Thursday, May 23, 2024

What a Great Day! Feels Like Friday

The Ridge

On Thursday, May 23rd I woke to Gibbs barking in bed beside me. I was surprised that it was 7:05 but because I didn’t have to go anywhere, it was fine to be a bit lazy this morning. Bill was downstairs but was stepping outside to fill Gibbs’ food container – hence the barking. “Where is Dad going?” I got up and came downstairs to join them. 😊

Last night's sunset

Bill is so sweet, getting ready for his own day, he makes my tea for me as soon as I come down. He’s a keeper! I sat while he finished his rituals and then he brought water in to fill our fridge jug too. When he left at 7:30, I finished my tea with a banana and cream. Time for my shower. Robin asked me to call before I left for the bnb so I got a few new instructions about picking up a oscillating fan from their home to take up to Williamsford. No a/c so with this heat, it could be hot.

Gibbs' is attached.
With one small hole, Moo Cow is not
too impressed.

The guests were out when I arrived at 11:30, as they should be, so I looked after the laundry first. He had stripped the bed and had the used towels in a basket by the washer. There were NO dishes in the sink, and all garbage was removed, which was the first time, so I thought that was very respectable of them. Robin likes to know how they leave it for her records. They got an A+ in my books.

Driving to Williamsford
under lovely skies

It still took me a couple of hours from beginning to end, what with washing and drying sheets and emptying the recycle and outside garbage bins. I restocked her baskets with snacks for the guests and the fridge with a few bottles of water. Everyone seems to like her service and love the quaint home. I’m proud to be a part of all that and Robin is very grateful that we met when we did and have become friends. 😊

After cutting grass, we admired the lawn
until the flies got too interested in me.

I stopped at her house to drop the numerous pieces of ‘good’ mail inside before I returned home to Gibbs. It was around 2:15 so I was smart to have taken cheese, almonds, a butter tart and water along with my coffee for lunch. Bill had mentioned cutting grass so since my area was the longest, I took care of that right away. It was after 3 when I finished up, hot and ‘bothered’. Ha ha. There was a lovely breeze up here today but without it, the blackflies sure liked my sweaty hair!

A strawberry Daquiri

Yes, they’re still around. Gerry popped over briefly to borrow a gas can so they could get their Acreage grass cut. Woops, they forgot a can when they drove out this afternoon. 😊 Bill has lots. I came inside when the flies were too much for me and made myself a strawberry daquiri. Hmmm, that will make me feel better.  

And the peonies are bursting!

Because our little boy is getting a hair cut tomorrow morning and he has a few sticky things from the tree out here, I put him in the sink and scrubbed them off. He likes the bath and makes quite a performance of drying himself off in our chairs. I thought this would make Kate’s job a bit easier.

I think Moo Cow might be thinner now.

Bill was home a bit early, a nice surprise, so we caught up on each other’s day. Since Gibbs was being ignored, he took the opportunity to deflate his Moo Cow as much as he could in 5 minutes. He’s a goof but I expect no less, it’s what he does. Bill talked about moving some dirt tonight, after we decided to wait on cutting the big fields, but after a work day, he changed clothes and his mind and had a nap instead. Good! 😊

Halibut and squash
Good supper

For supper, we had fish and chips, the chips for Bill and squash for me. One day I hope to reap the benefits of this food train I’m on. It’s taking longer this time than in 2010 when I first began keto. I’m a patient person, when I want to be, so will keep at it – for now. We watched the finale of The Voice last night and although it wasn’t our choice, now it is over. I’ve also been watching a series called Tracker and quite enjoying it.

Sitting at the Acreage
and the sun began its descent through the trees

After supper, we all hopped in Ptooties and took a quick run over to the Acreage to see Donna and Gerry. We were home by 8:30 and the new bites I got yesterday and today were starting to bug me. They don’t have black flies but the mosquitoes were making an appearance and they like me too! Argh!! It was nice to see them and catch up. Bill had made his lunch before supper so hopped in the shower. There is a lovely sunset tonight with just a few low-lying clouds making it pop.

The boys having a beer

Another great day with some cash in my pocket -kind of. 😊

Back at home, the sun sets.
Good night!

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  1. Nice busy, but relaxing day. Now to get rid of those Black Flies.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Gibbs haircut.

    It's about time.

  2. The bugs seem a little heavy this year

    1. They sure do. I was never so much in demand previous years!

  3. I have to say there is one good thing about living in California. NO BUGS. At least at my place, nothing to stuck your blood out or cause crazy itching. It looks like Gibbs has put Moo Cow on a diet .. and it's working!!

    1. Exactly! Why we love Az too.
      Moo Cow's fate was in stone from the day i gave him to Gibbs. Haha

  4. Great pictures! Sunsets and your home on the Ridge - lovely! Not many flying bugs here in Az. either!! Don't miss them at all :)) Moo Cow is slim and trim now!

    1. Thank you. I love that Az has no bugs, but we sure make up for it here.
      Moo Cow never had a chance.

  5. You both had a busy day. Nice to end the day with a lovely sunset and family time.
    Poor Moo Cow! Gibbs sure takes it to the stuffies.

    1. It was a lovely day, even with the work. ;)
      Gibbs is showing love to his stuffies, we think. He is very protective of them.