Wednesday, March 1, 2023

What a Miserable Day! March Coming in Like a Lion? Avatar Sillyness

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On Wednesday, March 1st the day was a mystery when we first woke up. We’d paid attention to the forecast for today so expected another cool, wet, windy day. It was mild to start at 50F/10C and dry, so far, at 7:30. Gibbs had gone out with Bill with a little but not too much encouragement required. 😊 I had my tea, Bill had his coffee, and then I took Gibbs out for a walk.

Looking out our window to the east

I knew this sky wasn't hanging around but
it started nice
This is looking directly south

The sky was heavy with clouds in places, depending which way you looked, but the wind was quite chilly. Our concern today would be the gazebo. Wind AND rain meant keeping a close eye on it. Bottom line, it was a day to stay home and enjoy the warmth indoors, together. 

Gibbs fell in love with Stuffie
Stuffie was still stuffed here

Soon enough, Gibbs chewed a hole and
started pulling fibrefill out
I removed it and the squeaker
He still loves it.

This morning, I used Madame IP to make a batch of cream of asparagus soup. It looks yummy and passed the taste test when it was done.

The rain makes us doing funny things
Bill was playing with his Avatar on his phone
so........I had to
Hey! What are you doing up on the island, Missy?

Nevermind eyeing those bananas, either!
Get down here on my hand and listen to me. 
Next thing I knew, she was replacing me!
gotta have fun, don't we?

For lunch, though, we had canned tomato soup with crackers. Something warm and filling. I read and finished the book I started yesterday rather than venturing over to start a puzzle. 

I hope this is the last of the 'low sodium' soup 
we have
I used half water, half cream and added salt
while it was heating and it was much much better

I've been anxious to try these new
crackers and I love them!

This book was a surprise, I found it on the library shelf as it appeared to be calling my name. Written by Lilian Jackson Braun it is called The Cat Who Brought Down the House. It was a fun read and I couldn’t help but think of Bridgette’s Jack and Trinity while reading it.

I have a few strips prepared so I can
work steady without stopping for a while

Bill went upstairs early to watch some news and doze so I popped in the Alex Cross movie with Tyler Perry. It was good, action-packed and better than reading his book.  As I watched the movie, I worked on my corking. Gibbs slept with Bill.😊 For supper, I baked meatloaf, boiled a potato for Bill and some mixed veggies for the two of us to share. A good hearty meal, again, for another cool, damp day.

This was our day

The gazebo stood proudly all day

As the evening surrounded us, we discussed how March has seemingly come I like a lion. Superstitious? Let’s hope it goes out like a lamb. Actually, it looks like we may get some dryness and warmth for the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed. 

The meatloaf was a success
One of Bill's favourites 💖

An inside but very good day here in our home. I hope yours was just as nice. I hear back home, they had a lovely day – oh-oh – for them.

My name is on it, but Bill took this
picture of Gibbs sleeping behind me
His paw shows he is still the boss.
even in his slumber. 
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around.


  1. The cat who series are fun books.

  2. I think we are getting your storm now. Ugly wind and snow on the way. Hard to stay inside all day.

  3. I 've loved all the Cat Who books. I find them very calming and Koko is no joke, lol. Also, the Aunt Dimity books by Nancy Atherton are fun, mysteries to be solved, don'tcha know. Hope your weather improves.

  4. I've not heard of the book series - I'll have to check my local library.
    Glad your gazebo stayed in place. Our March came in like a lamb...I do hope it goes out like one too.

    1. I'll be looking for more too, a nice in between my detective mystery books. :)

  5. Windsor has been having a fairly mild winter compared to some of the past! We are really in awe of the Winter weather you are having in Arizona!

    1. Crazy winter for everyone, I believe. We're hoping next year will be back to normal down here at least! :)

  6. Your Avatar looks just like you! :) This weather is something else!

  7. Like Maebeme our March so far has been pretty good. Windy, but the sun is shining, the temperature isn't too bad either.

    God bless.