Saturday, May 18, 2024

A Whirly-Jig of a Day!

The Ridge

On Saturday, May 18th there didn’t seem to be any ‘rest for the wicked’ – some self-inflicted. 😊 We did sleep in a bit though, it was 7:15 when we got up out of bed. Bill and Gibbs had their early run at 6 so it was nice they could come back for a bit more sleep. We sorted the dirty laundry into two piles and Bill carried the basket out to Ptooties for me. My day began.

Good morning but first........
last night's sky and sunset


I arrived at the Mat at 7:45 and only one customer was doing their laundry at the same time. When I finished, I drove over to Foodland to pick up some tomatoes for lunches and some wrapped candies for Robin. She puts them out in a couple of dishes around her bnb, as well as snack bars and bottles of water. She is a good hostess. I’d informed her yesterday that the dish was almost empty and could help by picking some up today.

it was a foggy start to the day

Bill had stopped in at the Mat just to see how I was coming along when he came in to town to fill a gas can. He was mowing when I returned to the Ridge and Gibbs came part way down to greet me. He is much better with our vehicles now, as long as we enter slowly. Then he had to run to tell Daddy that Mom had come home. While he cut, I hung the clothes on the line and at 10:30 came in to make myself a salad plate with ham, cheese and tomato. It was filling and quite good.

Sometimes, we get little reminders
to just slow down and appreciate.
Water drops on the island. πŸ’—

I packed some almonds in a baggie and a banana to take along and after telling Bill about the tomatoes, left for Williamsford. 

My drive down the country road.
Do you see a pattern here?
Is that a πŸ’— cloud?

Guests are to leave by 11 so I aimed for 11:30 to go in and clean. A snafu was afoot though when the guests were still there with their stuff, food included. No vehicle but when they returned, I was waiting. They misunderstood and thought they were booked for a second night. Robin had to communicate by phone and explained the error, his not hers.

Passing by The Ferns golf course

I arrived at the Air bnb to an empty driveway
only to find many personal items. Woops!

So, I backed out and drove around the corner
until they returned.

They packed up while I drove around town to give them time and they were ready to leave when I came back 30 minutes later. It was a Dad and his 2 daughters, very nice and apologetic for their misunderstanding. I did not need him to apologize to me and Robin paid for my extra wait time. They love the place and will return often. While biding my time, I found a nice young entrepreneur around the corner selling vegetable plants so gave him his very first sale – ever! 😊 He was nervous, he said, but did very well.

Okay, meet Mason.  Those are HIS plants,
home grown either over the winter or in HIS greenhouse
from seed. πŸ’“
He was adorable so I spent $15 - today. 
I'll see him again, I'm sure. 
Those are crab apple trees in the big pots.

I had the house clean by 1:15 and drove back to Durham with one more stop at Foodland for more snack bars. When I got home, I reported my hours and the food cost to Robin as she requested. She has overnight guests again tonight (hence the reason the young family could not stay) and my ‘fill-in’ will be cleaning after they leave tomorrow. Bill and I have plans for the day.

My spring planting will soon begin.

He was just finished the lawn cutting and weed trimming when I got home so we discussed a bike ride today. Yes! Jazz was excited and so was I. The weather was perfect, with a nice balance of sun and clouds and a lovely high of 24C/75F this afternoon. I put up our tent shelter since the winds were going to be mild and the grass was cut for a few days. It is easy to erect and perhaps will be a nice outdoor place to sit – free of flies. They seem to be lessening each day but I also still find new bites each day.

A little bit of shelter from the flies
and sun, if you need it.

Our bike ride was 2 ½ hours with a 20-minute break at the job site where Bill works every day. It was nice to see Gerry there, his two brothers (one of which bought the property) and Mike (the boss). I got a tour of the inside of the 1977 pre-fab home in its skeletal state. It was gutted and Mike’s crew are redoing the whole house. It will be nice when finished but I didn’t get any pictures.

Yum, even with no bun, the burger
was delicious!! Yum (again)

We were on our way home before 4:30. We decided not to eat out so Bill fired up the Weber and we had the best burgers around. Mine without a bun and I still couldn’t stop moaning about the taste. Saved ourselves some $ too! After clean up, I worked on my blog and Bill wrapped someone’s birthday present. I can’t say enough about this day. It was a go-go-go day from start to finish and I enjoyed the push. It makes a calmer day that much sweeter.

One of Robin's personal touches.
Keep the dishes filled. 😍
Good night!

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  1. You did have a very busy day. Hmmm, wonder whose gift Bill is wrapping???? LOL

    God bless.

  2. They now have those burgers with vidalia onions mixed in. Really nice you supported the young man. Sounds like a fun day.

    1. Yes, it was. Mason was a good salesman and and he had to do was smile like that!

  3. Busy day and then a bike ride! YEA! :) Yup, need more candy for that dish!
    Like the golf course picture! When younger I thought that would be a great place to live --- lots of green grass and I didn't have to mow it !! WIN WIN

    1. I'm so glad we had the ride while we could. Yes, a golf course home..........hmm. far away from the balls though. :)

  4. Who is Jazz? Are your bikes pedalled or are they
    motorized? Neat that
    you were Mason's first
    customer. Rest well when you do,-Mary

  5. Love that you helped the little gardener make a sale :-) If its a nice summer, the bnb could keep you busy in addition to your other job. Great that you got to enjoy your bike ride and the weather cooperated.

    1. Thank you Marlene, anyone would be hard pressed to pass Mason without a purchase.

  6. What a cute little gardener! His plants look very healthy and based on your cost, I'd say priced very well. I was looking at tomato plants the other day - they wanted $22 each! I'm regretting not starting my own this year.
    Enjoy your day!

    1. Isn't he though? I wasn't sure if it was a good price since I hadn't looked yet this year but it was worth it to see his smile. ♥