Wednesday, May 22, 2024

A Run Around Morning, Stormy?

The Ridge

On Wednesday, May 22nd I woke up to the hump day with fresh air in my face. It was a great night for sleeping with my little window open. Bill was downstairs preparing for work and since I had to clean the Mat, I got up before 7. We take turns bobbing in and out of the bathroom, that is our usual dance, but this morning he was finished up there. 😊

Last night's sundown

He made my tea for me and I was out the door just a minute or two ahead of him. Gibbs got his ‘look after the house treat’ so he was happy. There was a new customer doing her laundry and she was just washing her clothes. It wasn’t more than 15 minutes and she was on her way. M had given me his 2 comforters yesterday so I popped them in two machines while I cleaned.

A visitor in the laneway today
Every year we have one or two (or three) of these Snappers

The Mat was wasn’t too bad again today, which makes me wonder how many are actually using the laundromat. I did have to pick up stuff off the floor before I did anything, and mop up a large puddle at the sink, but generally, it was an easy clean. When you have an absent boss, you can’t help but wonder if he has any idea what kind of a job you’re doing. I guess, if he was getting complaints, he’d look into it.

A walk down our pretty lane

I left there and drove straight home. My plan was to count the beer cans, and bottles for returning and head back to town. I sat with Gibbs for almost an hour, changed and after dropping M’s blankets off, hit the Beer Store. That was an easy $4.50 and it frees up some space in the Bunky too. 😊 From there, I drove to Hanover to get groceries at Walmart. I did stop at Dollarama first and then checked the vegetable plants at Giant Tiger and Independent.

One main reason I love hostas.........
most places you 'plop' them, they thrive.

Neither place satisfied me, GT prices were very good but they only had hot peppers and cherry tomato plants. Independent Grocers in the same lot had ridiculous prices and only cherry tomato, jalapeno and ‘hot’ pepper plants (same thing?) on the shelves. I wasn’t going to pay $25 for 5 plants or $9 per plant in a bigger pot. I’ll go back and see if Mason is still in business tomorrow, since I’ll be cleaning again.

It is getting harder to see the pond water
from our window

I picked up what we needed to the tune of $160 and a few things for Robin’s bnb before heading for home. It is a very warm day although windy with a storm in the forecast later. By the time I got home, I was hot, tired, and hungry. It was 12:30. Shopping is easy, it’s the loading and unloading that gets me. Oh, I did stop at Robin’s on the way out and watered her plants at her house and then on the way home, I noticed her flag up on the mail box so stopped and emptied that.

My next book. Only one chapter in
so we'll see what it's like.
A change before I get back into my mysteries.

On her property, is a very bushy lilac bush and although the flowers are starting to fade, I picked a few and then on the highway home, stopped to pick some white ones as well. The smell is wonderful. We need to get our hands on one for up here on the Ridge. 😊 We had a beautiful one at our sticks and bricks home in the city and we both miss it. It had dark purple flower bunches.

My second favourite flower

After lunch, I had 2 of my dinner rolls made into tomato sandwiches, Gibbs and I sat together. The clouds appeared threatening so we took a chance at 2:45 and bee-lined to check our own mail box. Just a hardware flyer and we made a dash back to the Suite. Gibbs beat me up the hill, as if I needed to tell you that. 😊 It didn’t rain more than 25 drops but it got really dark all around us and really windy.

Gibbs and I stayed indoors while this went on outside.

I left windows and the outside door open throughout and it went all around us before moving from the south to the east. Good bye! We’ve had enough rain, the 5-gallon pail is now full from Monday nights rain. I’ll bet our rain barrel is too. We need to get that hand pump working since Bill and Duncan had no success with the pump system from the pond. Hopefully, we can figure that out soon.

The day ended like this but
there is no guarantee that the storms are done.

Bill was home by 5:30 and this morning he’d suggested burgers for supper. Since the sun is making an appearance now, I’m sure that is what we’ll do. Not only is it sunny, it is very humid, already. Seems we can’t get one without the other and that’s good old Ontari-ar-io! We’re used to it. 😊 

Messy but sooo good.
and no bun.

The burgers were good and mine was extra messy. Just so you know, Nancy, it took 3 or 4 pieces of lettuce to wrap around mine. Still tasted delicious though.

Tired out from protecting the household

We’ll sit tonight and watch the finale of The Voice together. We have 3 out of the remaining 5 that we would be happy to win. Fingers crossed! This has been a fruitful day, we can eat for another week. Ha ha.

A beautiful evening too
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Goodness, those storm clouds looked nasty. We've had rain again overnight but the sun is supposed to make an appearance off and on today. The rain is good for the crops and the gardens but I'd sure like some warmer weather.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. My Mom had a lilac tree ... she loved it. I tried one, but could never get it to grow. Oh yes, FOUR pieces of lettuce. Next time I'll just use a knife and fork!!

    1. Four pieces, yes, ha ha, I don't think you'd like that! It's reallllyyyy messy!

  3. Lettuce goes bad before I can eat it so -- knife and fork on the burger!! Loved the smell of lilacs - been years since have even seen one :( The plants are doing great by the gate!!
    Loved all the trees, pond and sky pictures! Even the cloudy sky is looking good to me!
    Gibbs is enjoying the tile floor - nice and cool for little nap. Going to Red Lobster for lunch today before they all close. YUM!!

    1. I love Red Lobster. I tried the knife and fork on the burger.........needed lettuce though. :)

  4. Love the scent of lilacs, I must remember to take my clippers with when next I pick up the mail. There is a lovely couple of bushes there to pick from. The burgers look awesome, even if wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun.

    God bless.

    1. the lilacs around here are almost done. My bouquet will be tossed on Friday.