Monday, February 28, 2022

Flying, Walking, Puzzling

Park Place RV Resort

On Monday, Feb. 28th we opened a new week and ended a short month. Gibbs and I went for our walk at 7:30 and when we returned, Bill was getting ready to go to the flying field. I was happy that he was getting back into the swing of things again. He was too! 

It was a warmer start, 44F/6.6C, and a great time to walk. There were a few wispy clouds and a bit of a breeze and a forecast of 77F/25C.

Being a dog owner,
I got a kick out of this sign at the neighbouring park

I peeked through the gate when I saw this SS Nova
parked beside a Mustang *sigh*

Bill left around 8:30 after disconnecting our electric and I sat with Gibbs to finish my tea and my blog from yesterday. I played the lazy card last night and didn’t feel like finishing it. I chose to spend the time with my guys. 😊 

Gibbs was very patient sitting behind me

So, with the post published and a couple of games played (Wordle and Wordle2 as well as a laughingly funny attempt at WorLdle) on my phone, I left Gibbs and walked to the flying field.

I walked past Celia's Garden

to the field

I noticed the wind had picked up as it usually does late morning so wasn’t surprised to see Bill was done flying. It was fun though to walk up behind him as he stood talking to his friends and slipping my arms around his waist. Hmmm, does it say something that he didn’t jump in alarm? 😊 I’m glad not to have frightened him but why was it natural for someone to do that? Ha ha, I did surprise him, pleasantly from the look on his face.

I snuck up behind my sweetie
(he's the sexy one in black) 💗

One flyer had his plane up so I watched for a while and declined Bill’s offer of a ride home. I walked across the field in the area of Celia’s Garden and then out to the bike path along the road. I didn’t have my picture id with me but stopped in at the Quartzsite library for a peek. First time is always a charm and although no library ever disappoints me, this is a beauty. It’s very modern and I do prefer the old ones with creaky floors but I was impressed. I’ll register when I bring my wallet.

Another one bites the dust 😢

It's a very modern library
but it'll do! 😃

I walked home and felt quite hot and tired when I walked into the Suite. Bill had been home for about 15 minutes already, leaving the field soon after I left. We had some lunch together and I walked to the clubhouse to pack up my puzzle and start a new one. Pokeno was being played at the tables in the dining area and after an hour and a half of listening to that, I was ready to come home. Sorry but Myla’s monotone voice (which is fine if you’re playing) got to me. 😊

My next challenge

This one is only 550 pieces
so I should be able to zip through it quickly

I sat outside for a while, reading, and then Bill and Gibbs joined me. We have been talking a lot about our plans for the homeward bound trip as well as next winter. With certain knowledge of what we’d like to do, there are things that we bring along that could easily be left at home. Cleaning out spaces and cupboards is always a good thing as it eliminates weight at the same time. It will be an ongoing conversation until we leave in the fall again.

this was before the zoomies hit him

I took Gibbs to the dog park but we didn't stay long. He doesn't seem to do anything but sniff. For supper, Bill grilled sausages and inside I put together a salad and boiled some potatoes. It all tasted great and we finished it off with the last of our cherry pie. 

Supper was good

My piece was too big but I ate it anyway. LOL It was the last sweet thing I’ll have for a while! Funny thing though, in the 3rd last bite, I found a cherry pit. I asked Bill if that means something romantic like “does this mean our love is forever?” but I got an unexpected response. 😊 Wrong answer!

Our sweet fix for the week
I added cream to each piece

After loading the dishes, Gibbs crashed on the floor by the door, we turned the new episode (w/o LJ Gibbs) of NCIS on and watched it while I worked on my post. This was a beautiful ‘winter’ day for the last month of February. Down here, we know how March is going to come in and it won’t be a lion. I hope those of you back home can say the same.

There must be a myth when one
finds one cherry pit out of a can?
good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. March is definitely coming in like a lamb here! I like the new puzzle. It will be a fun one to put together! Your dinner looked delicious! How cool Quartzsite has a library! That's one of the first things I always do when moving to a new area. Get a library card. Just love libraries and all they have to offer.


    1. The puzzle is fun, bigger and fewer pieces so it won't take me long. :)
      I'm looking forward to getting my library card this month.

  2. What a nice day, nice and easy, just how I like them! Excellent looking supper and dessert. Love my library here at home and picked up a visitor's card to use in Fort Collins when we're there. Fun looking puzzle too.

    1. I have 3 library cards from different towns/areas in Ontario so why not have one for Quartzsite? :)

  3. Palestinians believe if you eat a cherry with the pit inside, you will get appendicitis. It's good to know you won't get it since you found the pit! LOL
    Those puzzles you do are amazing! Not sure I could do as well. It's sad Gibbs doesn't have any dog park playmates. I'm sure your walks make up for it!

    1. Ooh, good thing I didn't eat the pit since I still have my appendix!
      Cooper needs to come - soon!! I am thinking of driving to the town park dog park with Gibbs one day. There are always doggies in those. :)

  4. March is coming in like a lamb here, which doesn't necessarily bode well for the rest of the month. But I'll take it, we've had such an up and down February.

    You seem to zip through the larger puzzles, I suspect you'll have this finished in a day! Enjoy.

    1. I'm afraid for those of you back home for the end of the month. Here, what would a lion look like on Mar. 31st? A heat wave?
      The puzzle won't take long so I want to try and go slow - yah right!

  5. 71 degrees today..yay! We'll enjoy it while we can by the end of the week it could Puzzle turned out amazing! Dinner and dessert looks yummy!

    1. We reached 84F today, another few days like this and then in the 60's again. LOL

  6. My those puzzles are big. I can't remember the last puzzle I did. Not saying much since I can't remember last week anymore 😀 Sure glad you didnt bite down on the seed. May have ruined March for you.

    1. I'm with you on remembering last week. It's why we write blogs, isn't it? haha
      I'm very glad I didn't bite down on that pit - don't want to go back to the dentist until next winter. :)