Thursday, May 30, 2024

If I Say it, You Won’t Believe It! (sorry, it’s a novella today!)

The Ridge

On Thursday, May 30th it is, again, hard to imagine that the end of the month is literally just around the corner! I wonder if time goes as quickly for younger folk? I remember as a teen, days dragged on forever, even summer seemed slow. 😊 We woke up to clear skies but a cool morning. Unknown to me, Bill forgot to set his alarm last night, so when I woke up at 6:15 and he was still sound asleep, I was surprised and gently woke him.

Good morning!
I had to start with this pix from last night.
Gibbs went out to piddle and  barked like
crazy at my plant covering. He's closer here
but he was standing 8' feet away. πŸ˜‚
Yup, he's afraid of many unknowns. 

Before coming downstairs, I got washed, dressed and stripped the bed sheets and duvet cover. With the forecast as good as it would be, I had the perfect day to hang things on the line. I also had two sets of Robin’s sheets that I had to bring home to dry, the used towels that I washed at the bnb filled the dryer. I left the Suite at 7:15 and began work and laundry at 7:30. The patchy frost did not hit us up here on the Ridge so that’s good. I uncovered my plants before I drove out.

An early lunch before cutting grass

The Mat was empty of customers so I busied myself with the routine, leaving there at 8:45. I texted Sandy about a washer in need of repair and my total number of hours worked for May. I drove to Foodland first to pick up bread and yogourt that was on sale and then further down main street to the Water Store where I filled our 5-gallon bottle.

I'd pulled the ground pegs out and when I
tried to move the tent to where I'd cut,
the wind caught it and laid it down.
Safely. That's where it will stay tonight.

No more stops until I got to Robin’s where I nipped in to drop off the cleaned sheets. Jessica, the other cleaner, will take them on Saturday after Friday’s guests leave. I chatted with Robin, her and Andrew were busy splitting logs into fire wood for their wood stove, and I took the time to pet little Mildred. That’s a time-consuming job. He split with the machine and she loaded the wheelbarrow and carted it over to the pile. πŸ˜‰

I hope you can see him,
Two Jack in the Pulpits.
The one on the right is in front of our
biggest hosta. It's beautiful in its immenseness.

Back home, I made a phone call to Costco. I realized this morning that our EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) was not in yesterday’s delivery. They don’t send any paperwork so Bill checked online this morning to see if there was a note on his order. Nope, hence the call. I received satisfaction, so far, as the fellow who answered said they’d ship it out right away, no extra charges. Good thing! 😊 It was the oil that we needed more than the other times, of course.

Speaking of size. Our peony bush did not disappoint
this spring. Look at the size of these blooms! Sadly,
they don't last long.

The grass needs cutting so I had lunch just after 11:30, the last of my pancake mix from the fridge (yum), and then Gibbs and I went out. He kept Chippy out of my way, running around like a little fool (both of them!) so he was very helpful. My mower battery lasts just about, or shy of, an hour but I managed to get my area done before it died. I removed the battery, plugged it in and put the mower away.

It felt so good to be out, sun or shade,
with no critters to bother me!

I could do more tomorrow to save Bill some cutting on the big mower, it is supposed to be another nice day. It is only 15C/61F but feels cooler when the wind is at its peak and warmer when it dies off. A great day for working around outside. My title may have you wondering so I’ll tell you what you may not believe. After I finished cutting, Gibbs and I stretched out in my gravity chair enjoying the sun AND there was not a bug, mosquito or black fly to be seen!! ♥♥♥ Yay!

a visitor while we sat outside

I hope I didn’t just jinx it but I sure relished the ability to sit without the pests. 😊 Gibbs took turns sitting on my lap (even though I was trying to get some colour on my ‘muffin top’ belly) and in the shade so whenever he came to me, I enjoyed his snuggles for a while. I took a video of me cutting the grass, just because I DO work around here even if Bill is the only one in pictures, and Gibbs had me laughing when he perched himself right in front of my phone that was propped on the picnic table. He was trying to tell me something, I suppose.

The fresh air tires him out.
Sound asleep, rare when I move for his
eyes not to pop open.

I’d decided the other day to try and piece together the orange/blue Adirondack chairs up on the berm – not for sitting in – just for appearance. They are in rough shape and still missing one arm but they look a bit better now. When I finished that, I dragged my plant bags a bit to move them into the afternoon sun. I guess my first thought didn’t pan out, they need more sun than what the morning can give them. They look healthy, so I’m pleased and hopeful.

Our rain barrel is full so with water
from our drain pails, I primed the pump.
I was so excited when I was able to fill the watering cans
but after watering the veggies, it lost its prime again. πŸ˜•

We brought the sheets, chair covers and blankets in off the line, I did the unpegging and folding, Gibbs secured the area. 😊 After making the bed, we walked down to check the mailbox. Gibbs seems to know now what those words mean and doesn’t hesitate when I start out. He’s right beside me unless he smells something interesting along the way.

Gibbs sat with me while Bill cut grass.
He wasn't watching Daddy though. He was watching Chippy
under the bird feeders. He could hear the mower out at
the road so was quite content.

Bill was home earlier, 4:30, and began cutting grass. Supper was planned and when he was ready, I’d start the process. Today, I located a lot of the rocks I painted over the winter and placed them near plants around the Ridge. They are some of my favourites so I like to keep them, plus it helps Bill to know where some bulbs are planted etc. We had Brats and a vegetable for supper. Bill had the last of the fried potatoes and finished off the rhubarb crisp for dessert.

Brats and squash.

One more day and he gets a break from that job and can enjoy his weekend. Both Robin and Sandy have paid me/us for our work, which is nice that our ‘bosses’ are prompt. 😊 This has been a really nice day. Tonight, will be the last cool night, and then we’re on the home stretch – again. We take it as it comes and it is always a topic of conversation. LOL

From a distance, the chairs look fine.
Just don't sit in them!
These were a roadside find a few years ago.

I’ve been watching Rookie Blue on Prime Video at night, now that Tracker is done, and although an older series, I’m enjoying it. Andy (character name) aka Missy Peregrym, is on the newer FBI series and I like her much better in RB, she’s more personable. I can watch it while adding to my slippers. What a farce that was, I hope I’m on the right track again. I hope you’ve had nice weather too – I don’t mean you Arizona folks – in your neck of the woods.

Good night!

Thank you for stopping around. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. That hosta is HUGE!!! Oh the peonies are wonderful and so big! Nice job :))
    Love the 1st and last pic of Gibbs - think his profile is the best!!
    Yes, the mornings here are great with patio door open until about 8am (low 70's) then the heat starts in :(:( Went to lunch then hit the ATM for some $$ and home by 1pm = into the A/C for the rest of the day!! Once the sun goes down still warm but no sun beating down. I've already started.....winter is coming, winter is coming.......repeat!! Thank you for all your green pictures!! Remind me of my growing up years in Minnesota.

    1. Thank you, I'm not doing anything to the peonies, they grow themselves. Some years are not so fruitful with only a few flowers.
      Sounds nice there in the mornings but I'm sure by afternoon, you are grateful to be indoors. At least you can look outside through the patio doors! :)

  2. A beautiful day all round.
    Gibbs is really getting into his role as a protector to you both.
    The Ridge is really looking good.
    Have you thought of a second Battery for your mower?
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick. Yes, actually this is the 2nd or 3rd battery. For the $, I guess I'll just stick to an hour of cutting a day. :)

  3. No gnats or flies? It's a miracle!! I love your chairs, even if they aren't suitable!

    1. Nope! Well, we're getting into regular house fly season and then mosquitoes but after the hungry black flies?? I'll take them! ♥

  4. Definitely a wonderful with no bugs.
    Perhaps those chairs would hold a container on each of flowers. Good reminder to anyone considering sitting on them. :)

    1. Yes, indeed!
      You've got a good idea there although the seats are on a tilt, I'd have to put a board across. Hmmm, got me thinking now!

  5. Any day one can say they aren't bothered by bugs is a joy. Love the peonies.

    God bless.