Friday, February 17, 2023

Feeling New ? Muscles, Flying Event Begins for Bill

Park Place RV Park

On Friday, Feb. 17th we were up and about at 7. I took Gibbs for his walk after getting ready for my day. When we stepped out, it was noticeably calm, therefore making the cold 37F/3C feel cool but not bone-chilling. I had some yogourt and walked across just before 8 for another fitness class. Today was ‘core’ exercises and boy did I find core muscles that I know had gotten lazy! 

A pretty start to the day

It was a good 45-minute class and I was plenty warmed up when I left. Bill had left for the field soon after and when I returned for my cup of tea, I debated whether to go for a walk on my own or return to the clubhouse. The puzzle won out since I was already feeling pretty tired. Susan and I worked away on the new one from yesterday and Adele joined us around 11:15.

The benefit of walking to the library today
This very interesting tree

I can't identify it so if you know what it is
please educate me!

Back home at noon, we had lunch and I sat to finish the Matthew McConaughey book. I only give it 2 ½ stars, and it wouldn’t be a recommendation. It had some interesting parts in it, but, for the most part, I was just flipping pages as quickly as possible to finish it. I hate ‘not’ reading the whole book ‘just in case’ it gets better. Too bad, I expected something different, I guess.

This is a mystery
There are leaves, buds, obvious fruit
but this thing is puzzling.

I decided to walk to the library to drop it off and pick up my new card but when I got there, it was closed. I was brought to a standstill since this is only Friday. There was no drop box for the book that I could see so I carried it back home. Darn! I’ll take it Monday. It seems to be warming up, I didn’t need the second layer. We reached 61F/16C today. I went to work on the puzzle and while the other 3 played poker pool, I managed to finish it by 4.

The top half of the puzzle was a challenge
but dedication got it done

Bill is going to the night flying tonight and leaving shortly after 5. He’ll eat something when he returns at 7. I have decided not to go and will eat my leftover tater tots that I brought home from last night’s supper. I’ll go tomorrow to watch some of the flying. 😊 This has been a good day and as the winds die, the temperature seems to be improving. Looking forward to a sunny day in the 70’s.

As I worked on my blog,
Gibbs peered out the window into the darkness
watching for his Daddy

He was definitely out of sorts
Good night

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. I'm not 100% sure, but it looks like a tamarind tree. That fruit sure looks like tamarinds.

  2. Looks like Texas mountain laurel to me. Google Texas mountain laurel images, with seed pods and you'll see it.

  3. P.S. It has beautiful flowers. They remind me of wisteria....

  4. Nice sunrise picture. Fingerscrossed for those promised 70's tomorrow.

  5. Gibbs is so sweet. They sure do miss us when we go out. But love the "welcome home" greeting. Happy that your days are getting better and sunny!!!

  6. Gibbs is just taking care of his pack!! I agree ... weird tree. I wonder if you can eat the fruit?

  7. No idea of what the tree might be, but it is very interesting.
    Aw, poor Gibbs, he certainly loves his "beans".

  8. Isn't it interesting to come across vegetation that is so different from our home areas. I have wished for some flowers I saw down south to grow in my garden. You might consider downloading the PlantSnap app onto your phone. It's free and fun to use.

    1. I'm going to try and download that app. Any i found, i have to pay for and i won't do that.

  9. The cold 3C in the morning does not entice me to pack up and head south. However the 17 for a daytime high would be nice. We have a high of 7 predicted for Sunday.

    1. This winter is very different than any other. The good thing is that the sun is warmer and 3C doesn't mean snow.