Friday, March 24, 2023

Admitting Defeat, Beauty Day, Nancy Arrives!

Park Place RV Park

On Friday, Mar. 24th we were all up by 7 am, Bill was first. I had my tea first thing and then had my shower. Gibbs and I went for our walk after Bill left for Jim’s. Today, they were working together at the Hangar, moving planes from the mezzanine down to the mail level. At least, that is my understanding. 😊

Gibbs leads the way on our walks

At 9:15, I walked over to the clubhouse – and the puzzle. I sat for a few minutes looking at it before coming to a decision. There was no way this was going to get finished by my hands and everyone who has come in and looked at it, agreed that it was an ‘impossible’ puzzle to complete. Into the bag it went. I marked on the box that it was not completed and that it is missing at least 4 pieces. Bummer.

The last puzzle in the box is
another pretty picture
These were fun to do!

To keep my confidence up, I got the last puzzle out of the box of 10 and immediately went to work on the border. It is only 500 pieces so it will be done in no time but it is exactly what I needed. Successes. 😊 Adele joined me around 10 and together we made progress. I had the easy part and completed the lower half before noon hour.

But also fairly easy, especially the 500 pc ones

We had bacon, eggs and toast for lunch and I have to admit to enjoying this keto bread. I’m glad I found it but likely I won’t find it back home. Another bummer. Bill was busy this morning after he returned from the hangar. He greased the wheels on the Suite and when he found 3 low, he crawled under again and topped them up. I cleaned up the dishes and went through the cupboards while he finished.

Nancy comes to visit 💖

I was on my own mission, looking for a couple of things and then I took a few hair and makeup items over to the Free table in the clubhouse. I carried on with the puzzle and that’s when I saw Nancy and her family pull in. It was 3 o’clock so she made good time and I went out to greet her. 😊 I texted Bill and he came out and went with her while she got set up. It’s always so nice to see her!

When I want to take a picture, I say "Wait"
Gibbs stops and waits for the click of the camera

We had a brief visit in our gazebo and she gave me my shingles pills that she picked up in Mexico for me. Thank you, Nancy. Gibbs and I went for our walk and he got his numerous pets from Sheila, Randy, Adele, Robert and Mike (?). He was a happy pooch, well, he always is a happy pooch. 😊 We had grilled bacon cheeseburgers for supper and an ice cream cone for dessert.

The  burgers were thick and delicious
However, the buns haven't been as good
falling apart. Good thiing these were the last two!

This was a really nice day, made even nicer by seeing Nancy return on her way through to California. We reached a high temp 70F/22C with a light breeze. I hope your spring day was truly that, spring-like!

I found the last 2 cones in the cupboard today
and they also were in pretty poor shape
but still tasty.
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Happy to help out ... you two have helped me so much since getting my fifth wheel. I'm looking forward to some puzzling and catching up with the locals.

    1. Gibbs looks so big in this picture with you. If course, you are so tiny!

  2. Wonderful that you're getting to visit with friends before you are on your way north.
    We did have melting here yesterday but this morning it is cold again. I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever see spring. Mother Nature is certainly not in any hurray. :)

  3. How nice to meet up with friends once again, before you start on your journey back. Melting today and the previous two days here in the southern part of our province. However, the bad news is cold is coming once again and probably a dusting of snow.

    God bless.

  4. WE love the Keto bread, especially the seeded since they came out with that. Have you tried the Carb Smart ice cream made by Breyers? OH so good! Much better than any of the others! :) Those burgers always look awesome! :) Gibbs is adorable!