. It was just a few minutes before 9 when I headed home. The day started out coolish but was warming up nicely by now.

I just have to keep an eye every couple of minutes to see
what is going in his mouthπŸŒΏπŸ›

Back home, with my tea we went about our day. I didn’t have much on the agenda until 11 when I put Gibbs in his crate and drove around the corner to M’s. He asked for some assistance filling out his CPP and OAS/GIS forms. He offered to pay me for the time but I refused. It’s a favour, what are friends for? We didn’t have a whole lot of success with his CPP because the online access was not working. GRRRR!

I moved him to the picnic table
with a pillow

Because we had the actual paper application for it, we did manage to fill out for his OAS/GIS to take affect next May. He was happy and when we can, I’ll help with the CPP. He’d rather be sure that he’s not screwing it up and he needed a witness sig anyway. It seemed easy when Bill and I did it but now you need to get online to ask for a 6-page application. LOL

Gibbs and I spent the afternoon outside, after I had some quiche and a tart for my lunch. What a gorgeous day! If every day could be like this, with overnight rain, no one would ever complain. I know, I may as well be asking for the moon in a handbasket. 😊 I puttered around, alternating some of my plants into bigger pots, I hung another hat and moved a wall hanging from the storage shed to the side of the Restroom where the colours worked better.

That worked for a while and then he saw
Daddy come home

I watered the hanging plants and spread the last bag of mulch around the tree trunks and in the small gardens. We were surprised and happy to see Billy and Bill pull in the lane around 4.  An earlier day than it has been. It is ‘iffy’ about tomorrow since a lot of other licensed workers will be coming in to do their thing. Whether they boys can continue with their job is yet to be seen. It could be a short day – or not.

after all the fresh air and running around
.........someone is very tired

Bill felt like cutting the front field so hopped on the rider and went out to do that. We were having leftover meatloaf for supper and Gibbs had been outside a lot today so we came inside. I did the morning and lunch dishes and then made myself a cup of tea. Not surprising, Gibbs conked out on the floor. He has been a bundle of energy again today but a well-behaved one. We walked down to get the mail, in between ‘shade flops’, and played a lot. He was tired right out.

After starting my blog, I flitted over to the Rockford auction site where an online auction is closing tonight. I am bidding on a couple of key things so want to keep an eye. I’ll let you know only if I get lucky by winning without spending too much. I sat in my chair and expected someone to join me but he hardly paid attention to where I was. I was going to open my new book but decided instead to work on a crossword puzzle from the weekly paper.

The sky was clear all day
but clouds moved in and out this evening

Bill came in around 5:30 from cutting the front field and that was my cue to start warming up supper. After eating the meatloaf meal, same as last night except for the veggie, we had the last of the apple crisp that Jess and Matt brought. I added cream to mine. I’m glad that is out of the fridge now too! We needed water so I agreed to do the dishes while Bill went over to the Acreage to fill our bladder. He will be tired tonight!

When he returned, it was 7 so he figured he had time to cut grass in the back field. We are expecting our company sometime tomorrow afternoon but we are also expecting what sounds like a fair bit of rain for Friday, Saturday, Sunday – oh my. I don’t know if it will be a wash out, we certainly hope not and we do get missed often up here so our fingers are crossed. Either way, at least the grass will be cut which means no cutting on the weekend.

Still a pretty view out our windows

Gibbs and I stayed inside and watched some tv, did more crosswords and I worked on my blog. The morning will be slow so if it doesn’t get done tonight, there is always tomorrow. 😊

My cousin posted this news clipping on our family site from Jan. 1945
The story is about my Aunt Fern and Mom πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
Worth sharing for sure. 
Good night y'all!

This was a great day. I hope yours was just as nice. We learned this evening that a friend is in the hospital so our prayers are with him. 

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Happy Birthday Chelsea! What a pretty girl and great smile! What a great story about your mom and sister!! I love things like that! Oh I hope it doesn't rain for your visit with company! Nice of you to help M! I'm sue if someone isn't too familiar with computers it helps to have you there! :) If the friend is who I think it is..he's in our prayers too. Have a great visit with friends..thinking we know who's coming.. :)

    1. Thank you Shirley, Chelsea is very happy to be 14! :)
      I knew you'd appreciate the news clipping. 😍
      Yes, we are talking about J, I just didn't want to be too personal. I sure hope the rain is sporadic and it looks like it will be. You're pretty good guessers, I bet!!

    2. How neat is that to find the newspaper article. We have a similar story in my family, except my two uncles discovered they were in the same hospital.
      Happy Birthday to your granddaughter!

    3. That's awesome about your family story too! I love those!
      Thank you for Chelsea's wishes. :)

  2. A burningly important question. Does Gibbs face in any particular direction when he pees? I read the other day that dogs usually orient to the north-south line. So far, as I do not have a dog, I have seen that a golden retriever who is a frequent visitor, always faces north. Anyway, I am doing a survey. (Hey, I'm old. Gotta have something to do.)

    1. Ha ha, well let me entertain your curiosity! Come to think of it, not that I paid attention before, but he does seem to face north. Now I'm going to watch him! haha

    2. I'm getting mixed responses, but mostly seems that adult female dogs face north, many males do, but some of the latter just mark wherever they are no matter what.
      And puppies....well....Thanks for even giving it a thought.