Saturday, March 11, 2023

A Special Birthday – Weather We Asked For

Park Place RV Park

Saturday, Mar. 11th arrived with the warmest morning yet. We had windows open all night and the duvet rolled up at the bottom of the bed for the first time in a long while. It didn’t drop below 63F/17C. Today’s high was 79F/26C and we reached it under mostly cloudy skies. 😉 It’s what we’ve been asking for so you’ll hear no complaints here.

Our morning walk
Our morning sky

Bill stayed home this morning and after Gibbs and I took our walk, he studied for the hours before lunch. Studying for what? Check out his blog here to find out what it’s all about. I went to the clubhouse to work on the puzzle and Susan and I soon had it finished. Woops, I forgot to get a picture until I was tearing it down later. 

The layers have prety much grown out
After these longer pieces were trimmed,
2" made a big difference

After our walk, I went to the bathroom and saved myself at least $20. My hair has not been trimmed since we left home in October and it was looking pretty scraggly. Rather than pay the salon to trim just a couple of inches off the bottom, I did it myself. Much better!

This is the best, freshest bread we've had

We were out of bread (and we don’t much care the bread down here – the crusts are so crumbly) so I drove to Roadrunner Market for a loaf of our favourite French loaf. Then we had some for lunch with a few other things. 😊 I sat with Bill at the table for moral support as he registered for his exam. He would read the 35 questions slowly a couple of times, and when necessary resort to his binder of notes, to respond to the multiple choice queries.

Goofy Gibbs
and sleepy Gibbs
He was a good boy while
Daddy took his exam

Wow! The questions were tough but he impressed me by coming out at the end with a great. When the screen prompt came up to say he had passed, I could see the relief sliding off his shoulders. He was so worried (I was not at all and told him so often during the course of the last few days) that he would not pass. I’m proud of what he accomplished. Congratulations, my love.

Ready for the meal tomorrow

I walked over to the clubhouse around 2 and when I noticed 4 pool players, I put this morning’s puzzle away and began a new 500 piece scenic one from the box. There are only 3 left and we’re done all 10. 😊 I have to brag a bit, in 2 hours, I have completed close to a third of it. This morning, I got out my green nail polish, in honour of St. Patrick, and painted my nails. All of my nails.

This afternoon, we went for
a family walk

Tomorrow, we have a potluck dinner at the clubhouse and I never miss an opportunity to get silly in celebrating any occasion. 

The top one was finished
The bottom one started this morning

Back home at 4, we had grilled bacon cheeseburgers for supper. Nothing else is ever required as they are very filling and delicious. We did reach our forecasted high today and it will be a little easier sleeping tonight with a drop to only 54F/12C. That should be perfect!


This was a great day and even greater for Bill to have his exam behind him. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day as well. Today is a special day as our youngest grandson turns 4! We made a Facetime to the Alberta family but Easton wasn't feeling good so didn't chat. However, his sweet little sister, Hadley, at 2, kept the conversation going in between her cheeky little grins. ♥ Happy Birthday, Easton!

Usually full of all little boy things............

Today, on his birthday, he just wasn't up to par
Good thing his parents had his birthday party last weekend.
Good night Easton and everyone else!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. Congratulations to Bill!
    I'm glad that the weather is getting better.

  2. Happy Birthday Easton and congrats Bill. That's a load off your shoulders. I hate taking tests!! That Gibbs ... how could you not spoil him!!

    1. Thank you Nancy. Bill was so relieved to have it done, especially with a pass.

  3. Happy Birthday to Easton! Turning 4 is a big deal, it's sad he isn't feeling well.
    Congrats to Bill on his exam results.

  4. Congratulations, Bill! Glad your days are warmer. And Happy Birthday, Easton!

  5. Congratulations to Bill. Look at Easton....getting so grown up. Get well soon Easton!

  6. Congratulations on passing your exam Bill. Easton is getting so big. Happy Birthday big guy.

    God bless.

  7. Hard to believe little Easton is 4 already! He definitely looks like he doesn't feel good poor little guy. Congratulations to Bill on passing his exam. Love the green nails!

    1. Thank you Shirley. Poor little guy - glad his party was last weekend.

  8. Bummer that Easton is sick on his birthday. Wishing him a speedy recovery and Happy Birthday. He is a cute little guy. Glad the weather is shaping up for you.