Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Definitely Jacket Weather

The Ridge

On Wednesday, May 29th we woke to clouds and the look of rain showers. Good grief! Today is to be the coolest day and overnight but then (do ya think?) we will be beginning the climb to warm temperatures again. Warmer, at least. 😊 Phew! What a roller coaster ride the weather has been.

Good morning!
This is NOT our sunset from last night
but it is from my friend, Sheila.
She is at Quartzsite, Arizona and was kind
enough to share. 💓

I came downstairs to join Bill by 7 but I felt like I could have just stayed in bed and perhaps dropped off again. He was doing our banking since the government pensions went in the account. Hopefully, this will be an easier month for the finances. Bill left at 7:30 and I finished my tea with Gibbs and Moo Cow sitting at my side in ‘our’ recliner.

It gives me a challenge,
crocheting with Gibbs.
He lets me know when it is time to pay
attention to him. 
I have a correction to yesterday's post.
Gibbs was 27 lbs. last summer but is now
29.8 lbs!! After his hair cut. 😍

I know I post a lot of pictures of the little chunk, but he brings me/us such joy that I love capturing his moments. I did a couple of things on my laptop and before I knew it, it was time to head over to M’s. He asked if I could run him into town for some errands. I haven’t heard from him since Thursday, which was great, so I didn’t mind designating an hour of my time to help him out. He is always very appreciative.

While in town, I filled our 5-gallon gas can for the riding mower so Bill can cut some grass tonight. Back home, I began my search for slippers again, I can’t figure out my own written pattern – duh – so Googled a search to find one online. Soon enough, it was lunch time so I ate and then went back to it. Okay, don’t laugh but I figured it out. I was reading the back page of the beanies I made last fall……..once I realized that (duh!) I was good to go again. Phew! 😊 (ok, you can laugh)

Our large Costco box arrived by UPS
It's huge but it did have 5 large items in it and
saved us an hour and a half drive.

The sky cleared out while we were in town, so when I returned home, I popped my screen tent back up. The winds will be minimal over the next few days and hopefully the rain as well. It is cool though, only a high of 15C with a breeze. Gibbs ran around outside, stretching his legs and when we came in, he sat beside me with his buddy. Moo Cow has lost even more weight, as is evident by the fab full of stuffing. I doubt it will be long before her head becomes separated from his body like Goobers.

Well, here she is.
Moo Cow minus a few pounds and a squeaker. 
She is well loved. 

I had to leave Gibbs a second time today, at 4, to go meet Bill at the bnb in Williamsford. I didn’t see Robin and Andrew’s car in the lane so if they made it home last night, they are already on the run. She sent me pictures of the air bnb in Newfoundland that they are working on, soon to be done, and I am awed by what they accomplish in a short period of time. Their style is apparent throughout, yet keeping with the province’s ‘theme’ of homes. 😊

Bill working outside while
I worked inside.
A fair trade except he worked all day too.

This Purple Smoke Tree reminded me of
the one we had in London. They're pretty.

I cleaned while Bill cut the grass and within 2-hours we traded vehicles and were each driving home. Robin will be home for a couple of months so she will be looking after the grass and maybe some of the cleaning.  I like the job and the pay so I hope she needs me for part of the time. Bill had his shower while I started supper. Because it was after 6:30, we’d decided on toasted bacon, cheese and tomato sandwiches.

Driving home - yup, I'd follow him anywhere.

I jumped off the keto wagon and had mine on sour dough bread (which is so good toasted!) and added lettuce. Bill made his lunch, we did dishes and he went to the Hangar around 8. 

A tasty little sandwich. 

I worked on my blog and spent some time crocheting with my little snuggle bum. We heard that it will be dropping to +2C/35F overnight so I covered my vegetables with a sheet. It will be the last one, we hope! I have a feeling it could be a short night, unless I find something on tv to watch until 10. It has been a good day and before it ended, I texted Robin with an update on Bill’s hours etc. 

And finally, I had a mention on FB from another friend at the Arizona park...........they are working on a 2000-pc. puzzle and need me back STAT. Ha ha, cute, although they seem to be doing just fine without me! 😂

What a great challenge, ladies!
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Moo Cow is looking like a giraffe ! Sandwich looks good and that puzzle looks .... SO BIG!

    1. Ha ha, yes, Moo Cow looks different than when I brought her home. ♥

  2. I spotted a Moo Cow yesterday ... they are very well made! I guess Mr. Gibbs is just one tough puppy!!

    1. Oh, you know it! Once he detects stuffing, he keeps at it. It's quite an art.

  3. Goodness, they are going to run a bnb in two provinces - that will be a challenge for sure.
    Moo Cow certainly looks a little worse for wear. Will you re-stuff the poor thing?

    1. Yes, they have 2 churches in Manitoba as well that they will be renovating in August. I think they will be long term rentals though.
      No, I won't re-stuff Stuffy, Goober or Moo Cow. he likes them skinny. Ha ha.

  4. That poor Moo Cow. Can you restuff it? Wouldn't you like to participate in that 2000 pc puzzle? It looks complicated with all the same shade of brown.

    1. No, re-stuffing is not in the cards. He'll get another one some day.

  5. Poor Moo Cow needs to stop that diet. I don't think it is good for her/him. Sounds like you are getting our weather a few days after us. Right now we have rain (and even a couple of minutes of very small hail), makes it very difficult to weed the gardens.

    God bless.

    1. ha ha, I know!
      Not keen on getting your weather when it's bad. Can we only get the good stuff, please? :)