Thursday, February 23, 2023

Back to Routine, Wind, Rain and Rainbows

Park Place RV Park

Bill and I were up and about on Thursday, Feb. 23rd by 7:30. He was up ahead of me, as is usual for most days, and when I was up and dressed, Gibbs and I went for our walk. It was chilly at only 43F/6C and it was quite windy already, or still. It never really calmed down through the night.

Gibbs and I saw some pretty sky this morning

I had a tea this morning, but didn’t add cream or coconut oil today. For the past few days, my regular drink just hasn’t tasted right and has left a funny feeling in my stomach. Today, black tea was very good and I was comfortable going to the clubhouse for Ladies Poker Pool. 

It was nice to have 6 of us playing today
Notice how happy everyone is?

I missed this game! There were 6 of us playing for the first time this winter and we all had a lot of fun. I closed at third. 😊

I think Clemson influenced Gibbs here
He always sat in my recliner, looking at me,
waiting for me to come sit. 💓💓💓💓
Be still my heart.

For lunch, Bill had his sandwich of cheese and peanut butter with a few chips added for crunch. I warmed up 2 pieces of last night’s pizza in Rosy, the air fryer. It was not as good but close to last night’s great taste, with another cup of black tea. The afternoon was up to us what we wanted to do. It was an inside day for the most part since the wind had picked up. There was enough sun for us to disconnect from power from morning until 4ish.

this is the first puzzle I did here this winter
It would be nice to be compensated with a new, different one

Instead of going to start a new puzzle, I emailed the company where the puzzle came from that Rick and Patti bought for me. Remember the missing piece? Who knows what will come of it but I’ve asked for a replacement puzzle but a different picture. We’ll see. When done with that, I got out another of my hobbies and started ‘corking’. I haven’t touched it for a few months. Gibbs sat with me in between checking on Bill upstairs watching news. 😊

My corking is another one of those projects
that will take years to complete but that's okay!

I looked out after the rain, from which Bill had to dump the water out of the inverted gazebo roof. He popped the roof up when we saw the winds had abated – a bit. We’re in for a lot of wind over the next 10 days so he won’t be flying and I won’t be doing any painting. Another reason to get another craft out.  For supper, Bill cooked himself some fries in the Fry Daddy and I fried our fish filets and cooked some Brussel sprouts for me.

The dark sky to the southeast
and our inverted gazebo

Supper was delicious
And....Bill gave me just a taste of the fries
at my request

After clean up, we watched Columbo, America’s Got Talent and Swamp People before bed. I like being able to work away at my craft while watching tv. Gibbs, of course, likes being somewhere in the middle between the two of us. The rain didn't last long, just off and on. ♥ 

I didn't even notice until I looked at the picture
that we had a bit of a double rainbow
Good night!

Thank you for coming by. Your comments are always welcome!


  1. Beautiful pictures. Loved the rainbow.

  2. Lots of ice, wind, rain here too.
    A very strange weather winter for everybody. Gibbs has a sweet face.

  3. Nice rainbow :-) We got a few drops of rain overnight but not enough for a pretty rainbow.

  4. A perfect rainbow!!!!! I saw a cartoon of the puzzle factory people throwing away one piece from every puzzle ... just for fun! LOL

    1. It was a perfect one. 🥰
      That's funny y about the puzzle people!

  5. Nice rainbow! I wish it were bringing nicer weather for you. Darn that wind.
    I had to look up corking crafts - we always called it spool knitting and I remember doing it as a kid. Haven't thought of it in years. What are you using as your yarn/material?

    1. Thankyou. I don't remember what we called it as kids, but we used wool them. This is with strips of old sheets. I'm going to buy a second one so i can use up some of my wool too.

  6. Such a beautiful rainbow! I'm glad you are feeling better, if not perfect yet. I remember doing the corking as a kid, not sure we called it that though. :)

  7. Thank you, it was lovely.
    Can't remember what Mom called it but it wasn't corking. That's what they call it in stores now.

  8. What a lovely rainbow. Now you have made me think about pulling out my corking (that is what we called it. Later on it was known as spool knitting). I think I could make a few hot plate holders. Perhaps once I finish knitting my sweater.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie. Exactly why I want a second one. To use up some wool and pot holders in Arizona colours for me, would be great. Thanks for the idea!

  9. What an adorable face (Gibbs). Becky

    1. Ha ha, thought you meant me! Not really. Gibbs does have an adorable face, everyone in the park he greets says the same thing. ♥♥