Thursday, March 9, 2023

Six More to Go, Enjoying All Things

Park Place RV Park

On Thursday, Mar. 9th the day was following most routines, Bill up first and Gibbs and I crawling out around 7:15. I hopped in the shower and Bill was soon ready to head off to the flying field. There was NO wind at all this morning and it remained that way all day. Finally, it’s here. 😊

This was the sky at 8:30 this morning

I took Gibbs for his walk and it was quite pleasant as we scooted (in his own pokey way) around the outside perimeters of the park. It’s his time so he gets many, many sniffs in before we return home. I’d had my tea earlier and a couple of spoonful’s of yogourt. That would be enough to hold me over until I needed to eat my banana. I take it with me to the clubhouse when I have a coffee from Patti’s fresh brewed pot.

Bill turned our electricity connection off
and by afternoon, the clouds cleared out completely

There were 6 of us playing today from 9:30 to noon and it was great fun. I’m sad that I only have 6 more games before we leave the park – until next fall. I tied for second place today with Barb so we were both excited about that. Sheila, the newest player, is doing very well and came in third place. 

We had lunch back home, a veggie/meat/cheese plate for me, and I went over to work on the puzzle. I finished it by 2.

Patti, Barb (Minnesota Fats), Sheila, Adele
Susan is beside me so not in the picture today

I'm really going to miss this fun

We’ve decided that we’ll go to Parker in the morning for a stock up on our dairy products and a few other things so first I wanted to see what Ken’s Grocery had and pick those things up at an even ‘better than Walmart’ price. It's my first time out with Black Beauty this winter and it was nice. 

I came home with a couple of bags of thighs on our list and then popped into Dollar General, also on Main Street, for a few more. We don’t eat a lot of canned goods but mushrooms and pineapple are two things I like to have on hand.

This was a 1000 pc. puzzle and
a nice picture
The hardest part was figuring which was the real thing
and which was the reflection 😂

I read my book inside and then out in the gazebo while Bill did more studying. He will write about what that is all about one day. 😊 He sure impresses me with his dedication and ability to retain the information he is absorbing. For supper, I baked coated chicken thighs, Brussel sprouts and corn. We each had a piece of pie left to top it all off.

Bill is hard at it
in the sun's rays 💓

Today, we reached a high temperature of 75F/24C and will only be dropping to 57F/14C overnight. May I say yet again – Yay! It has been a nice day all around and we have many things to be grateful for.

The chicken was done perfectly in 40 minutes
We watched Swamp People after supper.
Good night y'all!

Thank you for popping in, you are one of those ‘things’.


  1. Nice comfortable day. Wonder what Bill could be studying for. Only six days till you leave. Are you starting your trek home then?

  2. Enjoy your remaining weeks at the site.... Very pretty puzzle.

    God bless.

  3. I miss poker pool too. You don't give yourself enough credit. You play great!!

  4. Looks like Bill is studying for a pilot's license but I'm sure he already knows all the rules.

  5. I guess time is ticking down, isn't it? Glad you are getting some nice weather for a change.

  6. Whatever he is studying....that's a big book!