Tuesday, March 7, 2023

A Beautiful Day, A Handsome Boy

Park Place RV Park

On Tuesday, Mar. 7th Bill was surprised when Gibbs jumped off the bed at 6:30 and went straight for the door. Bill finished getting dressed and quickly took him out. See, the thing is this. Last night, when I went to bed at 9:30, rather than Gibbs wanting to go out and piddle, he came up with me. He slept all night from 6:30 so really, really had to go! Let’s hope he remembers that each morning. 😊

Only the towels and bath mat on the left
are mine.
This lady had a LOT of dirty laundry. 

Bill left for the field after we sorted laundry together. When I walked over at 7:30 to the laundry room, our neighbour was unloading 6, count ‘em, 6 overstuffed bags of dirty laundry. Oh no! I was in first but only took one washing machine. It meant a longer time for me, and undoubtedly her, but it was fair. I hung the towels and mats on the line plus a few t-shirts, when they didn’t dry well, and walked home.

Gibbs getting his hair and teeth
brushed for his appointment
In case you can see it, he's holding one of his
hair brushes in his mouth

Then we went for a walk

Bill had just returned from the field a few minutes ahead of my return. It was an overcast morning but we knew it would be a warm day regardless. Gibbs had an appointment with Tara at 1 pm for his grooming and he was ready, all ready feeling the heat in his shaggy attire. 😊 We decided to take him and then go out for lunch. Mountain Quail Café was the choice.

This is the puzzle I chose

We were seated relatively soon and ordered right away. We each ordered a burger and my Swiss and Mushroom burger was delicious! I had onion rings on the side and had to bring four home that I didn’t have room for. I had started a puzzle while doing the wash, so went back over while Bill had a snooze. It’s a 1000 pc. puzzle, another one from the large box.

This is how far I got before lunchtime
I forgot to get a later picture with my

Gibbs wasn’t ready to come home until after 4:30 which was an incredibly long time for the little guy. We drove over in the hopes that maybe Tara had forgot to call us and still had to wait for another 20 minutes. Her price was down and a

although her assistant didn’t seem to have relayed our desires about a clean face cut, he looks good. Neither of us is crazy about how long it takes.

I didn't need all this lettuce but the burger and
rings were delicious! 

Since we had a big lunch, no real supper was required so Bill had cheese and crackers and I had my onion rings with a piece of pumpkin pie from the freezer. Yum to both. Gibbs had quite an ordeal today and dozed on and off throughout the evening but he did eat all of his supper. 😊

It turned into a beauty of a day

This has been a pleasant day and by mid-afternoon, the clouds were gone and we reached a high of 70F/21C. It’s up and up from here on in.

Here's our handsome guy in his little tie 💕💕
Good night!
Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Gibbs and Archie are looking great!! Funny how we got our dogs done a day apart!!

  2. Mr. Gibbs looks right spiffy!! That's another reason I clip Cooper myself. I don't know why they take so long!! Good idea though, with warmer weather coming up. That burger ... YUM!!

    1. Back home, Kate does him in 2 hours flat and perfectly. Mind you it's around 75$ but still, she schedules better than down here.

  3. Looking good Gibbs! That was quite the day for him.
    Enjoy your day!

  4. Gibbs knows he looks so handsome.

  5. Gibbs looks very handsome. Now he won't feel the heat as much.

    God bless.