Sunday, March 31, 2024

Birthdays, Happy Hour, Goodbye Hugs

Park Place RV Park

It was obviously cooler on Easter Sunday, Mar. 31st when we got up. Nothing surprising, we’d been paying attention to the overnight temps. There was rain in the forecast and although I didn’t hear it after I went to bed at 10:30, Bill said it did make an appearance. 😊 He wasn’t long coming up after I was settled and because I didn’t hear him, I was surprised that he was in bed beside me!

Good morning!

We didn’t have much planned for today, other than laundry, last minute packing and a bit of cooking. We had our morning drinks together and I went back and forth getting our clothes cleaned. It would be the last washing until we get home. Throughout the course of the day, Bill went about getting the water jug filled, folding and packing the mat, Gibbs’ outside bed, the bbq and eventually our chairs. He found room for everything. I brought the hummer feeder and my twirly-jig from Mike and Mae in for storage.

There is just something about how this picture
turned out, that makes me love it!
That cloud is just hanging there.

I vacuumed and dusted inside, taking advantage of Gibbs being out of the Suite. He doesn’t like that scary monster so he was happy to be out of reach. We had lunch, just sandwiches today, and I had the bread maker mix the dough for my dinner rolls. I debated, because of the carbs, but I love them and will enjoy having them for lunches and with dinner on the journey home. I could freeze half of them so they last longer. 😊 They are my favourite thing the bread maker does! (so far)

They have obliging doubled in size,
ready for the oven.

Before baking them, Bill and I popped down to visit Sheila and Randy (& little Benji) for Happy Hour. We took our drinks and a couple of pieces of cheesecake pie for a ‘house warming gift’ since I had nothing else to give them. I wish I'd taken a picture. When we returned home, after goodbye hugs, I popped the rolls into the oven, they’d risen perfectly in my absence, and put the roast into Madame IP. Gibbs and I got out for our walk and we managed to give goodbye hugs to Dora and Susan on the round trip around the park. 😊

The sky when Gibbs and I walked

Depending where you looked, east, west, north, south,
you might see some blue sky.
We also heard a loud grumble of thunder from
a large black cloud overhead.

The rolls were done when we got home and boy do they look and smell delicious! For supper, we had roast beef, asparagus, corn and potato salad. I saved the broth for gravy for another night. We’ll have leftovers for a few nights eating and that was the plan. I opted not to make stew or chili for this homeward journey, we wanted to just wing it this time. 

I broke them apart and we HAD to have one each
for supper. Soooo good and that's bad. Ha ha.

In the morning, I’ll finish putting things away inside, Bill will dump tanks and disconnect things. A quick pop into the office to pay our electric bill and then we’ll be on our way. Today, we wish my little sister, Wendy, and my high school friend, Ruth, a very Happy Birthday. Miles apart but both being thought of today. 💖🎂

A strange gathering out our north window.
Clouds can be beautiful, with a performance all their own.

Supper was good but the eye of the round roast
disappointed me. Might have to get creative to get
a nice meal out of the leftovers.
The rolls and salad were the best!

This was a good day. We are anxious to go but sad to leave. We had a cooler 66F/19C (although it felt cooler) strong winds at times and some rain starting around 7:30. 

A cute picture of Wendy from a few years ago
with Jack White. In the flesh. 💘
Happy Birthday, little sis!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. Blessings for a safe and happy Journey great visiting with you today and will enjoy catching up periodically I love you my friend stay well... Sheila

    1. Thank you Sheila. We had a great time today with you and Randy. Lots of laughs and great conversation. Thanks for the Happy Hour! We will stay in touch. I love you too Sheila.

  2. May you be given lovely surprises along your homeward journey, Mary

  3. Safe travels back home….

  4. Safe travels! Hope the weather is fair and the roads are smooth.

  5. Oh my. Those rolls are beautiful. I can make a meal of just the rolls and butter. Of course Jerry would want a proper meal. Enjoy the trip home!

    1. Thank you, I could do the same with the rolls but my tummy would show it!! :)


  6. Safe travels. Hope you blog about it so we can enjoy the trip home too. Becky

  7. I hope your travel home is safe and that you enjoy the route you choose.

    God bless.

  8. Those rolls look yummy and will be a nice treat on your journey home. Safe travels!