Monday, February 28, 2022

Shopping in Parker, Beautiful Puzzle! Birthday Wishes

Park Place RV Resort

On Sunday, Feb. 27th we had planned a shopping trip in Parker so after Gibbs and I went for our walk, we all settled in with our morning drinks. Bill is feeling better bit by bit so although he wasn’t up to going flying yet, he was gung-ho for a drive. 😊 We left the house around 10 and found 99% of everything on our list at Walmart. No Nutter Butters for Bill.

Gibbs says Good morning!

We hear a plane and we look to the sky

Back home, it was just a few minutes before noon hour so I fried our bacon and eggs for lunch. I’m with Shirley though, I don’t particularly enjoy putting things away after a shopping spree. 

Gibbs wanted to say hi to the Texas hound 
and visa versa 💖

Bill wanted to lay down after things were cleared away so I left my boys and walked over to finish the puzzle. It didn’t take long and I had it done, took my picture, chose my next one and walked back home. I’ll pack it up tomorrow to take home for Donna.

The drive to Parker never disappoints

When this guy poured the coals to it and passed us
Bill said something about the fuel he was eating up at that speed
Turns out, it was one of the dealer's rigs from
RV Country so yah, they have the $$$ 😂

Bill and Gibbs were both sleeping when I walked in unheard. That is so rare, that Gibbs doesn’t hear me come in. 😊 It’s only 2 o’clock so I figured that the afternoon would be another lazy one. That’s what Sundays are for. I sat in my chair and worked on the afghan again and made a few decisions about my crafts. Since I haven’t painted any rocks this winter, although I’ve collected a few, I won’t bother bringing the paints down next year. That will free up space under the bed.

Trying to get a picture to show the expanse of the desert
but it doesn't do it justice

The remainder of the afternoon was pretty quiet. Bill took Gibbs for his afternoon walk around the block and with those 15 minutes of quiet, I started into my book. I just wanted to get a head start with no distractions so now on Chapter 3, it has my attention and I will carry on. I made good progress on my blanket and now am working on the last 2 balls of that wool. That’s how big it will be as the wool is unique and unavailable.

After lunch, Gibbs sits on Daddy's lap
I think he just wants to see what's left on the table

For supper, I put a salad together with the lettuce, cucumber, green onion, pepper, shredded cheese and tomato that we had in the fridge. It isn’t as easy as opening a store bought salad but it was much heartier. I baked breaded coconut shrimp in the oven and with orange marmalade sauce that was delicious! There’s not enough in the package for two appropriate meals so we pigged out and ate them all in one sitting. 😊

No missing pieces!

We watched tv together, there were a few recorded programs plus we watched American Idol. We do enjoy the antics of the 3 judges, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryant. I felt so tired that at 9:30 Gibbs and I were in bed. I knew Bill would take him out before he came up and I also knew I wouldn’t hear them. This was a good day. I’ve got my hubby back! Thank you for all your kind well wishes for his ‘recovery’, they worked!

We'll buy this shrimp more often,
it was wonderful!

The start of what was probably a lovely sky
after the sun set but I was too lazy to get up and go look

My youngest biological grandson, Nathan, turned 12 today so a big birthday wish to that young man. He's growing so fast and smart as a whip. Happy Birthday, Nate! 💓

Nate, his Mom and his new pet,
of which I've forgotten his name.
Happy Birthday!

Good night y'all!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. When the pandemic started I had to cook- darn. Bought the coconut shrimp and breaded....variety! Tarter and/or cocktail sauce! Easy meals.
    Gibbs is just too cute. Your blanket is coming along nicely. Love your blog!

    1. 😄 yes or meals out really slowed down.
      That coconut shrimp is good, we wish there were more in a pack. Good thing there are only 2 of us!
      My blanket is getting big, not sure what I'll use it for but i can at least say i made my first one! Haha

  2. Happy Birthday to Nathan! I'm not a fan of ferrets - they remind me too much of weasels - but I do know lots of people enjoy having them.

    Glad to hear Bill is nearly back to 100%. Gibbs looks so grown-up with his haircut.

  3. Thanks for the wishes. I was surprised at the ferret but apparently he loves it and cares for it well. I've new beer been around one. ☺
    Thank you, Bill was pleased to get back to normal. His normal! 😄

  4. Good to hear Bill is feeling better. A ferret? I don't know anything about ferrets. I love the coconut shrimp with the sauce. But unfortunately Jerry didn't have good reading 2 hours later so I don't buy them anymore. Sounds like you enjoyed a very nice Sunday.

    1. Thank you Elva. Bill is doing well again.
      I don't know anything about ferrets either but apparently they make good pets.
      Good plan to stay away from the shrimp and/or sauce. :)
      It was a great day, thank you.

  5. Happy belated birthday to Nathan! Not sure I would want a ferret as a pet :)

    Glad to hear Bill is still doing well! The puzzle came out really nice and YAY for no missing pieces!


  6. Thanks for keeping the puzzle for me sis. It will keep me busy for a week or so next winter. The shrimp probably isn't as bad as the sugar in the sauce.....but that's the best part I would think? A mild day here today around -1 this morning. I am itching to see spring...March 1st, yay!