Friday, February 10, 2023

Something New, Something Disappointing, Something Great

Park Place RV  Park

On Friday, Feb. 10th, I woke up feeling a bit rushed. It was on me, the only one in control of my time. 😊 I’d planned to be up ‘for sure’ by 7:15, thinking I would have plenty of time to be to the clubhouse at 8. It started out good, with a wash and fast walk with Gibbs and then a couple of mouthfuls of my yogourt. I next looked at the clock and it was 7:45 so I grabbed my water bottle and left. Bill was readying for the field since he got up and followed soon after.

Good morning
Remember the 'blue' dot?
How about a yellow one?

It’s a gorgeous sunny, clear sky day with once again, a slight breeze only. It was below 40F/4.4C so that felt a bit chilly. The high was forecast for 70F/21C so a pretty nice day coming our way. The winds were less, between 5 – 10 mph which wasn’t too bad. My eagerness to be at the clubhouse was a bit disguised, as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at the exercise class I was attending. 😊 Yup, an exercise class. Me.

Wednesday evening, I used Rosy, my air fryer,
to roast some store bought pumpkin seeds that I spiced
What a yummy snack!

A regular rv’er’s daughter is here for February and has 3 different class-types on offer, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Patti said the Friday class, which is mostly stretching/yoga-type moves (standing though), might help me with the trapezius muscle ache I’ve been experiencing so I thought I’d give it a try. Let’s get those kinks out!

It was a 45-minute class ending in a slow stretch out and I enjoyed it as much as any class of this type can be enjoyed by a non-exertive person. 😊 I feel loosened up and I feel that I’m doing something good for myself and plan to attend Monday’s class as well. I was pretty hot and sweaty when I walked home at 9. That is the ‘something new’ in my title.

this was a fun puzzle but I'm sad about the missing piece

I had some steel cut oatmeal and walked back with my tea to work on the puzzle. It was early and quiet, although Susan was working on the other table for part of the time. At 10:45, I pushed my chair in with the puzzle finished sooner than I expected. The ‘something disappointing’ in my title was that a piece is missing. I’m bummed, it’s such a pretty picture.

Gibbs and I walked around the block
and I noticed the 'strange' load we saw yesterday
was still in the lot but the cab was now hooked up

I will leave it out until tomorrow and take it home for my sisters to work on. The ladies should have theirs done too and maybe we can work on the next one together again. Bill and I spent the rest of the morning cleaning the Suite. I dusted and vacuumed and he attacked the bathroom. It looks much better and was long overdue. We had toasted buns with bacon for lunch and then we went outside together for the afternoon. I sat in the sun with my book, Green Lights is indeed much better now that the story has started. 😊

Do you see what I see?
Not only the sun behind late afternoon
The blue dot has returned
I have my own theory

The sun was gorgeous and I kept moving my chair to stay in it as long as possible while Bill busied himself cleaning some of the truck mirrors and windows and Gibbs sat either in my chair with me, in his bed or in the shade under my chair. That is the ‘something great’ I referred to. I’ve missed sun-sitting. ♥ We came in around 3:30 (I ran out of sun) and I made a tea before taking Gibbs for our walk around the block. We met Carol Ann and Kobus so Gibbs got his lovin’ from both of them.

The burgers were great but we're both glad
that this is the last of the small buns.
Yes, I had a bun tonight again.

For supper, grilled bacon cheeseburgers, I’ve yet to decide if I’m having another bun today. LOL it’s really hard getting back into the low carbs thing again. We finished the Jello for dessert and watched Fire Country after loading the dishwasher. This was a great day – except for the missing piece.

A picture from our first year, Feb. 10, 2017
Silent Valley RV Park, Banning, CA
a different 'little bum' on my lap here
I love our memories. 💗
good night!

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  1. What a nice picture of you and Clemson, Patsy.

  2. The little blue dot is most likely boca ... caused by the light reflecting on your lens ... or maybe it's your Mom just checking up on you!! Might even be sweet Clemson.

  3. I like the blue dot a lot better then those red ones I get sometime, it is kind of cute. Sad about the one missing puzzle piece. I also, like the rock Saguaro from a couple days back and what a cute picture of Gibbs on the back of the chair.

  4. Sounds like a good day, with the exception of the missing puzzle pieces. My jigsaw is still in progress...I get a few pieces a day at least. :)
    My daughter and I have been doing stretches together (by video) and it's really helped both of us. I had sciatic nerve issues in my left hip earlier this year, and she fell down her basement stairs and hurt her right hip. We both find, after stretching, we have a lot less paid. I do hope that the stretching helps your pain too.

  5. Glad to hear this 'non-exertive' person is getting exertive! Gorgeous suuny day here too.