Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Hump Day, Got a Walk In, Frustrating Puzzle, Birthday

Park Place RV Park

On Wednesday, Mar. 22nd we were all up by 7:15 and having our breakfast. Tea and a banana smoothie for me, cereal and coffee for Bill. Gibbs stuck to his water and kibble, although he didn’t eat much. I took him for our walk and then I sat to play my games. Bill got involved with registering his planes so around 9:30  I decided to walk to the Dollar General.

Gibbs and I played my online Wordle games 
while I had my tea
He was a huge help 💕
We all know 2 heads are better than one

I listened to my podcast on the way up and found a few things worthy of bringing home and walked back. 

There's the blue dot again
Pretty picture, huh?

It was a lovely walk with a lot of spring things happening. There were a few flowering bushes along the walk so I had to stop for pictures, of course. 😊 Back home, I could see that Coffee Hour was over so at 10:30, walked over to see what I could do on the puzzle.

Spring has sprung
I'll see this in bloom before we leave

Every where I looked, the bushes were coming
to life
Red, orange

I spent an hour and a half and found only 3 ‘sure’ pieces while Gerald practiced pool. I might have had more success if I’d played a game with him although he is very good so I doubt that! For lunch, I had a plate of meat, cheese, yogourt, avocado, olives and cottage cheese and then I went back over for another go. It was either going to keep me puzzling OR it was going to get packed up with me admitting defeat. I did find one of the pieces I thought was lost so that was good.

Yellow and purple

Gerald and Suz (who was on duty) played pool and for someone who says she hasn’t played for 20 years, she was very good. I’m glad I didn’t hop in for the challenge, again! 😊 At 3, I’d done enough and moved the puzzle and remaining pieces onto a sheet of Bristol board. Now the ‘kids’ can start another if they want to, I tried to leave them room. Who knows what I’ll do with it tomorrow?

Still trying to find the dark pieces that fit
The girls have given up on it, I guess

Back home, I had my tea and watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy before Gibbs and I went for our walk. The wind was a tad cool but short sleeves was all I needed. We reached a high of 66F/19C and the sky was blue with a few puffy white clouds. Lovely day. For supper, we had leftover hamburger helper with a vegetable making it an easy meal to prepare.

What a beautiful sky

Our afternoon walk
Not only are the Ocotillos greening up
they are in bloom on the other side of the fence 💓

Tonight, we watched Farmer Takes a Wife – it wasn’t on the other night after all – it was a rerun. We’re enjoying this program, the farmers are so humble even though some of the women are still drama queens, similar to the Bachelor choices. 😊 It’s entertainment. This has been an easy going day and the winds haven’t been too bad. Warmer days ahead and that is always nice to see. 

Supper was good
I really love the sprouts!

This morning we placed a call to our good friend, Colin, in B.C. to wish him a happy birthday. Unfortunately, he wasn't available to answer so we left him a very sweet singing message. 💘

Happy Birthday, Colin! 💘🎉🍰
Good night!

Thank you for the pop in.


  1. That is a sweet picture of you and Gibbs! Love the spring flower pictures.

  2. Gibbs is one smart cookie!! So funny ... Cooper hasn't been eating either. All those black puzzle pieces .... I hope you finish it before I get there! LOL

  3. Love the picture of Gibbs on your head! :) I don't know about that puzzle! haha. Happy Birthday Colin!

  4. Such a sweet picture of you and Gibbs. You both are adorable!

  5. That photo of you and Gibbs is adorable. I'm sure he's a big help!