Friday, March 10, 2023

Rounding Up the Week, Parker for Shopping

Park Place RV Park

Friday, Mar. 10th we finish up another week. We were up by 7:30 and after a cup of tea and Bill had some cereal, we drove to Parker. Leaving nice and early was the plan to arrive before it got too busy at Walmart. It was a few minutes before 9 when we pulled into the lot of CVS where Bill wanted to get cash out of the AllPoints ATM. We’ll come back.

Lots of clouds this morning
but very warm

He dropped me at Walmart and I took care of getting the groceries on our list while he went back to Terrible’s to give Black Beauty another necessary washing.  Hopefully we won’t get rain this time and she’ll stay clean longer. 😉 Back home, after putting groceries away, we decided on grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. That was a nice change and they were very good.

The drive to Parker is so beautiful
with the purple and white flowers
along the highway
Sorry for the blur, we didn't stop

The mountains were hazy off in the distance

When Bill went up for a snooze, I walked over to the clubhouse to start a puzzle. Good news! The girls had started one either last night or this morning so I was able to just sit and dig in. It’s nice not to be the only one sorting border and turning the pieces over when there are others who work on it. As Bill said, if it was just me, I’d be doing that anyway. Smarty pants, he is. 😊

This was a delicious lunch
Melted cheese and onion - yum
Oh, not to forget the pickle

When Susan came back from lunch, she joined me in between keeping an eye on the office. Adele was doing laundry so also joined us between loads. At 3, I’d had enough and walked back home. I was feeling tired and although I tried to read outside, my eyes were too heavy. I went upstairs with Gibbs and turned the tv on for some mind-numbness, hoping to doze off. It didn’t work but I did rest.

This is the puzzle the girls started
Already, a border piece is missing 😌

It was going together pretty quickly though

For supper, neither of us had much energy or desire for anything substantial so a can of chicken noodle soup with cheese and crackers fit the bill and filled us easily. I had my tea along with. Yes, it warmed me up when it wasn’t necessary since it was very warm this afternoon. In the Suite, I think it was close to 80F/27C but a pleasant 73F/23C outdoors. The windows were open and the slight breeze was helping to cool us off.

This is the sky when Gibbs and I walked
around 3:30

We watched Fire Country and since I’d finished my book earlier, I started the next Michael Connelly book. This one is also a Harry Bosch story and called 9 Dragons. The last one was a puzzler until near the very end and I love those! He’s a rebel for sure!

Soup and crackers with cheese

Out our west window,
the sun was setting
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you don’t get buried in the snow or the flooding we’re hearing all about. Stay safe!


  1. You two kids are way too young to be napping during the day! It was warm here too, but only got to 76. Glad you enjoyed the day.

    1. Ha Speak for yourself!! Bill enjoys his afternoon naps and he obviously needs them! :)

  2. It is nice to have some warm days for sure. I thought the flowers along 95 on the way to and from Parker where really pretty.

    1. Those flowers have been improving each time we've gone, starting in December. ♥

  3. Right now lots of snow blowing around, piling up in odd corners. I am glad that you are having some warm days right now.

    God bless.

    1. Oh no, I hope you are cozy indoors and don't have to go anywhere tomorrow.

  4. Lots of flooding in my other town. Things go around yet again ... it used to do this in the 50's and 60's. Hoping I don't get wet. Love those puzzles. I think you could do them with one hand tied behind your back.

    1. Oh dear, I hope your property is okay with all that flooding. :( Thank you, you are my biggest puzzle fan!

  5. Sounds like a very pleasant day. As Jackie mentioned, we're geting snow and it is continually blowing. My neighbour across the street is losing the battle as he keeps coming out and clearing his driveway. I'm assuming he needs to be somewhere or is expecting company today.
    Enjoy the warmer weather!

    1. I hope you, like Jackie, are tucked inside nice and cozy. Stay safe and let it pass!

  6. Yeah the weather is something else everywhere! Cold and cloudy hear today. Nice to get grocery shopping done for a while. Going to be a cute puzzle!