Saturday, March 18, 2023

A Beautiful Summer, er Winter, Day!

Park Place RV Park

Bill and Gibbs started Saturday, Mar. 18th at 6:15 and the little guy must have had to go badly. He jumped off the bed with no encouragement and went out without hesitation. 😊 That’s why it is so hard to figure him out! Gibbs came back to bed with Mom and we lazed until 7 when I got up. My shadow followed me.

Good morning!

I had my tea and Bill left for the field shortly after 7:30. My chores (laundry) were done and the puzzle was finished so after taking Gibbs for his walk, at 8 I walked to the flying field to see the gang. Soon, Carol Ann and Kobus will be heading out for their slow trek home to B.C. as are the other Canadian fliers. I wanted to see Bill fly one last time as well as chat with the ladies a bit.

Woody had new hats made up for the
club members to purchase
Bill likes the large brim for
protection from the sun

It was a pleasant walk with my jacket on, facing the breeze from the northwest.  At the town park, on the corner, I saw the setup for the Buck Connors Western Days well in the throes. If we had another couple to go with, we might have gone this weekend but otherwise, we skipped the 2 day (?) event. I cut through Celia’s Rainbow Garden again, it is very special, so I took some pictures.

Approaching Celia's garden

I love these Saguaros

At the field, I chatted with Carol Ann, Vera and Darlene while the husbands flew and socialized. It is a nice group of people and although I don’t go often, I am very happy that Bill has such a nice bunch to hang with. 😊 

Some pictures of the garden

We stayed for a couple of hours and at 10 I hitched a ride home with my Sweetie. I wish it wasn’t as far as it is (even though it isn’t far at all) so Gibbs would walk that distance with me. He would stop part way and that’d be it.

a horse lover

the meaning is personal

We haven’t heard much about Rick, only that he was out of surgery at 4:30 yesterday so we still wait for the best outcome. Thank you all for your prayers. Also, for your congrats on Bridgette’s successes in her job. For the remainder of the morning, I painted more rocks and clear-coated them. After seeing Darlene’s, mine look very amateurish but at least I have fun painting them to fill in time here.

bowling balls
airplanes and roadrunners

We heard from our friends, Dave and Cheryl, who are back in the area for a few days. We’re happy to hear they’re coming for Happy Hour tomorrow afternoon. It will be great to see them before we all strike off for our homeland. 😊 For supper, we decided Bill’s bacon cheeseburgers tonight instead of tomorrow night. It looks like some weather (winds) will be moving in so it is a good decision. I also heard from our friends, Loree and Ron for a brief text-chat. Happy 8 month birthday to their fur baby, Reggie. 💓

It's time for the cacti to flower
Wand they're gorgeous!

Woody had to get his hugs in from the ladies
he's such a character 

Bill had a flight while I was there and it
was a very nice one 

Carol Ann and I walked back to the garden
where she showed me things I'd missed earlier
A home for painted rocks

This has been a great day. I enjoyed the walk; the painting and I even got my other Downton Abbey puzzle started. Gibbs and I went for our afternoon walk after my tea was done and we reached a lovely temperature of 72F/23C. I actually left the zipper up on my gazebo while in there, it was that warm!

My second D. A. puzzle
the pieces are very dark

Thank you for stopping by! Your comments are always welcome and appreciated. I do tend to ramble sometimes!ill wait for the best outcome. Thank you all for your prayers. Also, for your congrats on Bridgette’s successes in her job. I'm having difficulty with my Picasa app these days so my pictures will not have my 'signature' waterspot. It is indeed very frustrating!

Thank you for stopping by! Your comments are always welcome and appreciated. I do tend to ramble sometimes!



  1. Found a place to put one of rock masterpieces, I see. Long range selfies in the Saguaros. Nice touch.

  2. I think the painted rocks from your previous post were really nice! Bill looks great in his new hat.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I read every blog during my morning coffee and look forward to your daily adventures. Good luck on the trip home.

  4. You should deposit several of your rocks in Celia's garden. It's the perfect spot!!

    1. when I saw those that were donated, I decided that is where a lot of mine will go too. :)

  5. Celia definitely has an interesting garden. Very pretty!

    1. It is a very unique garden with many new additions each time I go.

  6. I like your rocks very much. You do a good job.