Saturday, March 25, 2023

An Unscheduled Game, Puzzling with Nancy

Park Place RV Park

On Saturday, Mar. 25th the day was pretty normal to start. We had clear blue skies and the morning temperature was around 43F/6C. Bill put the furnace on for a couple of run throughs and once it warmed up inside, shut it off. He had nothing going on today so it was a resting day for him. 😊

Today's morning sky picture
Plus the blue dot

After my tea, Gibbs and I went for our walk around the outside park perimeter. The sun was warm and temps increased rapidly throughout the morning. I texted Nancy at 9:30 to let her know I was going to work on the puzzle and after making a coffee, I met her at the clubhouse. This one should be done after lunch, especially with both of us working at it. Susan joined in with a few pieces too.

Lunch was tasty but I should have had
more good fat as I was hungry mid afternoon

At noon, we parted ways after making plans to meet later for a game of poker pool. First, I finished the puzzle with the girls and then uncovered the pool table. Nancy and I started one of her puzzles and it looks like fun. We have one day to finish it! We were expecting Sheila to join us for a game, but she went somewhere with her hubby so it was Adele, Susan, Nancy and I for 2 ½ hours of play.

The last of the puzzles in 
the box of 10
All beautiful pictures and fun puzzles to work on

Nancy won’t be here to play on Monday so we thought this would be a good idea. Plus, I get an extra game in before we leave! I placed second behind Susan who wins 9/10 times but it was enough to give me a boost. 😊 The thing I seem to be lacking is my shooting power. My aim is not the greatest but it is the ‘punch’ at which I shoot that needs work. We all had fun and shortly after 4, went our separated ways again.

And this is Nancy's puzzle
Cute, huh?

This morning, I made a No-Bake pineapple cheesecake and after lunch took Nancy over a couple of pieces for her dessert. I also took half a doggie muffin over for Cooper. Back home after our game, I took Gibbs for his walk and then we sat with Bill to read. Bill finished James Patterson’s, The Red Book, and I made progress with mine, called Summer House. Another good J.P. story.

Smoked ribs - yummy!!

Nancy offered us some of her smoked pork ribs for supper. We reheated them on the Weber with sweet & sour sauce and inside I cooked a vegetable each with potatoes. It all tasted great, thank you Nancy, and our dessert was yummy as well. Easiest cheesecake I’ve ever made! After dishes, I wrote my blog and we had the tv on in the background. Not too much on tonight.

And a light delicious dessert
Good night everyone!

What a great day! Thank you for popping in.


  1. What a nice weather day and fun times with friends. Your cheesecake looks delicious.

  2. Super tasty, that cheesecake. It made my day ... thank you so much!!! It was so fun playing pool with everyone ... such a nice group of people to hang out with. That's what I love about my RV.

  3. So how do you make that cheesecake? Is there a recipe online?? Looks wonderful, and key word here is EASY.