Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Oh, That Wind!

Park Place RV Park

So, it seems that we aren’t done with the wind yet. It’s on again, off again and waking up on Tuesday, Feb. 7th gave us no reprieve from it. The winds started out relatively calm and the temperature was hovering around 47F/8C. Gibbs and I went for our walk and returned home just as Bill was backing out of our site. I came inside and had my tea, sitting with Gibbs.

This should look familiar
Good morning! 

After getting washed, I slipped my driver’s license into a small pocket wallet and went for my walk. The sun was warm in the clear sky but by the time I turned to the north, towards the library, the winds were increasing and in my face. Darn!  The building where the library is housed, is also the home of the Municipal offices so that explained all the cars in the parking lot. 😊

I'm still waiting to see a green Ocotillo
this winter

This one seems to be trying
to produce

I needed to get myself a library card so showed my id and got a temporary one. After watching Jimmy Fallon last night, a talk show host that just strikes our fancy (he’s adorable!), I wanted to try and borrow the book he mentioned by Matthew McConaughey. The book is called GreenLights and when I heard that the online version was on hold for 4 weeks, I signed out the hard copy for 2 weeks.

Fingers crossed it's worth my time

Back home, I prepared a to-go coffee mug with creamer and Splenda and walked over to the clubhouse. Other than chatting with Suz, Dora and Patti, no one else was around. I’m not sure if the girls are upset with me or why they aren’t coming in but I just have to not worry about it. I worked away at the Downton Abbey puzzle and although it is a challenging one, I’m quite enjoying it. Maybe it's partly because I know no one else is coming in when I'm not there. 

This is a painted rock outside the library entrance

I went home for lunch with Bill and then we took a drive down Main St. to Ken’s Grocery Outlet and the Dollar Store behind it. Bill had never been in the stores so walked through with me and we picked up some great deals on food. Even Nutter Butters were on for a great price making someone very happy. 😊 I nipped into Roadrunner Market for milk, bread and an avocado.

I've met a library I didn't love

I went back to the puzzle and worked away with the ladies playing Pokeno in the back ground. It was around 3:30 when I returned home. I poured a Diet 7-Up and went out to the gazebo, thank you dear for popping the roof back up, with my book. It took a few pages to get into anything interesting so now I’m hoping the story pans out. LOL

It's coming along nicely
but it's going to take me a few days 😊

For supper, we had fried fish. Bill had deep fried fries and I had steamed broccoli. Yes, his sounds better but I’ve gotta start taking steps to cut back on the carbs – again. The weight is packing on. After clean up, I wrote my blog with Wong & Winchester on tv and then reruns from the early NCIS programs. This has been a good day, except for the winds. Today reached 66F/16C with winds between 14 and 18 mph and tomorrow will be warmer again.

Supper was good
I'm really enjoying this fish
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Maybe they are busy putting away all their purchases from the recent trip. Looks like an interesting book. I had no idea Q even HAD a library!!

  2. Did you mean to say, I've never met a library I didn't love or was there something off-putting by this one? Do let us know how the book pans out. I'm a fan of Jimmy Fallon too, but he's on too late here for me, so I just watch FB clips. :)

  3. Hope the book is interesting.

    God bless.