Thursday, March 23, 2023

Almost the Win! Another Nice Day

Park Place RV Park

Bill, Gibbs and I slept in until almost 7 on Thursday, Mar. 23rd. That was a surprise to us adults. 😊 It was a bit cooler this morning so Bill flipped the furnace on for a run through and we went about our morning business. He showered and left for the field at 8. He didn’t go to fly, (although I'm sure they wish they did, it was so calm) but instead to help the few members load up speakers and to pack away chairs and tables for the summer season. It’s too hot to fly for those who stay here all year.

Good morning!

I took Gibbs for his walk, or visa versa, and then at 9:15 went to the clubhouse to join the ladies for one of my last pool games of the season. All things are wrapping up but I know there are a few ladies who will be here all summer and will still play. Today, there were 6 of us and Patti and I (usually the biggest losers) were in kahoots and managed to come in second! Yay! I was dealt really good cards for once!

In just over a week, the Arco diesel
has gone from $4.09 to $4.19 
to $4.35 to $4.45 and now down 
to $4.39. It needs to stay down. 

At noon, Bill and I had lunch and then we sat together both inside and out in the gazebo. Gibbs rang the bell that hangs on the door at one point so Bill took him out. He was obviously just playing games as he sat, then rolled onto his back for a Daddy tummy rub. I laughed from inside because he had no intent to piddle. Who’s the boss? 😊

Gibbs rings the bell to go out for a piddle
But really just wants to play with Daddy

For lunch, I had toasted keto bread
with natural peanut butter and sugar free
It's nice to eat bread without all the carbs

I stretched out on my lounge chair in the gazebo and read for a while with Gibbs dozing in between my legs. I told you that he gives us chuckles every day, didn’t I? 

Family time outside

Gibbs sleeps on my lounger with me

For supper, Bill grilled sausages and cooked baked potatoes on the Weber. Inside, I cooked pepper squash and mixed veggies. Yum, that was a nice meal and we had some ice cream for dessert after skipping it last night.

The clouds before the sun sets

We watched our Swamp People programs, first the gators and then the Burmese pythons. It’s crazy the risks they take but fun to watch from our comfortable chairs. Today, we’ve touched base with friends, Judy and Gary, who have been in Mexico with my sister for the winter. They will be in the Q at some point for a meet up and yesterday, we heard from our friends, Lori and Roland, for one more meal out.

I hope this little character never changes

Tomorrow, we will be seeing our friend, Nancy, again so there will definitely be some good visits in there too. It’s all good but it does mean saying a few more goodbyes as well. This has been a warm day, reaching 68F/20C under sunny skies. The white fluffy clouds were an accent, making for lovely pictures. 😊

Supper was delicious
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in!


  1. So cute the way Gibbs sits on his little but, instead of his legs. That gazebo has been a nice addition to your living space.

  2. I like how Gibbs poses for his pictures. Such a cutie.

  3. What? Someone rolls on the ground playing with the puppy besides me? Yes, we know who rules in these two houses!!

  4. Funny Gibbs, he definitely is the boss! I can see how the gazebo will be much enjoyed at the Ridge too.

    1. Yes, he is! ha ha
      We're debating whether to put the gazebo up with the strong winds on the Ridge. Just for special events maybe, I'd be pretty worried about it when we're off working.

  5. Can you blame Gibbs for wanting to go out when the sun shines so nice. Have fun with all your visitors. We hope to get to one of those get-togethers again and look forward to that.

    1. Ha ha, definitely no blame from me! :) Thank you, we will enjoy the visits. We sure do hope you come back to the Ridge again!

  6. Don't you love the Keto bread? No guilt! LOL. We especially love the seeded. Expensive yes, but worth it. :) Darn gas and diesel prices! Love Gibbs facial expressions!

    1. I really do! I bought the seeded as well. :) I eat so little of it that I don't even mind the price.
      The fuel prices are ridiculous and we hope they staty put or drop lower.

  7. I just love the way Gibbs sits. So cute.

    God bless.

  8. I'll soon be ready to welcome you home!