Saturday, February 26, 2022

Getting Back to Normal, Waiting for the Warmup, 3 Square Meals + Dessert

Park Place RV Resort

On Saturday, Feb. 26th we were up at 7:45 and Gibbs had to bundle up for our morning walk again. It was up a bit from yesterday but still only 41F/5C. Walking in the sun makes you easily forget those temperature readings on the thermometer, it is so warm. It’s only when you’re in the shade that you feel chilly. We had a good 30-minute walk around the housing complex.

Walking on the back side of the Senior Apartments

We had our breakfast together and mine was the homemade ‘oatmeal’ crunch cereal with cream and fruit. It was delicious! I’m happy to report that my sweetie is feeling much more like himself today. We’re thinking it was either a bit of ear infection or just plain and simple dehydration. He’s put the push on to drink more water, which he seldom does, and orange juice to keep those blood sugar levels up – but not too much. 😊

My homemade cereal turned out great

Anyway, we’re both glad that he’s on the mend and can walk around without losing his balance. I went to the clubhouse before lunch, came home and made pork and beans and went back for a couple more hours. 

The other night, I needed help untangling my yarn
Sometimes the ball is just a mess inside
Bill is great at getting the tangles out for me
Gibbs was good enough to stay out of the way

The puzzle will be done tomorrow, it is that close! I’m really enjoying it and hope the finished product results in no more than the one border piece missing. When I returned home at 3, Bill was upstairs having a ‘snooze/siesta’ and/or watching tv.


We’d sat outside for a while before eating and although the sun was beautiful, the wind today is making it quite chilly. Hopefully tomorrow will be the warm up that we are waiting for. We won’t complain, our friends in upper Arizona and beyond are experiencing even colder weather and even some of that crappy white stuff! We’re grateful for where we are located. Bill called his daughter this morning, the one we missed getting in touch with last weekend so we are happy to know that all of the kids are doing great.

💖Happy Birthday, Pat! 💖
Picture was taken at Borrego Springs January 2019

We also made a phone call back home to our buddy, Pat, to wish her a very Happy Birthday. I’m sure she wouldn’t have been able to get through the day without the lovely off-key singing she heard from our end of the line. Happy Birthday, Buddy!  I sat with my blanket. I can’t seem to get into my book, haven’t turned past the 3rd page. No fault of the book, I just haven’t felt like reading lately. I’ll get back at it one day.

I saw this on the outside of the clubhouse wall
Isn't it pretty?

It will be done tomorrow, there aren't a lot of pieces left to go in

I was searching through our pantry to see what I had to contribute to the chili I’ll be making for the St. Patrick’s potluck and came across a walnut crust I’d bought at the food tent in January. With a cherry pie filling up there too, I made a topping crust and planned dessert for supper. We haven’t had any for quite a while. Bill loves cherry pie so I hoped he’d like it with a healthier crust. 😊 After an upset with the oatmeal – (woops!) I persevered.

I lost my grip on the oatmeal container and didn't quite
have the lid on properly
Luckily, the container landed right side up so I only lost 3 cups

At 6, we turned our power back on and I heated the leftover dressing and pork loin and cooked some broccoli. When we were eating, I baked the pie and it smelled really good. It was messy getting it out of the pan, as is usual with my creations, but that didn’t affect the taste whatsoever. Supper was good and there are still 3 pieces of pork leftover which Bill is keen on having for another night. Not me, I’ve had enough.

It was a lazy afternoon for Gibbs

We finished loading the dishwasher and sat and watched some tv. Bill had to move the satellite dish today so we could get the channels downstairs. When he adjusted the Suite level (sometimes it shifts slightly but enough to prevent the door to the bathroom from staying in position.) he thinks it blocked our signal. Him moving the dish was the ticket and we were set to go with two tv’s again. 😊 That meant vet and zoo shows for me and movies for him.

An easy supper

This was a good day; they are stacking up. Actually, it was a great day because Bill has kicked the off balance ‘thing’ he’s had for a couple of days. That is a blessing.

The cherry pie was a real treat and yummy to boot!
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around.


  1. Your meals always look so good! WTG on the puzzle almost completed! I thought of you today as I was at a garage sale and saw a 750 piece puzzle. I almost bought it to put together but knew it would probably sit in the closet for a bit before I got to it. Winslow is jealous of Gibbs being able to be on the couch. He is not allowed on our bed or couches though our previous corgi was. Winslow is just so rambunctious I'm afraid he will jump off either one and end up getting hurt.

    Glad to hear Bill is doing better. Could have been just a short viral illness he had too. Always good news when our loved ones are feeling good!

    I saw our temps on Thursday are supposed to be 88 degrees. I, for one, am not complaining :)(I rarely complain about the heat unless it goes over 110 degrees here :)


    1. Thank you Betty. Winslow's legs are likely a lot shorter than Gibbs'. Even Clemson's legs were long although not as strong. Gibbs jumps up and down from the bed but uses the step up to the closet to get up.
      Bill is moving slow but eventually getting back to his old self.
      I also never complain about the heat and although we seldom use our a/c it is nice to know it is available. :) Now over 100 and I would need a swimming pool!

  2. Five second rule with the oatmeal!!! Still, the pie looks amazing!! You always make your food look so good for pictures ... me I just slap it on a plate!! So glad Bill is feeling better so he can get out. Temps should be warming up a tad.

    1. With the dust around us, the 5 second rule doesn't count. We vacuumed just a couple of days ago but they are dirty in a day! haha
      Thank you, not much planning in my meal plate before a picture, but thanks all the same!
      Bill will soon be his normal self, moving slower these days so as not to trigger anything.

  3. Welcome to the desert, never ending dust! LOL. Dinner looks yummy and so does lunch. Of course the best is your cherry pie!! YUM. How did you like the crust? Glad Bill is feeling better, you just never know what triggers these things. Cute picture of Pat :))

    1. Yes, dust is a part of life here. I'm getting better at not letting it bother me!
      The pie and crust was wonderful! Much better than a flour crust although I did use flour in the topping.

  4. You are such a bad influence on me with your pie picture! May have to go to the store for 1/2 a pie this afternoon! Gibbs is very handsome with his new haircut!
    Love all your pictures!

    1. Ha ha woops! Sorry Payson48! (ps, enjoy your half pie)
      Gibbs is indeed handsome, almost looking skinny!
      Thank you for reading.

  5. Glad to hear Bill is feeling better. Oh my that pie looks delicious - I haven't had cherry pie of any sort for many, many years.

    1. Thank you Maebeme, we are too!
      That was the best pie I've had, I think. :)

  6. Glad Bill is feeling better but what's this about crappy white stuff! Snow is a wonderful white blanket on the land, adding so much beauty and just waiting for your skiis or snowshoes!

    1. Thank you, I'm so glad Bill is better too but as for the snow, I calls'em as I sees'em. 🤣😂

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