Monday, February 10, 2020

A Dip in Temperature and Dry Becomes Wet, A Treat for my Sweet

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
Monday, Feb. 10th I was awake and tossing and turning a lot before 6. Then I got discouraged and almost got up but I managed to stay put until closer to 7, listening to Bill drop in and out of sleep. I know he woke when I moved to get up so I just said “go back to sleep” and when he heard me hop in the shower, I think he did for a while longer. When I came out of the bathroom, he was getting up so I helped make the bed.

Now wasn't this a pretty performance?
Downstairs, I decided to go for a walk alone, since Bill wasn’t keen this morning. It was mild again, 57F/14C, but it was very windy. I had taken some time to partially dry my wet hair just in case it was cool outside but it would have dried in 2 minutes flat anyway!The sky to the east around the mountains was beautiful so I couldn’t wait to get over to the fence to take pictures. I knew that today the sun wasn’t going to win any battles but it was lovely to watch her try.

The wind is obvious by the proud American flags here
I went through the gate along the east fence, strolled across the desert rubble and walked the sandy lane back towards the blm (bureau of land management) land. This is where you can dry camp(no hookups) for free. I know some folks say it gets windy, but I liked the flat open areas all the same. When I was on my way back on the west side of the park and fence, an email we were waiting for came through. I was happy to see that a message I’d sent yesterday was received.

With a setting on my camera, we have a star poser

The remnants of the ocotillo blooms had me creeping
closer for a picture
More desert colours
Looking back to the east
Looking ahead to the west
Back home, Bill was having some Cheerios and getting ready to go to Yuma with Ken and Keith. They were doing some research and I was happy that they could brainstorm together and offer support and ideas. I had the morning to myself so I decided to make myself some steel cut oats in Madame IP. I’d never done that but heard they were so easy compared to the slower stove version. The rumours were correct! I was done in 25 minutes, beginning to end and that includes cleanup after eating!

I do love steel cut oats

This was easy to make 3 servings
A few weeks ago, I’d also heard, from a blogger friend, about premade pie crusts she’d bought and recommended. I don’t mean the frozen ones in a pie pan already. These come 2 in a box, each one formed and rolled perfectly in its own paper sleeve. What could be easier? 

These have a long fridge shelf life
I will look for them again
I like making pie crusts of my own but sometimes I also enjoy less mess and a quicker product. First, I let them sit for 15 minutes out of the fridge because I’m a rule follower and don’t want to screw it up! I unrolled it and placed one in the pan. 

With a little edge fluting, that is a perfect pie crust
Voila! Well, that was a no-cleanup job, let me tell you! Bill loves cherry pie, one of his favourites. Up there with pecan pie--. I had purchased 2 cans of cherry pie filling a while ago and that was a blessing in disguise instead of only getting one. I should have taken a picture of how full (NOT!) one can made the pie shell. Are they kidding? So, I opened the second can and Bill will get a nice mouthful of those sweet forbidden cherries with each bite.

And the rain started around 11 am
I’m very frugal though so didn’t want to use the second crust as a topper or cut it up into decorative shapes. I wanted to save it for another one crust pie. On the cherry can was a recipe so I took part of that recipe and while the pie was baking in my convection oven, blended whipping cream, cream cheese and some Splenda sweetener as a topping. How can that be bad?

We have a pool in our back yard
It's a little mucky, don't wear your good swimsuit
Bill called around 11:30 from Del Sol grocery store. Hmm, only Tillamook Vanilla Bean ice cream was left on the shelf so Kim and I both (in 2 conversations) opted out. I’ve never had the Vanilla Bean flavor before and didn’t want 2 gallons of it just in case we didn’t like it. Not just to get the deal. If Kim said no, maybe she’s had it and didn’t like it so why take that chance. The boys didn’t get any at our suggestion.

Walking to Happy Hour, a few puddles along the road
A little tidbit of information about why the Ice Cream social was cancelled yesterday. Apparently, each year the park has to get a food license (license to serve food). Either they were late applying, or there was a back up this year, but they have put all food events on hold until the inspector pays them a visit. That is the necessary protocol. In a way, it is very good to know that standards are required. I just hope it all happens before Friday burger night! 😊

Some roads were worse than others
It was around 11 when the sky opened up and we received our bit of rain. The forecast is for 80% chance of precipitation and we all know clear stuff is better than white! We also had some thunder booms as well which is really funny for winter. I guess now we can say that we’ve had a couple of days of rain so far. When Bill came home, the news wasn’t great so we’re kind of back to square one. At least, he has figured out what we can do.

the corner just before we reached Keith's site
See his 'Lunar Landing'?
He made himself some lunch and I showed him the delicious news of a cherry pie for dessert. That’s a treat and it made his day. We sat down together at his laptop and he gave me a lesson on Quicken and how he does the banking. In some, maybe most, households’ roles are reversed and the wife looks after the financials. Well, I used to, in a former life, but I’m not familiar with how Bill handles it on line. I used to work with a hard copy ledger. I need to be more aware of his new process for that possible’scenario of 'what if'. For now, I am taking the first step.

Don't worry, Black Beauty knows how to swim
When the pie was done, I smoothed the creamy cheese topping over the cherries. Ooh, it looks good! Into the fridge it goes until time to eat it. I texted Kim around 2:30 to see if they were up for H.H. today and would they mind hosting if we walked that way. We made hot drinks and donned our rain coats, boots (in my case) and an umbrella. We couldn’t believe the puddles of water that began at our site and carried on all the way to their place.

Keith was busy doing his laundry so never did make it but we still had a nice visit. We discussed travels to different touristy places, cell phone apps and the weather. There was also talk about the Oscars, movies and some talk about the ‘wildwood weed’. We left around 5 and walked to Keith’s to talk about plans for tomorrow. I’m dog sitting as the guys are heading to San Diego for a day trip. I just wanted some tips for keeping an eye on Oreo.

Beef stew in a pouch
Back home, we sat for half hour before I started supper. Tonight, something different. Something new. Something out of the ordinary yet very simple. While at the food tent in Quartzsite, I found beef stew in a pack. Hmm, it looked interesting enough for me to spend the $2 to try it. The expiry date on the package said March 2021 so I knew I was safe there. In a pot on the stove, I heated it up, dished up a salad and baked 4 Pillsbury rolls.

A hearty meal
Supper was ready at 6:15 and it was very good. Oh, but wait! We had dessert! Not many items on tonight’s menu were keto but we didn’t mind slipping off the wagon. It was a success and even though the cherry pie could not be warmed up, we both enjoyed it. We watched the Finals in America’s Got Talent and after I finished my blog, I sat and watched a couple of our Monday night programs with my sweetie.

It wasn't messy to make but getting it out of the pan
was the messy part
It was delicious!
Good night y'all!
This has been a wet day, as predicted by the forecasters and there are still a lot of puddles left behind. Hopefully overnight many of them will disappear, especially from our site. It isn’t that we got tons of rain, it is just that there is no where for the rain to go. With the expected winds overnight, maybe it will be dry by morning. I hope you had a great day.

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Tillamook Vanilla Bean is the Kat's meow......Trust me, if you like vanilla...All of Tilly's Ice cream is what I spend my $ on, as far as Ice Cream goes...

    1. Hmm, hearing that, we should have tried it. I like vanilla (less sugar) but Bill prefers the 'good' stuff as he calls it! :)

  2. I agree with the above. Vanilla Bean ice cream is likely my fav.
    I've been catching up on blogs. Too bad about the tires. If I can add my two cents....check out GoodYear G614. I found Discount Tire has a good price (well they are expensive) at $300/each. I may get some yet this year.
    Looks like you got the same amount of rain we did. We're at Yuma Lakes now.

    1. Things you only learn in blogs! Good to know about the ice cream. Now I WILL try it!
      Of course, your 2¢ is worth it. I think that is what they were looking at in Discount Tire but didn't commit since they were following up on the warranty thing. He'll likely put the spare on the worse tire before leaving here. It is brand new and then keep an eye.
      Thank you for the tip. Enjoy Yuma Lakes!

  3. It was a wet day for sure. Did not see that sunrise show over this way this morning. Just some color on the horizon. I do like watching the clouds on days like this. I have been using that pie crust for awhile the taste is good and I really like not having a mess to clean up. That topping does sound good.

    1. Since we expected rain, we weren't surprised. Besides, Black Beauty and the Suite got a bath! :)
      I'd never heard about those pie crusts until Nancy (I think) told me about them. Love the ease putting it together.

  4. You do have a rather large "pool" there. Don't fall in!! I have an even faster pie crust for you. You can find them in the freezer "pie" section. They are pre-made and frozen, already in pie tins. Super easy, fast and pretty tasty!!!

    1. I passed on swimming. :D
      Actually, this boxed one is a better option (which I'm sure you talked about in your blog once) for me. Our big freezer is always too full for much more and I really don't need more tins. I love how easy it was. Thanks though for the ideas! Keep 'em coming!

  5. I'm thinking the day trip to San Diego should include the ladies! LOL..Such a beautiful area! Gotta say your pie looks so yummy! I never make pie crust as it NEVER turns if I make pie, it's always store bought. I'm thinking vanilla bean with chocolate syrup..yum. Food talk is making me hungry. Your dinner looked yummy too, of course a biscuit with butter I could skip dinner. Have a wonderful day!!

    1. That's what Kim first said but I instead offered to stay home with Oreo and have a relaxing day. One can only shop and tour so much (really!) and that's a long time in a car with 3 men! haha
      The pie was great and now I have to try vanilla bean. Why didn't they just call it vanilla? LOL

  6. The pie looks amazing. Rain keeps the dust down so you are lucky to have some.

    1. Thanks, and the pie was delicious!
      The rain is a good thing as both vehicles are now clean too!

  7. We had rain yesterday too, however it looks like you guys certainly found the low spots in the campground. That's a lot of water. The pie looks wonderful, even though I don't like cherry pie.
    Glad you folks are feeling better about your unexpected repairs and the costs that go along with them. Sometimes we just need to step back and look at the over all picture and try not to dwell on the minute to minute daily grind. In the big picture they are not as bad as we think. You and Bill are a team and you seem to work well together, so I have no doubt you will both come up with a plan that will work for you. Good luck. Keep smiling, it will get better.

    1. The rain seemed pretty steady for about 5 hours and you can sure see the low spots.
      Thank you for your supporting words, Deb. We felt really down but with friends here and out 'there' :), we're fine and will be fine. I appreciate everyone's encouragement. It truly helps. :D

  8. The pie looks delicious. I must look for those pie crusts...I'm lousy at homemade ones. :)

    1. You won't be disappointed in the crusts. I think they were $4.99/box. Worth it!

  9. You got rain to. That pie idea sounds great. I could even do it I think. I've used Quicken for years and swear by it. Great program and easy. Paper ledgers are a thing of the past Patsy. Get with the program! :))

    1. You could make a pie, yes!!
      Quicken - yah yah, I know. I'm living in the past but I'm learning thanks to Bill! :)