Saturday, February 4, 2023

Finally, the Warm Winter Weather ♥

Park Place RV Park

On Saturday, Feb. 4th it was a beautiful day from the get-go. Gibbs and I went for our walk and it was calm and sunny with a temperature of only 37F/3C. It doesn’t sound too great, I know, but we knew this was going to be one of the best days since Dec. 1st. 😊 My friend, Nancy A., posted something on Facebook about wishing us a day with good things. I always find good things in every day and it’s already starting today!

Good morning Sunshine!

Funny how the flags on the left are blowing in the wind
The flag on the right is lower and not catching it

I dropped Gibbs at home and went out around the big block again. Bill passed me on his way to the field and I listened to a great podcast today. Mitch Albom was ‘interviewing’ Matt Mauser and it was quite touching. After that, when I returned home, I pulled up the YouTube video of him on America’s Got Talent. It was his wife who was killed, with 8 others, in a helicopter with Kobe Bryant. A sad story and heart-breaking podcast.

We're not the only ones who like our gazebo

I had my tea at home with some yogourt and an orange before going over at 9:30 to the puzzle. I worked until noon with Adele mostly, with Susan popping in every so often between her work duties. 😊 It’s a real messy puzzle but we’re determined to finish it if at all possible. A few pieces just don’t seem to want to fit no matter what we’ve done. After lunch at home with Bill, I took my paints and rocks out to the gazebo. It was beautiful in there!

Lunch was tasty and filling

Bill was doing some reorganizing and
we decided we don't need the outside clothes rack
so we're going to try and sell it
It attaches to the ladder on the back of the fiver

don’t have a lot of rocks to paint but I brought a handful of some of the smooth ones from home that I’d already painted the ‘background’ colours on. I just have to try and come up with ideas for a picture etc. When we were out at La Posa South and the LTVA at Pilot Knob, I found very few that would work for me. It felt good out there, enjoying another hobby. When I had painted 4 ‘designs’, I left them to dry and went back to the puzzle.

Today, I finished 5, they just need to be clear coated

A few primed for more ideas
Got any?

Susan and Adele were working at it so I joined in. When I left, this is what it looked like. We’re stuck and to our naked eyes, we can’t seem to move ahead. We’ll try again in the morning. 

A few pieces to go but things just aren't fitting in
we all needed a strong drink after that!

For supper, Bill grilled our ‘famous’ bacon cheeseburgers and once more, they were delicious. So much thicker and tastier than the Carl’s Jr. burger we had the other night. Bill had a piece of cherry pie and I had the pumpkin.

Bill and Gibbs sat with me for a while until
someone got too hot in there
I love it! ♥

Our hummingbird feeder is empty so I boiled some more during supper. The feeder seems to leak, obvious by the sticky wet stones beneath it, so I’ll be making a lot more during the coming months in order to keep the little flitterers around. 😊 Too bad, but so many of these darn feeders leak! This has been a wonderful day and it’s nice that I’m able to leave my paint containers outside on the table.

Bill's Burger 😃💓
Night night!

Thank you for popping by!


  1. If the sun shines on the feeder, air inside expands and pushes the syrup out. Even an increase in air temp can do it. We moved ours under our spruce trees to keep them shaded all day. Greatly reduced the drip-age.

  2. It was a perfect weather day today. Sounds like you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

  3. So happy you got your rocks out and painted! Can't say which one I like best! The tent one is really cute! The burger looks awesome! Cute pic of Bill and Gibbs :)

  4. This current puzzle is puzzling you or so it seems ;-) Great that warmer weather has finally made an appearance and hopefully it will stay!

  5. Whoohoo for warmer weather! It needs to continue. My favorite rock is the one with melting ice cream - very cute!

  6. I am so glad the weather is warming up for you. I think one of the blue ones in the second picture would actually make a lovely carrot. I have veggies on the mind tonight it seems.

    God bless.

  7. Your bacon always looks better than any other bacon I see. What kind is it??