Friday, February 25, 2022

Tilt-a-Whirl, Lazing Around, Gibbs Steals the Lens Again

Park Place RV Resort

Bill woke up at 6 on Friday, Feb. 25th with Gibbs and took him outside. I sensed it but didn’t move much before dropping back off to sleep. Last night, we watched the new to us Toby Keith dvd until 11:30 and I just wanted to sleep in. In my mind, I thought ‘oh good, Bill’s feeling better this morning’. At 7:00, I told Gibbs to go back to sleep when he nuzzled next to my face and then at 7:30 we all woke up. I asked Bill how he felt and he informed me that the strange feeling was still there. “Not 100%” he said. Things were still a bit of a tilt-a-whirl when he walked.

No morning sky pictures today
Instead, my progress on the puzzle

I took Gibbs for our walk with our coats on; it was 34F/1C but again with full sun and no wind, it made for a pleasant morning walk. Brisk walk, brisk weather. 😉 When we returned, Bill had filled Gibbs’ food dish and was just sitting down with his coffee and cereal. I’d told him not to make the bed, that bending over on my side would not be a good experience for him, feeling the way he was. He hasn’t been sick, just an odd headache so we’re not overly concerned. Just curious.

Gibbs at the dog park today

I had my tea, testing out the ‘new’ mugs I bought. Bill tried one because the lids have the closure, which his old one doesn’t. Unfortunately, although my #1 Mom (because I liked it) mug worked fine, the lid didn’t work well and would leak. I wonder if the lids got switched in that pile of mugs? Anything is possible or that is why the previous owner got rid of it. It’s okay, I was really only looking for one and got it.

He enjoys the sniffing more than anything!

Knowing he is safe, looking around
I admired the shadows of the palm tree beside me

I left the boys in Bill’s chair and went over to work on the puzzle for an hour or so. It is entertaining, that’s for sure. Returning home before noon, Bill and Gibbs were sitting outside getting some fresh air. 😊 Mostly, he feels off balance when he moves quickly so he’s trying to move slowly. He’d had cereal earlier, no change in his appetite, so he chose a yogourt cup for lunch while I had a bowl of noodle soup. I, on the other hand, hadn’t eaten breakfast.

Waiting for Daddy to cook supper

Bill moved upstairs to stretch out and after I gave him a bit of a neck massage, went back to the puzzle. I promised Gibbs a romp at the dog park later, so will get this out of the way early. We walked to the park around 3:30 after checking on Bill. No one there for the little guy to play with again so after 20 minutes we returned home. We needed to fill our in-fridge water jug so I brought the bottle in and emptied it. Now we have 2 empty bottles so better go soon.

He sits perfectly motionless
for as long as it takes

I had a cup of tea and worked on my afghan and then took Bill up a glass of orange juice with instructions to ‘drink more water!’. 😊 Trying to play the pushy nursemaid and that got a smile and an obedient “okay, dear”. For supper, at 6, Bill grilled our bacon cheeseburgers and I got things ready inside and warmed the buns. They are so delicious! We were trying to remember where we bought them so we can do it again.


We shared the tv’s upstairs and down, me watching some recorded programs and Bill watching his Friday night movies. We’ll get this guy back to normal soon. This was another good day, pretty laid back, the way we like them to be sometimes. I hope yours was a good one too.

Out the Suite window, the sun sets
I think it got pretty in the eastern sky but
we were in the middle of supper so I missed it
good night!

Thank you for your visit.



  1. Hi, have enjoyed your posts for some years now and always
    enjoyed them. Have you considered that Bill May have Covid?
    Maybe take a at home test. Hope not, but it would be nice to know.
    Think Gibbs haircut is cute, cute!! I can see he is a fun pup for you🤗

    1. Thank you Linda for following along.
      Bill has no Covid symptoms and we have no plan to get him tested.
      Gibbs does indeed keep us entertained. We 💗

  2. Those cheeseburgers look delicious!! Is Bill prone to allergies? Seems like an inner ear balance issue he might be having. Wonder if he has some extra fluid in his ears? I'm sure you guys will get him checked out if you get more concerned about it. In the meantime, Gibbs sure is a cutie and a great poser for pictures!


    1. Thank you. We talked about an inner ear thing and also dehydration. He's promised to listen to me and start drinking more liquids. Process of elimination.

  3. I sure hope Bill feels better soon!

  4. I've heard of a lot of people lately with the inner ear thing. Hope he feels better really soon!! Tell Gibbs Cooper will be happy to play with him!! That burger ..... YUM!!!

    1. Thank you Nancy. He's noticed an improvement this morning.
      Gibbs can't wait for Cooper!!

  5. You made my mouth water with that picture of the burger! Makes me yearn for the Acreage! HOpe that man of yours is soon back to his old self...or should I say young self. ;-)

    1. The burgers always get a raving, they are so good.
      Thanks sis, he feels better today, so far.

  6. Love seeing Gibbs sitting in a chair like a person! He's so dang cute! Sure hope Bill is feeling better. On our trip Ken was dizzy and off for a few days. He did the thing where you hang your head over the bed and turn slowly. I know there's a name for it but it did seem to work. He's had middle ear problems for years and this may take a few times but it usually works. Hugs guys!

  7. Laid back days are the best.

    Gibbs looks so cute watching Dad cook dinner.

    God bless.