Thursday, February 9, 2023

Here We Go Again

Park Place RV Park

On Thursday, Feb. 9th Bill had his shower as soon as he got up an while he got ready to go to the field, I had mine. Gibbs didn’t get one today. 😊 It was another 45F/7C morning with not much wind. I waited until my hair was dry, which doesn’t take long, and I finished some oatmeal and tea before taking Gibbs for his walk. It was almost 9 so I made sure I was ready for our game before we left.

My usual morning shot
What isn't usual is that I didn't 'spot fix' the blue dot this time
Every day I do that, but maybe it's a message.😍

Patti and Rick have family visiting from Minnesota for a few days so she was off with them somewhere today and couldn’t play. Barb was a no-show so it was just Adele, Susan and I. We still managed to have a good morning, managing about 6 games before noon. Of course, I lost, you don’t need to ask. After a few tips from Dora, someone who played a lot of pool in her younger years, I find that I’m getting much better at hitting the balls I’m aiming for. Putting them in is a different story! 😊

Adele shoots for the 9

We had lunch and I went out and popped the roof down on the gazebo when the winds were blowing in from the north – again. When they reach over 20 mph, I get nervous. I walked back over to the puzzle and noticed that Susan had started one of the 500-pc donation ones on the other table. There is a potluck for Super Bowl Sunday so they will have it done before then. Mine is iffy, but I might surprise myself, it is coming along nicely.

I don't think it will be done by Sunday
but I'm not too concerned, there aren't that many
people signed up for the potluck

Bill and I took Gibbs for his afternoon walk and then I made a cup of tea. We saw a hot air ‘blimp’ moving slowly across the sky towards the east and Bill wondered if it was for the game in Glendale. We aren’t close enough to see if it says anything related.😊 

In the truck lot across from Arco, we both noticed this
large apparatus on a flat be trailer
We walked closer to try and determine what it was

Gibbs thought it was a flying saucer
I can't say it didn't cross my mind until Bill
said it was 2 sections of a structure covering 

Tonight is night flying but with the winds gusting the way they have been, Bill isn’t expecting anyone to be there. He decided not to bother driving over.

It was moving really slow into the winds

Supper will be simple and quick. Mac & cheese with franks. Not the most appetizing but it hit the spot. We had Jello for dessert, mine with a bit of yogourt. I went upstairs after we washed the pots and watched a program about the Paranormal. It’s pretty intriguing, especially the part that dogs and cats are quite capable of seeing the dead. Oooh, spooky. Gibbs had the zoomies tonight and had me laughing up on the bed as he performed for me. 💖💖💖 I didn't have my camera or I'd have got the little butt up in the air a few times.

Walking towards home
Gibbs is like a sled dog sometimes

After our walk

Bill and I watched a new episode of Swamp People while I worked on my blog downstairs. This has been another great day. The wind was a disappointment but it got pleasantly warm despite it. The sky was clear blue all day and we reached 72F/22C.

Simple eats tonight
good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Yes, it would much nicer without the winds. Sounds like you had a nice day anyway and Gibbs looks tuckered out after his morning walk.

    1. This winter is one for the memory books. Still better than home!

  2. Mac and cheese with smokies is one of our easy go-to's!

  3. Yes, the blimp is heading to the Super Bowl game. I hope it's not a windy day like today! Say HI to the poker pool girls for me!!!

  4. Ah yes the ever present winds. I think we can safely say that we are not a fan of them. In fact I can now understand how people crossing the plains went a little odd after a while. We pulled the big slide in last night to help us sleep better without the awning topper flapping in the wind.


  5. We had hot dogs too. But with reheated French fries...left overs from Lute's Casino. Yum!

  6. The Good Year Blimp about 3 blocks from me. WOW! Got some great shots!

  7. Nice photos of the blimp. I hope you have many more days with no wind and some heat.

    God bless.