Sunday, March 12, 2023

An Early Celebration, Another Special Birthday

Park Place RV Park

We woke up to a special day today and since the winds were non-existent and Bill had no more studying to do, he readied himself to go flying. It was an early departure, 7:30, and Gibbs and I were up and out the door soon after for his walk. Returning after he sniffed the neighbourhood, I headed out myself and after some indecision which way to go, I went around the large block and made it back for my tea.

A great day for a birthday

I had to decide whether to walk towards the south
(Main St)

or to the north (the flying field)
I went south

Around 9:30, I went over to work on the puzzle. Another small one so it wasn’t surprising that I had finished it by 11:30. Dora and Gerald were playing a couple of games of pool so that always entertains me. They are cute together, bantering with each other in between praising shots. Bill had returned by the time I got home and we had some lunch.

This is what I get when I say
"Do you want to go for a walk?"

We chatted with Charlotte and for once
Gibbs behaved very well
Usually hearing our caller's voice on speaker
makes him a little nutty for attention 💖

This afternoon is the park’s St. Patrick’s Day potluck and it wasn’t looking like a high attendance but still fun to participate. At 2:30, I began putting together 2 boxes of instant scalloped potatoes in Madame IP. Then we got changed. Of course, I found green things to wear, as usual and Bill even had a khaki coloured shirt. We were the only ones but that’s normal anywhere we go. I'm usually the odd man(woman) out.😊 

Another pretty picture

There were only 11 of us but the food was plentiful and quite variable. Salad, brown beans, spaghetti and sauce, scalloped potatoes, rice and stir fry, pulled beef and buns with cupcakes and cheesecake for dessert. 

The final stir before self serve

My plate full - yummy

I splurged on dessert

Our plates were full with just a taste of everything. 😊 Good stuff. We had interesting conversations with the two men at our table and were home with an empty pot shortly after 4.

Beautiful, still 77F at 5:30

The special day I mentioned in the title and beginning sentence is our little guy’s birthday. Gibbs is 2 years old today. No, I didn’t bake him a cake but if I’d not been busy this afternoon, I might have done that. I did look up a recipe for doggy cake. I read more of my book outside, that was the coolest place to be since the day had warmed up to79F/26C. Gibbs proudly wore his little tie today and he went for his afternoon walk with Momma at 5:30.

The birthday boy and I went for a walk
late in the afternoon

This was a great day in every way. Hearing from one of Bill’s daughters was a nice surprise too!

Happy 2nd Birthday Leroy Jethro Gibbs
He even got a new chew toy
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Happy Birthday to Gibbs! He's so cute.

  2. Oh my goodness ... that face!!! Happy Birthday pretty boy!!

  3. That is a handsome little birthday boy! A piece of that potluck dessert would have been a nice treat for Gibbs. I'm amazed at the amount of puzzles your park has to offer.

  4. Happy Birthday Gibbs! You've sure brought a lot of light and love into your "pawrents" lives.

    Potlucks are always interesting for the food, and good for the company.

  5. Happy Birthday you little cutie! Oh that potluck food looked yummy!

  6. Happy Birthday Gibbs a bit late. Love that tie.

    God bless.

  7. Happy birthday to the cutie potootie.

  8. Happy Birthday to that adorable face. He is so cute. He has brought a lot of love and fun into your lives.