Friday, May 24, 2024

Oh, What a Feeling! Birthday Wishes

The Ridge

On Friday, May 24th it was 6:30 when I first woke. Gibbs and Bill had already been up and our little scruffy mutt was back asleep beside me. Bill was downstairs having his breakfast. Last night, I decided that I wouldn’t be going to clean the Mat until 10 since that was when Gibbs’ groom appointment was. No point in making two trips this morning.

Good morning!
Gibbs and I headed into town
noticing that the oil truck has covered
the gravel. Thank you, the dust was bad.

After we made a phone call to Bill's oldest daughter, Yvonne, to wish her a happy birthday, Bill left at 7:30. I finished my tea and got washed and dressed too. No time like the present to get the vacuum out, the floors were in need of attention. Tiny stones, gravel and grass clippings are underfoot. Drives me nuts! Gibbs managed to stay out of the way, jumping from chair to couch to steps to bed etc. until I finished all areas. That looks better! I played my online Wordle games and by 9:30, I was ready to go.

Happy Birthday, Yvonne!

We left the Ridge around 9:40 and I drove straight to the Mat and left Black Beauty in the lot while we walked the half block to Bath and Biscuit. Kate was ready and waiting for Gibbs. We love the job she does, each and every time, but my goodness her prices are shocking. We figure since we can’t do all she does, it is worth it and he certainly is! She only took 90 minutes today which saved me driving home again. It is usually 2 hours.

Tadah! I wasn't going to include the pix on the left
but he looks like he is in such bliss, I had to. ♥♥

I finished cleaning, chatting with a couple of customers to put in time and then walked back. He was ready and waiting patiently. Our new doggie must be feeling such a wonderful s relief. He probably lost a couple of pounds! We drove to the Water Store where I filled our 5-gallon jug and then home where Gibbs wasted no time running around the ridge like a little fool. I just laughed at his antics, which reminded me of our first day home this spring.

A tasty salad plate

I didn’t have anything else planned today but it was noon, so made a ham and cheese salad plate. It hit the spot and then I moved my gravity/reclining lawn chair and round table into the tent shelter. No more bug bites for me today! It was lovely in there but without Moo Cow, Gibbs opted to stay indoors. We don’t let MC come outside. I relaxed in my chair and enjoyed the heat and the peacefulness. Only that was interrupted by the many bird songs but I love it. 😊

I won't say that I didn't doze out here,
because I know I did. I'm glad Gibbs was indoors.
I was so relaxed!

Around 3:30, Gibbs came out and I went into the Bunky to paint a few rocks. Nothing is finished but base coats. Gibbs stayed just outside the door in the shade and never moved very far. He is feeling quite content. We walked down to get the mail, and he is getting used to that routine, and while down there, I transplanted some of my phlox in the gate garden. It adds some colour and should do fine.

I'm getting the look
"another picture, Mom?"

Bill was home shortly after 4:30, which was nice on a Friday, and Gibbs and I were waiting in the tent for him. Daddy’s home, Daddy’s home! He gets so excited and has to get over there to greet him before he runs back to let me know. Where would I be without him? Bill hopped on the mower to cut the berm, corral and hill up to the area I cut. I sat in the tent with Gibbs with my book. It is a good little story.

Let's get the mail, Gibbs.
He walks beside me - sometimes.
When he was very young, this orange stripe
was very prominent down his back. Now it is
mostly only visible after a hair cut. 

I fell off the keto wagon tonight and had a toasted bacon, cheese and tomato sandwich with Bill. My slices of the sour dough bread were small but delicious! To make it worse, we each had some of the raspberry rhubarb crisp for dessert. I avoided as much of the topping as possible and added some 18% cream to ‘sweeten’ the deal with sweetening it – you know? 😊

Sitting in the shade, waiting for Daddy to
cut grass.

Bill was going to do some weed-trimming but after sitting for our meal, he was fading fast. After work, I never encourage him to do anything else around here but pleasure stuff but he is who he is and likes to get done what he can before the rain. Rain, yes, more coming again tomorrow. Our temperatures are also dropping again for a few days this coming week so we’ll enjoy it while we can. Maybe things will be different after June arrives next weekend? Hah!

Sour dough toast is good!
Good thing I keep it in the freezer so
I'm not tempted. Back on the wagon tomorrow.

This was a good day, sunny skies and a high of 21C/70F.  No complaints! Robin sent my pay for yesterday and the food items so that adds to my savings account. She said she is very happy we met (a couple of years ago at her yard sales) so I know I am appreciated in more ways than one. 😊 That is a good feeling.

Here is another laugh for you if you've ever been
frustrated with your sewing machine. This past winter I was.
I have called to take it in so when my girlfriend posted
this on FB today, it was perfect timing! 😀😂

Good night!

Thank you for popping by!


  1. Wonderful blog! A Birthday! and a hair cut for Gibbs! Love the view from your chair outside-very pretty and relaxing. OH BOY you got "the look" from your handsome boy!

  2. Looking good, Mr. Gibbs! Patti

    1. And feeling much cooler too. Of course, the weather changed again. Only mid 60's this week coming. Lol

  3. I'm sure Gibbs is enjoying his summer hair cut. Your tent is a wonderful way to spend time outdoors in the fresh air without suffering as much from the darned bugs.
    My sewing machine has been packed away for quite some time, but I know those looks in the meme. :)

  4. Ha!!! That looks just like ME at my sewing machine!! Happy Birthday Yvonne!! Mr. Gibbs looks quite handsome!!

  5. That screened gazebo sure comes handy many times, I'm sure. Gibbs looks like a different dog, so skinny without all that fur but cute never the less :-)