Sunday, February 5, 2023

A Quiet Sunday, Another Puzzle Finished

Park Place RV Park

Sunday, Feb. 5th, Gibbs was a good little boy and let his Daddy sleep in until 6:45. Bill was up so hopped in the shower right away. When I got up at 7:30, Gibbs and I got out for our walk. With the sun about to rise, I captured a few pictures before going very far. It was promising to be another gorgeous winter day even though it started out with a chilly 43F/6C. The sky was clear and there was a slight breeze.

Looking to the west in the top photo
the moon says good bye
Looking to the east, the sun is ready to say
good morning

Pop and kapow!

I decided not to walk today, lazy bum, instead staying inside with Gibbs and then having a hot shower in our warm Suite. Bill went to the flying field and I had my tea and yogourt before heading over to the clubhouse. I planned to spend no more than 20 minutes on the puzzle for one last shot at getting that stupid border done and finding where the tree pieces went. I spent 30 minutes in desperation and still failed. Time to move on! 😊

The park has a small storage area, for a fee,
and although it is hard to see in the picture,
this fellow needs some serious backing up lessons

I moved it to the other table on the Bristol board and opened the 1000 pc. Best Sellers one that I’d brought from home. It was going to be a nice easy break and fun for us to work on.

I love these when I want an easy puzzle

Since I was alone, I did the most monotonous part of turning all those pieces over and sorting the border. It fell together quite nicely and other than a very loud tv at the other end of the clubhouse, (the fellow must be hard of hearing), I worked quickly until 11:15 when I pushed myself away.

I thought I should save some to work on with the girls

Let’s be fair here and let the girls work on some later. Bill was surprised that I was home so early until I told him my reason. I pulled a chair out of the gazebo and sat in the sun in my capris for the first time in what feels like ‘forever’! Bill was busy doing some paperwork, what I called ‘homework’, related to his hobby so I set about making myself a lunch plate. 😊

It felt great to sit outside in the heat of the sun
under a pretty sky

I’d finished my book last night, such a good story, so started Mitch’s other popular novel “Tuesdays with Morrie”. This is a movie I fell I love with and another of the Christmas books I ordered for myself. I then went back into the gazebo and worked on more rocks. I had a couple more ideas and finished up a couple. When I needed to wait for one big one to dry, I walked over to the clubhouse.

Gibbs only sat with me as long as we were shaded
which we were around 4:30

Dora, host #2, met me outside she informed me that all 3 of my cohorts were in at the puzzle and there was a fair bit of coughing, hacking and sneezing going on so I decided to just walk around the park rather than trying to fit into the area around the table with 3 smokers already there. That isn’t a situation I relish being in, even to do something I love. If it is more than a smoker’s cough, I don’t want it!

I went back to painting and had a few successes there before taking Gibbs for another walk. I wasn’t surprised, but admit to being quite disappointed, when Adele me on her way from the clubhouse and informed me that they finished the puzzle. I guess I’d been too considerate earlier but I declined Adele’s offer to tear it up for me to redo it. LOL It bummed me out.

There were quite a few noisy dogs around us
and Gibbs was keeping an ear and an eye open

I have my two Downton Abbey puzzles that I can’t do at home so will start them on another table and let them work away at some of the ones I completed in the spring of last year. That should make everyone happy. I didn’t dwell on it, so came home and did a bit more painting and reading outside with Gibbs. I should finish this book tonight, they are small and good stories.

I remembered today that there was a time not too long
ago that I wasn't fond of pork chops
Lately, they've tasted pretty good
(especially with honey mustard)

For supper, I baked 2 large pork chops, fried the bit of potato for Bill and made a salad for each of us. We had a piece of pie for dessert and then I put the remaining ½ pumpkin and ½ cherry pies in the freezer for another time. We watched an Elton John special from 2005 that we’ve never seen before. Quite the entertainer, he is! I’m sure he’s slowed down some since then.

Woops, I forgot to turn the picture
and I also forgot to whip my cream again

This has been a really nice day. I enjoyed sitting in the sunshine, working on the bit of puzzle this morning and painting. Bill had a good morning flying too so it was the perfect Sunday. 💘

I was looking for a picture from a past February 5th
and came across this one from Feb.7th, 2019 that gave me pause
Dear little Clemson 💗 We lost him that summer.
He must have been in for a haircut
Good night!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. It sounds like a very nice relaxing day. And short pants too. The weather is looking good.


  2. Clemson was a sweetheart. ♥️

  3. Hmmm I have words about the puzzle, but I'll be quiet. I noticed lots of coughing and hacking when I was there. It gave me pause!! I would probably snag that puzzle and do it at your new table! Love the Clemson picture. He was such a sweety!!

    1. You know what i know. You worked with those 3. Smokers hack is the biggest thing.
      Clemmy was a love bug.

  4. I'm with you, avoid the coughing and hacking, just in case. It's a shame the puzzle was finished so quickly. I hope the next one goes a wee bit slower.
    I'm missing wearing capris - two weeks on a cruise only made me wish for summer weather even more.

  5. Avoid the coughing and hacking, cause one never knows what is causing it. Sorry your puzzle was done so quickly.

    Enjoy the warmer weather.

    God bless.