Sunday, June 13, 2021

Too Busy to Blog so I’ll Make it a Short(er) One (Lots of pictures today)

The Ridge

Saturday, June 13th we three were up and at ‘em early as there were things to do! After our morning coffee and tea, I went for a lovely 45-minute walk down Baptist Church Road. Donna had posted her wildflower finds as she walked 2 concessions over from the Acreage. That encouraged me to pick some of my own like I did last year. They were plentiful and almost didn’t all fit in my one vase. 😊

It wasn't full sun yet so my walking partner
is less noticeable

Looking back behind me towards home

When I returned, Bill hopped on the rider and went down the lane to cut the front field and along the roadway. I really don’t know what I did after that. I guess I watered my potted plants, put the Oriole food out and sat with Gibbs out on the patio. Once Bill finished, were both hungry so we had some toast and jam. I had my homemade apple butter and that was nice for a change.

I do miss this walk when I don't get out here

I went beyond Turbine Lane 
One day, I'll have company, I hope

Bill put the mower away so I guess we weren’t doing rock pick up yet. I tucked my hair up under a scarf and went down to the end of the lane with my wagon, gloves, water and digging tools. Finally, I was going to clean up that flower bed that disgusts me every time I drive in and out. It took a couple of hours and even though hot work and ‘back’ work, I’d much rather be there than on the hill. That’s what kept me going!! It was in pure sun so I know my upper back got some sun. 😊

the irises are the only thing from my gardens

Don't even ask me the names of them!

I’d called Home Hardware to see if we could shop in-store now because their web-site wasn’t updated and since we could, Bill drove in to get the hinges he needed to finish our stoop. His story. Gibbs and I were done working for the day so we watched him and I worked on a Word Search, Crossword and entertained him in the shade of the awning. We were close in case Bill needed an extra couple of hands.

Not sure why we spend money on 
chew toys

When an old plastic olive jar will do

Keeps him entertained for a long
time (until he chases it out of reach)

When that job was finished, we were surprised that it was nearing 4:30 and after cleaning up, we came inside. Both jobs, his and mine, were hard on the bodies so we relaxed until time to make supper. 

The new sheepskin fits perfectly!
Thanks Wendy!

Up to no good, eating all the bird seed!

The Oriole must smell the oranges

If you look close you'll see why I took this photo

Finch reunion
These 2 couples were happy for the lockdown to be over too!

Someone else also smelled the oranges 

In these pictures, you can't tell where the tiger lilies end
and the weeds start


Same with my perennial (winter) geraniums



Tonight, it was burgers on the Weber so after Bill snoozed, he grilled them for me and I did bacon inside while getting everything together. 

Foodland's $2.25 Lemon Pie
I couldn't make it for anywhere near that!

After dishes, Donna, Gayle, Gerry and John came over for a campfire. It was our turn to host. 😊

It was a great evening and they left around 10. By 10:30, I was in bed but Gibbs and Bill stayed up until 11:30. No wonder they are tired this morning!

It was nice to a drink with company
Our first campfire with guests

It is so funny when they leave at 10, it is still light out
Good night!

Thank you for popping in.


  1. looks like you had the start of a good weekend and that Gibbs is learning the dos and don'ts.
    Sorry I'm just catching up. Some nights too tired to read.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. good start and end. :) I totally understand about being too tired to read. Sometimes it is all I can do to finish my post and sometimes, I don't! :)

  2. I love that bouquet you gathered! And your post was asvlong as ever.