Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Warmer Still, Some Downtown Shopping

Park Place RV Park

We woke up to another promising day in Quartzsite on Tuesday, Mar. 28th. Our time is quickly drawing to a close. Bill noticed the low to nil winds and decided to drive to the field to see if any of the pilots were flying this morning. I hopped in the shower and then Gibbs and I went for our usual walk. Back home, Gibbs got a treat when I walked over to get going on my puzzle.

Nice start to the day, right here

I worked alone on the puzzle and made great strides with the fireworks in the sky before returning at noon for lunch. 

The new puzzle, bright and colourful

I finished my last two pizza slices and heated up in the air fryer, they were still delicious. This morning I took the time to put a few things away in the overhead cupboards so I could close them with bungee (?) cords. Remembering where to put things safely takes some thinking! 😊

Last S. A. pizza until November.

Bill had vacuumed when he got back this morning so that was another job off the list. When things are removed off the counter tops, I’ll do one final dusting before we leave. The hummingbird feeder is empty so Bill brought it in and washed it for me. I won’t fill it until we get home. The stupid thing leaks, yes, my new one that I got for Christmas so it doesn’t hurt my feelings to put it away even though the hummers did frequent it this winter.

3 cupboards ready for travel

After lunch, we drove to a few stores/vendors down town and I bought a new purse. I'm hoping it will work to hold the things I need without having to carry a big one around. A picture tomorrow, if I remember. I've been looking at it in the Outpost for a few weeks. 

This store is going out of business on Friday so
we stopped in to see their gift-type items
The owner is retiring

We also went to Celia's Gardens
to leave a few of my rocks

7 of these are mine

Quite a collection

I was watching where I walked, it is hot
and critters may be out so when I noticed something
skittering across, I saw him.
Can you? He's looking right at me.

Now he is posing. 

I went back to the puzzle at 2:15 and quietly worked on it while chuckling at the Pokeno ladies. Patti, my favourite, is so funny. I enjoy her so much.
😊 I worked on the lower part of the puzzle and returned home at 4. 

It's a fun puzzle and yet challenging too

Instead of a cup of tea, I made myself a gin and tonic this afternoon. Then when it was finished, I took Gibbs out to walk it off. My little blood hound found a teeny baby bird that had fallen from its nest in the storage area of the park. 

Gibbs found this little baby and wasn't
quite sure what to make of it

Poor thing had a cut on its head and was on its back. Sad to say it didn’t survive. Back home, we relaxed watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy before starting supper.


NY strip steak, baked potato and fried mushrooms was on the menu with the finale being the last dregs of the ice cream. Thus leaving us room in the freezer again. Everything was delicious. Three programs are being recorded for later entertainment and I’m going to try and see the planets that are lining up beside the moon tonight.

The sunset was pretty so scanning the sky is never a waste regardless. I did go out at 9:15 just before posting and there are so many bright starts/planets around the moon that I was at a loss. Still beautiful to see so many stars. 

This was a good Tuesday and I hope y’all can say the same from your neck of the woods. We reached a high temperature of 77F/25C under gorgeous sunny skies and now at 7 pm, it is still 75F/24C. ♥♥ 

Good night!

Thank you for popping by.


  1. Very pretty rocks Patsy. Love the sunset pictures too.

  2. The sunset photos are gorgeous. Have fun with the last puzzle of the season. Is that the jigsaw or the packing? 😀

  3. That's a great place to leave your rocks. I bet Celia enjoys them. Glad I didn't have to work on THAT puzzle! LOL. I bet you'll finish it up today!!

    1. I was happy to have a nice place for the painted rocks. I've carried them around enough. :) The puzzle will be fun for all of us.

  4. Replies
    1. You've had some pretty nice weather though. I hope to bring some home too!