Saturday, March 4, 2023

We'll Never Get Tired of This Same Ole, Same Ole

Park Place RV Park

On Saturday, Mar. 4th we were up first at 6:15. Gibbs needed to go out – but how badly? 😊 Bill tried in vain to get his leash on, so I got up to help encourage. Finally, Bill suggested I go back to bed, he’d wait it out and eventually, I heard them go down the steps outside. Something worked, I think it just took Gibbs to be ready.

A great easy going walk with our little guy

Bill left for the field and after my shower and my tea, I took him for ‘our’ walk. He was just fine going and returning, closely sniffing those darn metal steps before going up them. “Just checking, Mom” is what it felt like. 😊 I had no place to go and although I would have liked to go for a walk on my own again, through the wee morning hours, my knee locked up and it was painful getting it. Let’s not push it.


Instead, I played my games and then walked over to the clubhouse to see if the puzzle was finished. I wasn’t really surprised to see that they had put the last pieces in yesterday while we were away. That’s okay. I walked back home and instead, got my paints set up again in the gazebo. It was beautiful in there, so warm that I left the door unzipped. Then I brought Gibbs out on his rope leash.

Enjoying the gazebo together
waiting for Daddy

It was around 11 when Bill returned and we sat there together. I painted; Bill relaxed with Gibbs until 11:30 when I decided on toasted western sandwiches. I had mine in a fried tortilla instead of bread. Both Bill and I have dropped a bit of weight since being sick and so far have managed to maintain that. I doubt it will last forever but we’re trying to be careful. 😊

Let's paint!

I went back to painting after lunch and in a tank top, it was heavenly. We’ll not get tired of this weather, over and over, anytime soon! We are in for a nice bout of it until at least mid-March. The afternoon went quietly, both reading our books. I’ve got back onto a book Gayle left me. The Trapped Girl by Robert Dugoni, a new author for me. It is a page turner for sure!


The flowers are starting to fade
but when I took this picture,
it looks like a painting
Favourite of the day

Gibbs, Bill and I went for a walk around 5, after we’d each had a pina colada. My excuse was that I might feel a bit loopy and would need someone to hold me up! Ha ha. It was good, not as good as bar served but passable. Alcohol has not crossed our lips too often this winter so this was a treat. It seems if it isn’t one thing with me, it’s another.

Pina colada means Happy Hour!

My back got tweaked sometime through the night, maybe from the dream that had me calling out. I was trying to warn my sisters about an intruder! Woops, it was a Friday night dream so I can’t say anymore. I’m a tad superstitious as our parents were. 😊 The walk helped stretch it out and we all made it back safely. For supper, Bill grilled mild sausages and I boiled a potato for Bill to go along with. I had asparagus with mine.

Family walk

This has been a wonderful day and it is nice to be in shorts and tank tops again. We sent a text to our buddies back home to wish them a safe and fun-filled trip to the islands. Bill put one of our favourite movies in the dvd player - we only have favourites - We Bought A Zoo warms our hearts and makes us laugh too. 

The sausage and asparagus hit the spot
Good night!

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  1. Glad Gibbs is getting back to normal. You three have the most relaxing time while here in Arizona and I envy you. That's how retirement should be. So glad the weather has finally come around so we can do our relaxing outside.

  2. It was fabulous ... I'm not into shorts and sandals, but I wore a short sleeve shirt! LOL

  3. Routine and good weather are a lovely way to spend some time. Enjoy!

  4. I'm enjoying my walks in our milder weather here in Ontario. Looking for a high today of +5.

  5. Shorts and tank tops?!?!

  6. You are getting great use of that gazebo. Our temperatures are going to drop this week.

    God bless.

  7. Finally, real nice winter weather! Enjoy. Becky