Sunday, March 5, 2023

A Quiet Day Together

Park Place RV Park

Sunday, Mar. 5th arrived under heavy clouds. It didn’t change all day although at brief periods after lunch, the sun poked through enough to create a ray across the furniture. Bill had decided early that he wasn’t going to the field this morning and I had decided early that I wasn’t going to go to the clubhouse early.

A pretty morning sky
but the clouds won out

My back was a bit better and I made a mental note to do Donna’s two yoga stretches before bed tonight. I took Gibbs for his leisurely walk and then returned for my tea and some yogourt with cut up banana. With my online word games played, I moved to my next ‘chore’.

Gibbs' blankey was first
Lots of holes and I just stitched the edges
of those holes 

I took his blankey away a couple of months ago
because he was chewing it non-stop
Now, he's impatient for it back💕

I got my sewing machine out from the hall closet and amongst much grumbling (when my machine acted up – actually I’m sure it was operator error), I managed to mend my ‘Aladdin’ pants, Gibbs’ blanket and Bill’s jeans. He’d caught his jeans on a metal hook that made a 6” tear just below his pocket. Not an easy fix for an amateur sewer, but I managed to get the patch stitched and now they’re good for work this summer.

I managed to stitch the jagged
rip in Bill's jeans
There is a patch on the back side
What a great job! (Not!)
Good thing he loves me and
the jeans are for his work at home

Today, as I mentioned, remained cloudy preventing us from getting any warmer than 65F/18C. It was still pleasant enough but you needed a light jacket if you were out for long. The sun makes a huge difference down here. 

Good books

We had lunch and after Bill finished his book, I was too spell-bound with my own to even want to go to the clubhouse to start a puzzle. There’s always another day. 😊

A peek through the window
shows the invisible sun disappearing
even further in the clouds

Around 5, I took Gibbs for his walk around the park. We had planned fish and chips for supper and because we have programs to watch/record tonight, we started around 5:30. Supper was good and I tried to be diligent about not eating too many fries. That’s hard to do when they’re so good! 😊

Fish and chips (& olives)

This was a quiet day at home, cool again but once the sun returns that will change. We watched Magnum PI and then American Idol after dishes were cleaned up. 

Gibbs sits here after he eats and while we make supper
Notice Stuffie? He's completely devoid of stuffing now
but he loves his little adoptee. 💓
Good night!

Thank you for your visit.           


  1. Bill’s jeans are now very trendy, you pay a lot of money for ripped and patched jeans 😊

  2. I'm glad I don't carry a sewing macine with me. I hope you had more than that small portion of food. I would starve to death on that amount. Glad you three had a nice day.

  3. Sounds like a nice quiet day at the Richard's. Those type of days are some of the best. That last picture is a cute one of Gibbs.

  4. Quiet days are nice. Summer is a very busy time and so winter relaxation evens it out.


  5. Yeah ... should have left his jeans with the hole .. Bill would be right in style!! I'm sure you did a great job. I did notice Stuffie immediately ... LOL. I think Cooper was maybe 9 years old when he quit chewing! Take it easy with your back.

  6. I suspect you're losing the battle with Gibbs and his chewing, at least for now. He certainly has a mind of his own, and he's so darned cute to boot.

  7. I hope those stretches helped with your back. Getting cold here once again and more snow is on the way. Hey, living in Saskatchewan we are lucky sometimes if all the snow is gone in mid April. Good job on the mending.

    God bless.

  8. That jeans patch looked like a shimmering gold patch and is very fashionable. I have to agree with Doug, you do not eat very much!