Tuesday, March 21, 2023

They Weren’t Wrong, Trying to Help!

Park Place RV Park,

On Tuesday, Mar. 21st there were no surprises with the weather. The forecasters were pretty much bang on today. The rain didn’t amount to much even though it showed an 88% chance of precipitation. I guess they were 88% right, since it did rain here and there. Bill and I left Gibbs in charge and at 8 we drove to Parker for some groceries.

There IS grass in the desert this year

There are still pretty flowers too

Walmart wasn’t busy yet so we skimmed through pretty quickly, catching a checkout line with no one in it. That’s rare! It was raining lightly as we walked to Black Beauty. We got everything on our list and then I ran into CVS for another item before heading back to I-95. Bill stopped at the post office to mail our 8840 form and ACE hardware for some spray foam for a couple of jobs.

We love the desert in any form

When we stopped at a water station, I was trying to help Bill by making room on the back seat floor for the 5 gallon jug. I was reaching into the back seat to move some of the bags of groceries, not realizing just how heavy they were and how awkward my reach was. When I sat back in my seat, I could feel that I’d pulled a muscle (my latissimus dorsi to be exact). Man, did it hurt and I was uncomfortable the whole way home.

Now you know where this muscle is too
I'll remember it

We were home before 10:30 and I took 2 XS Tylenol and put groceries away. I sat in my recliner with Gibbs and waited for the meds to work and even dozed off for a bit. 

A new bread I found
at Walmart

After a toasted egg sandwich on Keto bread for lunch, I decided to keep moving and went to the puzzle. It is hard and I only have these 2 weeks to finish it. I will be taking it back home with me for family to work on.

I don't even want to think that these 6 pieces are missing
But.............I haven't found them yet. 

Only 3 ladies were playing Pokeno, one was Patti. I’m glad to see her getting back into the groove now that Rick is settled and improving every day. At 3, when they left, I also walked back home. Bill dropped off to sleep while I watched my game shows and then Gibbs and I went for our windy walk. Half way, the rain drops started again, enough to return us back the way we came. I’m melting! Haha

This was our sky for the most part today
but you can see the sun is trying

The winds picked up after lunch and the gazebo was bouncing like one of those castles. With the wind coming from the south, mostly, it was pretty sheltered so we didn’t have to worry about it. The clouds were dark even though the sun was trying to make an appearance off and on. The winds will be with us until the wee hours of Wednesday.

Dessert not desert

For supper, we had hamburger helper and a veggie. The treat was that we bought some Tillamook ice cream today so we had some for dessert. We haven’t had any in the freezer since we came down. 😊 This has been a good day! I hope you have enjoyed your first day of spring too. By the way, my muscle has improved and after I take a couple more Tylenol, it should be good by morning. Fingers crossed!

Emphasis on REALY creamy.
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Same sort of day here though the rain is suppose to come overnight here. Hope you feel better by morning.

  2. Many of the pics I've seen of the desert southwest this year have been so pretty - who coulda knowed? That desert looks so good!

  3. I'm definitely ready for some warmer weather, though cold weather has not kept ice cream out of MY freezer. I'm hoping for a nice weather window soon.

  4. i'd take the rain as we had more snow overnight. Sunny now and we're heading to -7C. Winter has told spring...not yet!

    1. I would have been surprised if the snow was done. :( I hope soon though.

  5. Ouch, I feel your pain. I have a tear in that muscle where it attaches under my arm. It's a long time healing because we use that muscle a LOT. I vacuumed and mopped the whole downstairs today. Time to take a naproxen and put my head down.

  6. Ouch and yikes about your back. I've done something like that I know it hurts. Hope its better today and good for you to sooth the pain with ice-cream! :-)