Thursday, February 17, 2022

Fickle Weather, Slow Days

Park Place RV Resort, Quartzsite, Az

On Thursday, Feb. 17th I could sense and hear Bill get up with Gibbs around 6 and then again at 6:30 Bill got up for good. I just rolled over and the next thing I knew, it was 7:45! Gibbs and I got out for our walk, to the east, the block around the residential subdivision. The sky was clear and the sun was already up but at 49F/9C with not much wind, it was a pleasant walk.

Because the sun was already up,
I played with some light through the palm tree

I had a blog to finish and publish so since it was written and my pictures were downloaded already, I loaded them and hit send. The wifi in the morning is much better than some evenings so it made sense last night to leave it alone, when I was already tired. We watched tv until 10 when Gibbs and I went to bed. 😊 I know it didn’t take me long to drop off.

This picture reminds me of a picture I took in Mexico
This one here in Quartzsite

This one off the balcony at our Akumal
resort in Mexico

Today, after my tea and finishing computer stuff, I walked over to the clubhouse. Patty was on duty as I sat at the puzzle. I enjoy talking to her, she is very calm and down to earth so we share things about the park and rv’ing. I told her about the Ladies poker pool at Pilot Knob and hinted that maybe next year when we return, I would consider starting a game to see if there was any interest. I’m not as shy as I used to be but it would still take nerve to teach others how to play.

These mourning doves drew our attention
to the top of these balcony posts

I’m not looking for anything else to do while we’re here, I seem to have a lot of things going on, here at home and over there. I suppose I could ‘test the waters’ for the game for our remaining time here but I’m hesitant this year. I worked on the new bird puzzle for a couple of hours and returned to find Bill working on his new toy in the Suite. Gibbs was being exceptionally good, sleeping, keeping an eye on his Daddy.

I couldn't read the sign at this residence
so took the picture so I could zoom in
I thought it was going to be a little more unique. 😂

When he finished, I cooked bacon and eggs and reheated my leftover omelette for me. That hit the spot. We loaded the dishwasher again and after tonight’s dishes go in, we’ll turn it on. There weren’t enough dishes yesterday to make it worthwhile yesterday so just left them overnight. The winds have picked up from this morning so Bill was happy he didn’t go flying.

The new puzzle

He was busy this morning trying to get setup on the Arrive Can app. We will need to fill it all out within 72 hours of crossing our land border in April. Ridiculous, all the hoops. I say that but at least we have been able to do what we want to do so don’t mind too much. It’s just a hassle. We’re grateful that we now won’t need to get the PCR Covid test upon our return, just the rapid antigen test will be required. Thank goodness for that!

With just the border started on Tuesday,
I made good progress today

We were informed that no matter the cost, we should be able to get the price reimbursed by our travel health insurance provider when we get home. Fingers crossed, that would be nice. We have a couple of mid 60’s days here and then tomorrow it will start the rise again to mid 70’s. Those are the perfect days. Not too hot to take Gibbs walking or to the dog park.

Speaking of the dog park, I wandered back over to the puzzle and worked away for another bit before Bill and I took Gibbs over. It was a treat to have Daddy along so Gibbs was excited. He walks differently when we are both with him. We played ball a bit at the park and I chased him around and around the tree. When he tired out, so did I. About 20 minutes of that was enough so we walked back home where I made a cup of tea.

It was a family affair today at the dog park
No other doggies though, just us 3
Gibbs on duty, even there.♥

Since I’ve finished my Monica Wood book. If you can get your hands on it, The One-in-a-Million Boy is a 4 ½ * story. Differently written, but worth your time if you want a -warming, feel good book. 😊 My next one is by Joanna Goodman called The Home for Unwanted Girls. I hope it is as good as it appears to be. We watched some tv together, when I realized I wasn’t ready to start it, and then at 6, Bill lit the Weber Q for me.

I will definitely have a chimichanga again

Tonight, is just leftovers but my chimichanga would be better reheated on the grill. I wrapped it with the beans and rice in foil, and the leftover meatloaf in a separate piece of foil for Bill. Inside, I fried potatoes and mixed vegetables for his plate. The only thing that would have improved my meal was sour cream but I didn’t have any. Never thought of ‘needing’ it yesterday in Walmart. It tasted wonderful!

Two years ago, Feb. 17th
Happy hour at our friend's site at 
Westwind RV Resort
Ken, Bob, Bill, Kim, JoAnne

With the dishwasher full and running, I sat to finish my blog. We have Lost Car Rescue to watch tonight and then later, Swamp People so that will keep us entertained. Gibbs has been the best little boy today. Some days it seems he just grows up so much. Some days. 😊 Tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is just around the corner. Where has this week gone? I can’t keep track of the days so I’m glad I write a blog.

Last year on this day, Feb. 17th
A whole different picture
Pretty but Brrrr!
Good night!

Thank you for allowing me to share this great day with you today.


  1. I think everyone was recuperating from your busy day yesterday! Wow, that bird puzzle is coming along really nicely! I'm looking forward to the warmer weather again. Not fond of anything below 70 (okay really anything below 75).


    1. I think we were!
      I'm enjoying this puzzle too.
      I'm with you on the weather. 😊

  2. My daughter and I recently read The Home For Unwanted Girls. Its a heartbreaker

  3. So sorry Bill isn't getting in much flying time. It's been ugly here ... I'd rather just stay inside. No wind, but it's cold!! Those puzzles are all pretty dazzling!! I'm amazed you finish them so easily. Can't wait to get there ... Cooper and Gibbs can run round the tree.

    1. Bill has actually flown a lot. Just missed a couple of days. Sorry, if i mislead you.
      We can't wait for you to get here either!

  4. I could describe you in a lot of ways but shy isn't one of them 🙂 You have a way of attracting people to you so go for the teaching role. 😊 That Gibbs keeps you both young and he is a real camper. I think he's a Daddy's boy. 😄

    1. Ah that's a nice thing to say. I have changed with this rv'ing life.😊 thank you, Doug.
      Gibbs loves his Daddy for sure. ❤

  5. Dito to your remark of "where has the week gone" as it seems it is moving faster here than back home. As to the Internet, our wifi has been terrible lately and so has the free data been from the phone as a hotspot, it was sooo slow. Its good if we do something else rather than spend time and frustration trying to load something down.

    1. Your last sentence is exactly right. Bill is in his phone a lot but other than my 3 games. I'm doing other things

  6. I have to agree with Doug, shy definitely isn't how I would describe you :) I love your personality! It does seem that time is flying! It needs to slow way down in my opinion!

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