Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Shopping on Valentine’s Day with my Family

Park Place RV Park

Tuesday, Feb. 14th I was up and in the shower at 7 o’clock. Bill and I exchanged cards, oh and Gibbs did too, giving Daddy a card and some chocolate sweets. He’s such a good little shopper and now we know who his Valentine is! There were heavy clouds everywhere we looked again this morning so we didn’t bother disconnecting to power.

The clouds this morning on our drive
were intriguing

Bill had popped the roof in on our gazebo last night as today was going to be terrible for winds. We left the Suite at 8:15 and arrived in Yuma by 9:30. By then, the clouds had broken away and the sun was making pretty steady appearances. It was also warmer by a few degrees and we were sheltered. We had a few stops to make, and this is the order we went, taking turns in and out of stores so Gibbs wasn’t left in the truck alone.

Someone was the best little boy today

First, .99¢ Store, Harbor Freight, Hobby Lobby (me then Bill), Target/CVS for ATM cash, Ross (), Pet Smart, Sam’s and then after grabbing lunch at Five Guys, Walmart. Sam’s didn’t have any eggs, weird, but I found the 18-pack at Walmart for $4.98! They had lots on the shelf. We drove home through amazing sunshine and as we approached Quartzsite, the winds were noticeably wild.

An interesting drive to Yuma as always
trains, planes and ............cannons

Yuma is also a city of 'working the fields'
Cauliflower being harvested and new plantings

My snicker for the day
This couple parked across from us kept me entertained
while Bill was in Sam's Club
They bought 10 cases of water with NO advanced thought
about how to pack it.
It took them at least 10 minutes to get them in the truck.
LOL, sorry, but I just HAD to take a photo

Our gazebo was really flapping, loosening a couple of the ratchet straps on the southwest side. That’s the wind direction today for a change. One side popped in as it is supposed to do but it was still battling with all its might. With everything put away, we did the banking and then relaxed. No need for supper tonight, we’re stuffed! Around 5:45, not only was it gusting to 32 mph, it started to rain. Bill waited until it let up around 6 and since the winds died down almost instantly at 6:15, he raised the gazebo roof and dumped the 6" of rain that had gathered. Good grief! Such weather.

Lin's Chinese Buffet always brings back great memories
but with a pup in the truck, Five Guys was the meal for us
Their bacon cheeseburgers were delicious BUT their fries
were the BEST!

The blimp was on the ground today
Funny how it looks gray while it's in the shadows

This was a great day. Gibbs was the best little guy with a couple of ‘outings’, one being into Pet Smart to get his treats and dog food. I came home with a pair of slip-on runners, some undies and 3 tops. You could say I found what I was looking for all for $75. I was pleased but of course, at Ross’s, I put a few things back on the shelf for next time. They have too much nice stuff!

The drive home was lovely too

I hope your winds weren’t as bad as ours and if they were, that you were hunkered down well enough. An inside day. FYI - at 7, more wind so I popped the roof down again. This is nuts!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Good night! ♥

Thank you for your visit.


  1. This has certainly been an inside day. You three made good use of the day shopping in Yuma. I think tomorrow will be much better. Happy Valentine's Day to the three of you.

    1. Thank you Doug. As you know, Yuma was much warmer and sheltered from the strong wind.

  2. Ha. That wind blew all the way to central TX today. 25-30, with gusts to 45 all day long. Glad you made it safely though the day and even got all your shopping done!

  3. I'm sorry your getting so much wind. Hopefully things calm and warm up soon.

    1. Thank you, if you were a true friend, you'd send some warmth our way! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. We didn't get wind in Yuma until late afternoon, I really hope this is the end of it!

    1. Probably after we left. It was beautiful there until 2:30 when we left.

  5. Wishing you calm, warm and sunny days.

  6. Sounds like a very productive day. Too bad about the wind.

  7. Happy Valentines Day to you and Bill! It sounds like you all had a good day.


  8. WOW! That's quite a few stores you visited! I always like Ross but last couple of times I've found nothing :( That burger and fries look Yummy! Cute box of chocolates! :)

    1. I can't imagine finding nothing. I just needed an extra $200 and I'd have been quite pleased! :)

  9. It was a yucky day in Wellton and got worse as the day progressed. Jerry was in Algodones and he said it wasn't too bad there. Well you all had a productive day in Yuma. And Gibbs so such a good boy. Very nice pictures.

  10. Yesterday the Okla. Panhandle had winds up to 84 MPH!!!! And dirt and dust everywhere!!! Had big wrecks on Hwy 54 near Goodwell OK and one killed and many injured and many damaged rigs!!
    Don in Okla.

    1. Oh that's terrible! I did see a pix online of a semi blown over. So sad.