Tuesday, May 28, 2024

A Ful-Filling Day

The Ridge

On Tuesday, may 28th we were all up before 7. Bill was getting ready for work when I came downstairs. He made my tea and we exchanged places in the bathroom. Me out and him in. 😉 I was ready before him so said my goodbyes and left for town in Ptooties at 7:15 arriving at the Mat at 7:30. The place was quiet but messy. Oh my! People that can’t pick up after themselves!

Good morning!
this was my first picture of the day.
With Moo Cow in his mouth, her horns
are perfectly placed around Gibbs' nose. 
What a character!

I walked around cleaning up dryer sheets, Kleenexes, and the remnants of a blue blanket of some kind. LOL I took the broom and did a sweep before I started my routine. Yes, talking to myself the whole time – grumbling is more like it – “People!” Oh well, it’s a job and it was so dirty as it was ‘messy’ as I said above. One of the machines was quite dirty so I just ran it through a cycle to clean it out.

I have no words...........
I used them all up while I was cleaning this mess up.

I was on my way home, after dropping a book around the corner at the ‘Little Box Library’, by 8:30. On my return, I stopped and emptied Robin’s mailbox, they get a lot of real mail. It was a cloudy morning with heavy clouds hanging all around but by the time I drove home, fog had rolled in again. Strange weather but I guess to be expected with the highs, then lows, rain, then more highs and lows.

That's a few days in a row of this fog
that appears after sunrise for a short while. 

I had some steel cut oatmeal for breakfast and then I hung around with Gibbs for the rest of the morning. I tried to follow a pattern, I’d followed before, for slippers and gave up, frustrated. I need bigger crochet hooks since I’ve lost all of mine somewhere. I packed a small baggie with low carb crisps, almonds and cashews and left Gibbs in charge at 12:10. I drove to town to meet Donna. She had a follow-up appointment in Owen Sound and asked me to go along. 😊

Some day's it is hard to leave this
💓 stealer behind.

I weighed him today

We should change his name to Chunk.
27.8 pounds! 😂

The sky was clearing out a bit but it was still a tad on the cool side. We each took a jacket. Her appointment was for 1:40 and although she was late getting in, we were together waiting and in with the doctor and his assistant. We met with our other sister, Gayle, after her eye appointment and it seems like we left, separately from her and John, within minutes of each other. Donna and I drove to Walmart where I picked up a few items, including bird seed, and then to the Mission Store.

Some strange heavy clouds when we
entered Walmart

I found 3 things there that I couldn’t live without, one being the perfect size table cloth for our newly refinished dining table. A steal at $1.25. 😊 

it fits the well-used part of our
rv table perfectly.

Donna and I said goodbye in Durham where I left Ptooties and I drove home, just minutes (5) ahead of Bill. He’d stopped on his way home with Black Beauty to get a bladder of water for the Suite. He enjoyed driving BB as much as I enjoyed having my SUV.

Waiting for Daddy to come in for supper.

We had supper of pork kabobs, fried potatoes for Bill and a vegetable for each. The kabobs were okay, air fried but we agreed not to buy them again. After the next meal with them, they will be all gone. Neither of us were keen on the flavour. 

Supper was okay tonight.
It filled us. 😄

Bill made his egg salad sandwich for lunch and then sat to reconcile our bank statement. It was a good day, although on the cool side, only 15C/60F and a cooler one tomorrow.  

There might be a pretty sunset tonight.
I'm too tired to wait for it so you may
see it in the morning!
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Nice looking Table Cover to protect Bill's hard work.
    Looks like you had a dryer day than we had, and the forecast is showing the same for tomorrow.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick, it was the perfect size too! Saved me from sewing one.

  2. Those clouds definitely looked threatening. Glad nothing came of it.
    Gibbs certainly knows how to pull at your heart strings. What a cutie.

    1. They did look worse than we got for sure! Phew! Yes, Gibbs certainly does that. ♥

  3. So SO hard to leave our kids at home!! You know they think we are NEVER coming back. The Mat is like our Bingo bathroom. Do people do this at THEIR house?????

    1. The looks in there eyes makes you wonder - do they know I'll be back?
      People can sure be messy when it isn't their mess to clean up. LOL