Monday, March 13, 2023

Just Over Two Weeks – Wow!

Park Place RV Park

On Monday, Mar. 13th Bill stayed up after taking Gibbs out at 6:30. I remained in bed and Gibbs and I slept until 7:15 before we got up. Lazy days and that will all change once we start back to work. The nice thing was that it was a lovely 61F/16C already at 7:30 and a warmer 67F/19C at 8 when Gibbs and I went for our walk. I didn’t need a jacket; a tank top and sandals and it was perfect. 😊

Good morning, sunshine!

At 9:15 I walked over to play pool with the ladies. Just 5 of us today, many great shots and many dud shots too. Those bad ones were blamed on the stick or the balls – never the handler. 😊 We sure have fun though and today I came in second with Adele. I walked home for lunch with Bill and then went out to the gazebo to paint a few more rocks.

A few of the lastest rocks

At 1:30 it was time to start a new puzzle and I had the room and puzzle to myself so got into the last 1000-piece one left in the big box. Around 3:30 it was time to wander back home. Bill had the news on and that makes it difficult to read in the same room so I took my book outside to the gazebo. It wasn’t as hot in there this afternoon as it was earlier so I enjoyed it.

Another pretty picture

We started prepping supper at 5. Tonight, it’s barbecued NY strip steak. There were 2 in the pack and they were about an inch thick so we decided to split one. I never eat a whole one and Bill is getting to that point too. He gets the bigger half. On the bbq we baked a couple of potatoes and I made a salad to go along with it all. Everything tasted great and it was awesome to have a big meal cooked at home.

We had a lot of programs tonight to watch so Bill had some set up for recording and we watched The Voice. It’s always fun watching Blake and Kelly banter back and forth. Bill’s oldest daughter called tonight for a long chat and it was great to hear from her too. We don’t expect family back home to know that Arizona does not change time with the daylight savings so now we are once again, 3 hours behind them.

My steak looks really small but it was enough
for me

This has been an awesome day, reaching 79F/26C again. Perfect! We are down to just over 2 weeks until we leave the park and start our journey home – slowly. Now that is hard to believe!

I found this sunset picture
from March 13, 2018
It was taken at Lucky Star Casino, El Reno, OK
Good night!

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful sunset picture. Beautifully painted rocks. Do you put them out for others to find or keep them in a collection? I don't like the time change. Makes Dolly feel further away. Loving these beautiful nights and days.

  2. At least we will get a few weeks of warm sunny weather before we all head home :-)

  3. Awesome sunset pic. Yes soon we shall all start our wheels in the homeward direction, the winter slipped by while I wasn’t looking.


  4. Time sure seems to fly by. So few days left before I head out too. It's interesting how we all became weather watchers. In the past, I never cared. Great looking dinner!!!

  5. Glad you are getting some nice weather before the wheels start turning again. Enjoy!

  6. Your rocks are too cute, my favorite is the dancing couple ! Glad you are getting the warmer weather! Hard to believe it's so soon you start heading home!

  7. The rocks are so cute. You did an awesome job. Drive back as slowly as you can. While it is warming up it will be awhile before it gets to be the warmth that you are now experiencing.

    God bless.

  8. My husband and I split our steak like that too. It seems weird after all those years we could both finish one off by ourselves. Maybe it has to do with getting older. The rocks are really cute.

  9. That sunset is amazing! Hope you drag spring kicking and screaming back with you. We've had just about enough of this winter b.s.!