Sunday, March 19, 2023

Less Than Two Weeks, Home Chat, ‘Friendly’ Happy Hour

Park Place RV Park

Sunday, Mar. 19th brings on the short side of 2 weeks before we leave the park. With only 13 more nights here, we are seeing more and more of our friends heading off for home. The morning was pretty quiet, Bill noticed that it was too windy so didn’t go to the field at all. No one would have been there.

We weren't expecting much from the sky today
At least not in the way of sunshine
We were wrong as it turned into a lovely day

After Gibbs and I went for our walk, I packed up my rocks just in case we got the winds they were calling for. Then, I went to work on the puzzle. Susan joined me around 11:30 and we made a bit of progress. The good news is that while I was there, I saw Patti and Rick return home. He’s walking with a cane but the word is that things went well. So far. 😊 We’re very happy to have them both back.

The Oleanders are preparing to bloom

I called my son, Patrick, for a catch up chat this morning and he sounds good. It was nice to hear his voice. For lunch, I made us westerns on toasted buns and they were quite tasty. We haven’t had them for a while. 

Toasted Westerns - yum

Then, it was more puzzle for about an hour and a half before I returned to the Suite. Bill and I made ourselves a drink and went out to the gazebo with Gibbs. 

Coming together 

Dave and Cheryl arrived at 2:30 and we continued learning about each other and sharing stories as if we never parted.

Gin and Lime tonic water

We waited in the gazebo for our company

The winds were next to nothing and when the sun appeared, it was very hot in there. Hot means ‘perfect’ in layman’s terms to me. It was a great Happy Hour with our friends and this will be our last one with them this winter/spring. 

We have a lot of laughs
and a great time with these friends
from Canada

Bill obliged with the photo shoot

We wished them safe driving on their journey home when they pull out of their blm site. For supper, we had fish and chips but I swapped out my fries for squash. Some of you are screwing up your noses, I’m sure.

Supper was good

After clearing up the dishes, we all walked over to Kobus and Carol Ann’s to say goodbye. They leave for home tomorrow – slowly. They weren’t home but I left a painted rock on their step and around 7:30, they stopped by for that farewell. Gibbs was so excited to see them both and made a fool of himself just being silly. They love the little guy and Carol Ann will miss him.

Walking back from K & C's, the look of our
lighted up rv's caught my eye
Johnny and Rich's Bighorn
beside us 

We watched American Idol together and then Farmer Takes a Wife. It was still early so Magnum PI was also recording for us to watch. Turns out that Sunday’s are a busy tv night. 😊 This was a great day and it warmed up quite nicely to 72F/22C with a 35% chance of rain overnight.

Good night from the Q!

Thank you for visit too!


  1. Nice to read you were able to see Cheryl and Dave for on last Happy Hour this winter. Enjoy your last days at the park.

  2. Your gazebo is really nice. An extra room and Gibbs doesn't need to be on a leash. A good idea!

    1. Thank you. We do keep Gibbs onhis leash in there, he too easily can slip out under the zippered door!

  3. Nice to see Dave and Cheryl again, they are such fun folks.


  4. Cheryl and Dave are a fun couple. Glad I got to meet them before they took off. Also happy to hear Patti and Rick are back.

    1. Dave and Cheryl are a great couple.
      It sure is nice to have our managers back.

  5. Nice to get to see friends, and especially when the weather is nice. Enjoy your day.

  6. Boy is the time you leave ever getting close. I am glad the weather was nice and that you got another Happy Hour with your friends.

    God bless.

  7. Wishing you good weather as your time to leave is getting closer. Enjoy your days. Good to hear Rick and Patti are back. I hope his recovery goes well. Always nice to get together with friends.