Monday, February 6, 2023

What’s Blowing in Now? Brenda

Park Place RV Park

Monday, Feb. 6th arrived in huge gusts through the wee hours. Bill heard them at 4 am and was up to pup the roof in on the gazebo. Of course, I heard nothing. I did hear Bill telling Gibbs to go back to sleep at 6:30, “you don’t need to go out, you were out at 4”. 😊 He obviously heard Daddy going outside and didn’t want to miss anything.

Thanks to Bill, the gazebo is resting quietly 

Looking to the southeast,
if you can see the mountains, you'll
also see the smoke

We got up around 7 and since Bill took Gibbs out for his morning walk around that time, I waited to have my tea first. It was calm then and the gazebo roof was just ‘hanging’ there, calmly. With the forecast calling for high gusts throughout the day, Bill didn’t expect any flyers at the field so went early to begin painting the lines on the runway. They have a fun fly coming up soon and want it finished. 

A puzzle from home

Before lunch, I had a good start.
Plus, I knew it wouldn't be finished when I returned
since my cohorts were gone for the day

With the calmer winds, he managed to get the lines done. There was a very strong smokey smell in the air this morning. Later, we learned that it might have been a controlled burn of some fields near Blythe. Who knows, but we do know that the strong winds eventually blew the smoke across and beyond us to clear those skies by 2:30. 

I had Poker Pool scheduled so took Gibbs for a walk at 8:30 and then walked over to the clubhouse at 9:15. I saw Susan unloading things from their trunk and teased her about having shopped so early. She informed me that they were going to Yuma for the day and Adele and Robert were also going. They wouldn’t be playing Poker Pool today. Hmmm, with 2 missing players, I doubted we’d be playing.


It’s unfortunate that we didn’t have new guests interested but Barb and I were the only ones who showed up. Patti is expecting company today and wasn’t available either so Barb and I cancelled the game. She isn’t into playing a twosome and that suited me. That’s two disappointments in two days! Huh! Robert and Adele only have a trike for getting around so an offer to go shopping is hard not to accept, I don’t blame them one bit. 😊

This is how it was left today

Patti agreed whole heartedly for me to start a puzzle on the bigger round table so I brought one of my ‘prized’ Downton Abbey 1000-pc. puzzles over from my stash. I had the border done and some inner pieces in place by noon when I returned home to make lunch. I’d seen Nancy’s pancakes and decided we’d gorge ourselves today. They were good with, of course, Jamie’s syrup from home.

This streamer is visible from our winow
Indicating how windy it was

The drive to Brenda is a pretty one

Back at the puzzle for a couple of hours showed more progress and Bill and I then took our water bottles and went for a drive at 2:30. We decided on Brenda, 15 minutes away to give Black Beauty a run. Brenda was disappointing to say the least with only a couple of decent RV parks and a couple of spots to eat.

Black rock RV Village & Cafe

I liked these two stone cabins 

It was a pretty park to drive through

We drove through Black Rock RV Village first, which was nice, then Desert Gold RV Park next. This was a high end-type park, both quite large and only about $300 more than what we’re paying here. That’s $300 more than we an afford, 😊, but the second one was quite nice. Lastly, Brenda RV Park – we were not impressed so I hope the rate is really low.

The palm trees are always a nice touch
and the mountains in the back ground

Then we toured the pricey Desert Gold RV Park

This park had more park models
Bill's happy face antenna ball sees all too

In Brenda RV Park, there were many many
old trailers and park models including
this ancient Airstream

Other than the parks and these eateries,
not much impressed us about Brenda

We stopped down the road from home to fill 2 water bottles and then returned home. Still windy, gusts up to 29 mph. We are waiting for the reprieve tonight. We reached a lower high of 66F/18.8C today but the sun was quite warm if you were in a sheltered spot. We had a big lunch so we had mini sausages and a salad for supper. I didn’t get my book finished last night so plan on that tonight BUT it is our tv night so………

A pretty drive home

Another good day in our neighbourhood. 

Still windy back at home

Supper filled the spot
Good night!

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  1. We've gone through bitter cold to a warm up here. Crazy weather everywhere. I enjoyed your driving tour. Have never heard of Brenda.

    1. I agree about the weather. Up and down, everywhere.
      Brenda, you aren't missing much.

  2. I’ve never heard of Brenda. Interesting place.


  3. Oh look ... pancakes!! I rather like the smaller RV parks ... more personal. Seems like the further you get toward Salome, the more expensive it gets.

  4. I suppose if one wanted a place to park for the winter months, with little hubbub going on, Brenda might be the place to be. It seems one would have to drive elsewhere to find many of the amenities you have much closer to you.
    We had stupid wind yesterday too. Fingers crossed for better weather for both of us soon.

    1. Either of the first two would be nice. They both have pools but still too pricey for us.
      Fingers crossed for better weather. Yes!

  5. I've heard the Black Rock Cafe serves tasty food.

  6. I love an AirStream. They were the top of the line RV back in the day.

    God bless.