Friday, March 31, 2023

Last Day and Last Post from Park Place

Park Place RV Park

Friday, Mar. 31st was go-go-go from the ‘get-go’.😊  Bill and Gibbs were up at 6:20 and at 6:35, I was up and making the bed. Bill was partially surprised but then remembered we were doing laundry this morning. We sorted 2 loads and I walked over with the basket before 7 and let myself in. Back and forth, having my tea and taking Gibbs for his walk, I worked away at the job.

Good morning
Hey, the blue dot is on the
Plomosa Mountains!

Bill left around 8 and had a few errands to run, plus since it was a calm morning, he wanted to see if there were any fliers at the field. After putting my clothes away, I sat with Gibbs and had a cup of coffee while waiting for my sweetie to return. We had lunch, mine was a salmon sandwich on keto bread, Bill’s was his typical peanut butter and cheese sandwich.

We had a tired little boy today

Sheila did her best to start a group text with all of us players and through that, we agreed to an afternoon pool game. We met at 2:30 and played until 4:30. There were 6 of us again and I didn’t do too badly, coming in 3rd with Susan. That makes me feel pretty good she is our best player. 😊 A couple more hugs and a cute little gift from Sheila. Patti walked back with me to give Bill a hug goodbye as well. She says all the right things to make us feel welcome and I hope we said all the right things to her about how much we appreciate her.

In the clubhouse library,
these signs are all over the walls
How did I not notice them before
The first one here is for my friend, Lori D ♥
The last one is for my daughter, Bridgette. ♥

I love them all

For supper, Bill and I had scrambled eggs and mini sausages with some French bread from Roadrunner Market. We have quite a few eggs to eat up so will b having them a lot over the next 2 weeks. We loaded the dishwasher and although Gibbs and I didn’t get out for an afternoon walk, he was outside with Bill for a fair bit this afternoon.

The sky didn't let me down

With a quiet evening ahead of us, things were all packed up except for the finalizing of shelf bars for cupboards and the fridge. It won’t take long to do the finishing touches in the morning. 

Sheila gave me a jar of sweet little
Jelly beans for our trip
and for Easter ♥

This has been a lovely warm day. We reached a high of 72F/23C and the low tonight will only reach 50F/10C so that will be pleasant for sleeping with a window open.

An unusual supper but a good one
Good night y'all from Park Place RV Park

Thank you for popping by. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Traveling blessings to you. Hope your trip home is enjoyable!
    Regarding the Shingles pills, you didn’t tell me their name🤭
    Hoping to be able to pass the name on. Thanks so much.
    Linda a.

  2. Safe trip home Bill, Patsy and Gibbs!

  3. I loved those posters, a nice addition to the library room. Safe journeying.

  4. Safe travels tomorrow sis! Weird...our low temp last night was 9C. Not bad for Mid western Ontario in March!

  5. Safe travels ... it's weird, the weather always seems to get nice the day I leave! Give Gibbs a squinch for me!

  6. Safe travels to you!
    Don't rush the weather here is up and down!

  7. Safe travels guys.

  8. I love the library signs! Safe travels today as you start your trip home. I haven't spoken to anyone coming into BC that has been asked about eggs but of course Ontario could be different. The night before we cross I hard boil any extra eggs so they don't get taken away.

  9. Hope your travels are safe and full of joy.

    God bless.

  10. Beautiful day. Safe travels.

  11. Blessings for safe travel. Looking forward to hearing about your trip home.

  12. We'll miss you...see you in November