Sunday, May 5, 2024

Wet Morning, Nice Afternoon, Scrabble!

The Ridge

On Sunday, May 5th I wasn’t in a hurry to get up so it was almost 7:30 when I came downstairs. I did remember waking around 5 with an itch on one of my knuckles so I scratched it. Then when it got worse, I figured it was a black fly bite. LOL! They were hitting marks all of yesterday and we were noticing targeted areas today by scratching. Don’t scratch!! Easy to say, not easy to do.

This little fluff bum was quite wet when he came in from
our walk in the rain.
His hair gets so curly.

At some point, everything got really foggy
all around us.

It was a wet morning, well, everything was very wet first thing indicating it had rained overnight or early morning. So, because it wasn’t raining, Bill went outside to another issue we were having. Today, he wanted to feed the water line up into the refrigerator so we could make ice again. It was damaged when the tire blew. Duncan was out for his walk but when he returned, the two of them got busy.

Then, just as quickly it cleared.
Can you remember one of my first pictures of the pond?
Look at the new buds now.

They had success with this but the job didn’t get finished today after all. They needed a longer piece of hose and a plastic clasp. Patty, Gibbs and I went for a walk before lunch and we almost got to the corner when it started to rain. It was heavy enough to get us quite wet so we turned and hightailed it for home. 😊 We stood under the nose of the suite until is slowed down. Bill and Duncan drove to the Acreage for another bladder of water, this one for our fresh water tank.

Mr. Oriole was back

A couple of Blue Jays too

A little hope up there

We had lunch of bacon and eggs and Bill and Duncan went into town for the parts needed, still missing one when they returned. Patty invited me over for a game of Scrabble and we played 2 games in the warmth of their new home. By 3:30 or 4, the sun was starting to make an appearance so we all went out and gathered on our patio. Jackets were on and off, quite a difference in temperatures between sun and clouds.

Soon the clouds moved away completely

At 4:30, I made my tea and we sat until almost 6 before parting ways for supper tonight. Leftover meatloaf, vegetables, a potato for Bill and dinner rolls. We’ll have pears for dessert tonight, finishing off the can. Bill’s world changes tomorrow so he made his lunch and set it in the fridge for the night. 😊 It will be hard to see him leave for the whole day but Gibbs and I will manage.

The winds died off but that just
made the black flies happier

Supper was good and filling. We cleaned up dishes and relaxed for the remainder of the evening. Duncan and Patty popped over for a short visit before our programs started. Bill suggested a fire tonight but still make it an early night. Sounds good and the wind has died right off. What a nice day. This afternoon we had full sun and a high of 18C/66F.

Supper was good!
Good night!

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  1. The one thing I hated about camping when growing up in Ontario was the black flies. Pesky little you know what's.

    God bless.

  2. My place is in central NY state and we had fog here,guess it's that time of year.Hubby going back to work full time will be an adjustment for you all, stay well, happy and blessed,- Mary

    1. Thank you Mary. The fog was quick, in and out a couple of times.

  3. Good luck to Bill getting back to work. I hate those black gnats ... nothing works on those bites.

  4. I remember living in Northern Saskatchewan and dealing with the no-see-um's, those little black flies are a real pain, literally and figuratively.
    Here's hoping the skies clear for you soon. Wishing Bill a good day back at work.

    1. Thank you for the wishes. I hate the two weeks of black flies. Nothing repels them either.

  5. Be careful lifting, Bill. Have a wonderful day back at work.
    Great to have some company for some fun & project help.

    1. Yes, he needs to be careful. At least there are two young workers now so he can step back a bit more when he needs to.