Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Laundry, Avon, Puzzle, Pool

Park Place RV Park

The title of my post today pretty much sums up my Wednesday, Mar. 29th. We were up around 7 am and while Bill had his shower, I took the bed sheets and chair quilts over to the laundromat. Gerald had a load of clothes in the dryer at 7:15 but the washers were free. I used two. When they finished, I hung them on the clotheslines. It was a beautiful morning, one of the warmest yet, already 54F/13C, even with some clouds.

The morning sky was made great
by the clouds

Gibbs and I went for our walk and when we returned an hour after hanging them, the sheets and quilts were dry. 😊 Bill walked over with me to retrieve them and we made the bed together. It is easier with two of us, especially in an rv. At 10, we’d invited an Avon rep to come to the clubhouse for a ‘party’. My status as a representative has expired and the girls were looking for some things I recommended.

Ah, freshly dried bedding

A picture of the purse I bought
yesterday at the Outpost

Sammi is young and said this was her first party. She brought all of her product and set up a great display with samples and small gifts for everyone. There were 7 of us and when she left, she had made sales close to $100. She was quite thrilled and deserved to be proud. I was able to stock up on a couple of things that we were running low of. I was glad she had product for purchase since ordering at this late date didn’t work for me. We’ll have her back in the fall!

Sammi put on a great display
at her party
This is only 1/4 of the product she brought

Bill had things at home cleaned up. The barbecue, the patio mat and he had removed the generator from the back and packed things in the ‘basement’ by the time I returned. We had lunch and I walked back to work on the puzzle. Susan joined me and then 7 of us played Poker Pool, just because. 😊 Gerald had never played so we invited him to join us 6 ladies and learned how to play ‘our’ way. I think he enjoyed himself and realized how difficult it is. He’s a pool shark too!

Today was a landscape of clouds

So there was a lot of snapping with my camera

Each time I looked in a different direction,
Gibbs waited for me to take another picture

Back home at 3:30, we had a visit from our neighbour and chatted about a few things for half hour. Nice guy and he knows someone from Woodstock, Ontario, an hour away from our Ridge back home. 

Bill has things put away
Check in tomorrow to see why.

At 5:45, I started supper. Baked pork chops scalloped potatoes and a vegetable were on the menu with the last of the pineapple cheesecake for dessert. It all tasted great. After clean up, we watched a couple of programs while recording Farmer Takes a Wife.

In the gravel, even weeds are pretty

Good supper
Good night!

This was yet another bonus day and we have enjoyed it all. Thank you for the visit.


  1. As as a follower it seems time for you in Arizona as flown by.
    Have you checked to see if the Ridge has piles of snow?
    The weather has been so unpredictable everywhere,
    What Shingles pills do you take and can they be bought
    in the USA? I have friends that have it.
    Will be following you in your days ahead..... Safe travels!!
    Linda a.

    1. A little of both, time has flown but still at times seemed to be long time. Strange.
      Donna has checked and the snow is minimal at the Ridge, we'll keep in touch with her as we get closer. :)
      The shingles should be available in the US but probably are a prescription. They are available for me in Canada which is easy to get but in Mexico no prescription is required and they are cheaper.
      Thank you Linda a.

  2. How fun to have an Avon rep stop by. I hope she does well with her sales. WHAT? You let a MAN play??? Just kidding, as long as they know the "just for fun" rules! I know this is your last day. Enjoy and watch out for those crazy drivers!!!!!

  3. Wishing you safe travels! I'm sort of happy you're on your way home - perhaps that will bring spring. :)

    1. Thank you Maebeme. I laughed at your next sentence. :) We'll try to bring spring home.

  4. I"m guessing that's one of Nancy's quilts hanging on the line :0 I used to love AVON, haven't ordered in years but what a great gathering and to be able to buy right there! Hard to believe it's time for you to start heading home.

    1. You would be right about the quilts. They are both from Nancy. The blue one has a brighter side, more patch like. Love them both!
      Avon shopping was fun again, I never held parties persay when I sold. She did well.
      It is hard to believe!!

  5. What lovely quilts!!!

    I was an Avon rep for a number of years. I actually paid for our youngest's braces that way.

    God bless.

    1. Nancy's quilts are lovely! you must have been great at Avon! That is quite an accomplishment. I never pushed it as a rep but still did pretty good with my customers.

  6. Replies
    1. Not because of going home, but because we were getting things washed. :) Fooled you!

  7. If your heading home it's been a good winter following your blog. Vern Boise

  8. Love the was a great find. Won't be long til we see you in person. We'll keep a snow watch going at the Ridge for you.😘