Sunday, June 20, 2021

What a Happy Father’s Day!

The Ridge

On Sunday, June 20th Bill brought Gibbs up into bed around 6:15 and it was the jiggling around on the bed that woke me and caused me to roll over and greet them. 😊 So, it took about 20 minutes this morning for him to relax and fall into a deep sleep. At 7:30, I needed to use the bathroom so had to disturb the family. We made our coffee and tea and set to work.

Our company arrived and Easton helped me carry the toys
I'd picked up for him out of the Bunky

Bill went out with the mower and started cutting out front. I went out with Gibbs and helped by moving some of our patio furniture. Inside, I let Madame IP make a batch of macaroni for salad. It took 4 minutes with a quick release. How simple was that? I set it in the fridge to cool and dusted and vacuumed the downstairs. It wasn’t too bad but we had moved a few things to make room for company in case we needed to sit inside.

Hadley was so cute in her little summer outfit

It was gearing up to be a hot day so we left the Suite plugged into power and turned the a/c on to 24C/75F. It didn’t come on right away but it was sure appreciated when it did. Bill had some toast and I had a piece of my quiche around 10. We were expecting Jess and Matt around 11 and we’d be eating around noon so didn’t want too much. It was quite an event, getting the kids, toys, bed/seat, snacks and drinks out of the car but between the two of them, they had it down pat. 😊 Oh to be young!

who's face is that peeking out of the baby's seat

Oh, now we know who it is!

We visited, they met Gibbs and it was comical to watch Gibbs and 2 ½ yr. old Easton. Neither of them had seen someone (human or dog) so small. Gibbs kept jumping up and we were afraid he’d nip Easton’s nose or scratch his legs so we watched closely. It was quite a shuffle but Bill started bbq’ing burgers and dogs while inside I put the salad together and got the condiments out on the island. We’ll fill our plates inside and eat out at the picnic table.

Hadley meets Gibbs and he is very gentle with her 

She was very happy with a full tummy and a clean bottom πŸ˜‰

In order to relax, we had to keep Gibbs and Easton separate and when we ate, we left our baby indoors. He was quite happy for the better part of two hours. It was cool and the fresh air and excitement had worn him out. Outside, Easton had his Mom and Dad hopping with playing ball, colouring and keeping him out of my flowers. LOL What a little character! Jess fed Hadley a couple of times during their stay and she was a good little baby the whole time. 😊

Easton's big dog at home has a crate

I'm thinking there is room for Easton it it
but not so for this one

as he was backing up to get out, Gibbs crawled in
and was licking his face πŸ•

I ate things I shouldn't have but just today
I've been behaving!

Bill and his daughter and her family
Look at those lovely smiles

Easton found many things to play with
some were allowed, and others weren't
He's a 2 yr. old little boy

Hadley was having fun with Grandpa

When they packed up and left at 2:30, we came inside and while I loaded the dishwasher, Bill and Gibbs crashed. I prepared my motorcycle (hot day) gear and fitted the new ‘back/front pack’ to my body over the jacket I’d be wearing. When Bill woke up around 3:30, we were ready to head into town. A short bike ride on Jazz was in order as a test for Gibbs and a visit with our buddies. It was fun (interesting) getting the little furry bum into his pack. He wasn’t thrilled.

Proud Grandps and a sweet little 6 mth Hadley

He behaved quite well, really, for the 15-minute ride but was even happier to get out and meet Rob and Pat. We sat inside for an hour and a half (or was it 2 hours?) and had a lovely catch up visit. The time flew by! It has been way too long since we’ve done that, seen them. They were heading out tomorrow with the trailer so this was important. It was after 5:30 (although I didn’t know it at the time) when we loaded up and hopped on Jazz again.

Before they left, Easton sat on Jazz for a picture
He's such a cutie

Gibbs struggled, this time he knew what was in store but he actually behaved better on the ride home. At one point, on the highway, he calmed enough to lay down in his pack. When we got home, it dawned on me that it was 6 o’clock! We didn’t mean to overstay into their supper hour. Gibbs was a hit; I don’t need to tell you that. Rob and Pat love pooches and he was no exception, being very similar to their past little love bug, SandyGirl.

Hadley was preoccupied
but a nice selfie, otherwise

Getting Gibbs in his backpack was funny

He looks like a caged dog, doesn't he?
Wait a minute! He is one!

We had a nice ride, a good test for 
our pup
Our next one will be longer 😊

At home, we weren’t overly hungry but after I started my post, Bill made me a cup of tea to fill an empty niche in my tummy. We have some macaroni salad to nibble on if we so choose. This was a wonderful day; it couldn’t have been nicer. I hope you also had a good day, as a Dad, with your Dad, or thinking of the Dad’s you know. They could be friends; they could be sons or Grandsons. All important.

Great day for a ride

Bill wore his reflective helmet today

So, Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s out there and that includes mine. I’ve missed you now for 25 Father’s Days.

A nice afternoon but storms and rain are predicted
My plants will be happy!
good night!

Thank you for your visit to my blog today.


  1. What a fun day. I love the dog carrier!! Glad that Gibbs settled down once you were on the road.

    God bless.

  2. What a nice day! I'm sure Gibbs and Easton will have fun together as they both get bigger.

    Gibbs has something on me - I've never been on a motorbike. That he settled down in the pack is amazing.