Saturday, June 12, 2021

An Early Start, Rain Shower, Making a Sale, Family Visitors

The Ridge

On Friday, June 11th we were awake at 4:30 thanks to a small bark from downstairs. Translation: “I gotta go!” Bill got up and took him out. I drifted off and on over the next few minutes and wondered what they were doing when they weren’t upstairs by 5. Then they were. I had to ask Bill where he found the ‘new’ puppy from. This one settled down immediately! 😊

Am I being a good boy, Mom?

We all dropped off to sleep again and Bill was startled when he realized that it was 6:30. He’s usually up, washed, fed and almost ready for work by that time so he had to put a push on a bit more than usual. Gibbs and I came down as well and Bill and I left within mere minutes of each other. Pat had texted and invited me to stop around for a brief visit after cleaning the Mat so I responded “C u later”.

A selfie with Gibbs

There was some disappointment when I arrived at the laundromat as Renee was asleep on the bench. She is the semi-homeless girl whom I’ve found a few times over the course of my cleaning job. I was pleasant in waking her and asked her to move on so I could clean. It was within 10 minutes that she was up, washed and moved on outside. When I left, 45 minutes later, she was laying outside against the building. Oh well, not my problem.

The sky darkened and we had a lovely steady calm rain
in late afternoon

I went to fill our water jug and as I drove back through town, I saw her walking down the street. It was nice to see Pat after a month and a half but I couldn’t hang around too long as Gibbs hadn’t been fed yet. After 45 minutes, I found my way home. No problems with the little guy today so I fed him and we went about our day. I didn’t have a lot going on but there were a few online things I took care of while having my tea.

Of course, Chippy found the bird seed as soon as I filled the feeder

It was close to 11:30 when I put Gibbs out on his leash, after a few times of taking him out for walks, that Bill drove up. Gibbs was all excited when he first heard and then saw Black Beauty. We came inside after a bit and had our lunch. A wrap for me and Bill ate the sandwich he made last night. Bill had a snooze up in the bedroom so I left Gibbs asleep downstairs and went out to clean up the rocks that the rotor tiller left behind. That was over 2 weeks (?) ago!

At least he has to 'think' before he jumps so he isn't
as fast at emptying it

Bill came out and suggested that I wait until he got the wagon on the back of the mower to pick the stones/rocks up. We want to dump them at the inner point of the corral for another project we have on the agenda. There are too many to count, projects, I mean. I raked and got them into piles with the grass and dirt removed. It was hot down then and I moved up into the shade.

Gibbs and I out for our evening walk
Now you see the piles of rocks we need to pick up
Why are you stopping, Mom?

Bill had hopped on the rider and cut grass all around and in the back field before he stopped too. At a few minutes before 4, a paying customer for Bill’s pole saw pulled in. I wish I had my camera because Neil had his 12-week-old Aussie-Doodle with him. He was about twice the size as Gibbs and they bounced around each other for a while before the Aussie got a bit too aggressive. Just playing but it spooked our little guy. Bill and Neil made a deal with the saw and they left.

The steady rain allowed us to have the awnings out
and the new stoop gave us a nice place to stand and watch it

My sister, Wendy and niece, Morgan drove in a couple of minutes later so they got a double whammy of a dog fix. Of course, they loved our new family member. Bill and I loved the sheepskin for Jazz too. We had a nice visit, and it was quite comfortable outside now, after the rain. It was close to 6 when we said our goodbyes and our company headed back to Owen Sound. I couldn’t believe the difference in temperature in a matter of 30 minutes. I actually felt chilled.

When we came in at 6, the little guy was tuckered out

He slept until 8 pm, moving from one comfy
spot to the next
At one point he had a spurt of energy and had Daddy laughing as he ran around the
island, behind the chairs

We had grilled cheese sandwiches for supper and cleaned up the last of the strawberry rhubarb. I felt very full and that just didn’t make sense since I’d not eaten that much during the day. Gibbs had been outside a lot during the day so it was not surprising when inside, he moved around to different places to sleep. He was worn right out! Daddy home early, fresh air, meeting a new aunt and cousin not to mention touching noses with another puppy.

Simple suppers can be delicious too

We did dishes and watched a movie together. I couldn’t keep my eyes open but I managed to get my blog written at least. Not too many pictures were taken so I may take some in the morning before publishing.

Good night from the Ridge

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. Too many projects to do; I know the feeling even though my yard is a postage stamp in comparison to yours.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Glad you got rain, wish we would. I like how you have desert every day. We're having (rare) strawberry shortcake for three days,mwith fresh berries!

    1. Thank you, it wasn't much but it helped!
      Oh yum!! Strawberry shortcake! Does Mrs. FG make her own shortcake? Drooling here.😋

  3. You have discovered the secret. Wear them out while outside so they sleep when they come in!!!!! Send some rain down here please .... predicted 107 for the next seven days!!!

    1. It took me long enough, eh? hahaha
      I'm kinda stingy with our rain right now but I'll share if I can!