Thursday, June 10, 2021

Boy, Was it a Hot One! Happy Birthday!

The Ridge

So, Wednesday, June 9th I woke up at 5:30 and didn’t even realize that I was alone in bed. I rolled over and went back to sleep until a few minutes past 6. I noticed that the door to downstairs was closed and lights were on. As I slowly went through the motions of my stretching exercises, Bill came up to brush his teeth and let the little monster up. 😊 I went about making the bed, with him bouncing around the sheets, and then brought him down and outside for a quick piddle.

It was gearing up to be a hot day because there
was no wind

Bill had a distance to drive this morning to Billy’s near Paisley so had been up early and was ready to leave before 6:30. I didn’t need to leave for an hour so made my tea and relaxed at my laptop. I forgot to finish my blog, instead, I got involved in the few auctions that were running. They are still fun to watch and see what is offered. Then I scooted into town to clean the Mat. Boy, I love it when I’m alone in there. One customer did have one machine in use but she was in and out quickly.

Gibbs rang the bell a lot over the next couple of hours
when I was home
You can tell when he has gone under the steps as he
can't go any further than the top step

He doesn't bark or whine to come in so I let him sit
or lay there and watch the country traffic and critters
from his perch

I finished up and drove to the Water Store to fill a jug before heading home. The heat was already moving back in. When I left the Suite, it was comfortable from the air coming in the door screens but when I returned, I relied on the a/c to keep us cool all day. It was already 24C/75F and going to be hotter than that by the end of the day. We didn’t have any rain today, like they did in the London area. The morning was another one of in and out, seeming like Gibbs wasn’t tiring of his naughtiness.

There was a lot of this nonsense going on
within minutes of me bringing him in
He knows to ring it when he has to piddle/poop
but he also knows it gets him outdoors

By noon hour, he slowed down and lay at my feet while I ate my lunch. On his back, with my foot rubbing his tummy. It doesn’t make it easy to be upset with him. 😊 He knows that, I’m sure, but I tell you, he was sure testing me this morning. I chatted with Bill when he called and told him that ‘his little boy’ was being a monster. Ha ha. At one point, I put Gibbs on his leash out by the picnic table where there was shade, and gave him water.

Finally, may I say FINALLY he settled down under my feet 
with his favourite thing, a tummy rub

The sun had gone behind a cloud so it was bearable outside. This encouraged me, feeling guilty for being inside, so I weeded the flower garden for about 40 minutes. When the sun came out, it was just plain HOT. 

And then he slept while I prepared lunch and ate

I brought Gibbs in and we stayed indoors for the rest of the afternoon, except for bell ring piddles. He had just settled down, in my arms, in my recliner when Bill opened the door. It was around 4:15 so he’d worked a full day in this heat. I was concerned about him today, both of them.

I was excited to get my Norwex package that I ordered
from my niece's party
3 - enviro scrubs that will be perfect for removing bugs
from the vehicle windows

We had a great supper. Basa filets with Fish Crisp (and I thought of George Yates who used to cook fish with a beer batter). Bill had the last of the potato salad and we each had a lettuce salad. It was really nice for a change. 

Wonderful supper!
with strawberry rhubarb crisp and cream for dessert

After dishes, we took turns responding to Gibbs’ bell rings, taking him out. We decided to watch a new program tonight that we’ve seen advertised. It may be the only episode we watch if it turns out to be stupid. I’ll let you know.

When Bill is home, it is nice to share the
Gibbs' duties
Looks like Bill is munching on a branch,
my 'keen' photography skills in play - Not!!

This was a lazy day but tomorrow will be a little busier with a trip to Hanover for groceries. The air feels much cooler this evening, and when I check the temperature, it has dropped from the high today of 29C/85F back down to a more comfortable feeling 24C. It was a nice change. 😊

Happy Birthday, Charlotte!
Gosh, I need updated photos, this is 2011

Today, is my second oldest step-daughter’s birthday. With not being able to get into the stores that offer decent prices for greeting cards, I neglected sending Cathy and Charlotte one through the mail. I did send an online card to Bill’s daughter though. Bill called her this morning from work.

Our London based roses are in bud
It took them a few years of attentiveness (?) to get this far

Pretty sky gearing up for another pretty sunset

Irises in the sunlight

Today's favourite
There was a hummingbird visiting before I walked but he didn't return for a picture
Good night!

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  1. Looks like a lovely day, even with little Gibbs keeping you hopping. The irises are just beautiful!

  2. What little stinkers those puppies can be, made all better by the “rub my tummy” pose!! Supposed to be 107 here next week. You would think I’m in Vail!!! Lol.

    1. They sure are stinkers, keeps this old gal hoppin'!
      Wow! that is HOTTTT!

  3. As diehard south lovers I thought you'd be loving this heat!

    1. Common misconception.:) My family says that too. The Arizona heat of the south in the winter has no humidity. A whole different ball game! 🩱

  4. Happy Birthday Charlotte! Dinner looks yummy perfect for a hot day! Gibbs certainly looks so happy!