Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sunday Comin’ Down, Shopping and Relaxing, One More Upset

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
It was closer to 7 when we got up on Sunday, Feb. 16th. Half way through the month already, wow, that is just crazy how time flies 'when you’re having fun'. That sounds better than saying ‘when you’re older’. We didn’t have a lot on the agenda today but we did decide to go into Yuma for groceries and a couple of other things this morning. I might nip into Hobby Lobby for 3 more balls of wool at their 30% off sale.

A different assortment of pictures today
Look at the blossoms on this tree
This would indicate spring, if we saw this back home
We had our showers first thing instead of walking, then our drinks and a bite to eat. I had some of my homemade apple sauce with yogourt. Good for me but it is an acquired taste and I’m not sure if I’m getting there with it. It put something in my tummy and then I set out an antibiotic pill before we left. It wasn’t time to take one yet. My mouth/gum was great last night and I didn’t need to take a pain pill. Yay! I wonder how long that will last.

It wasn't too busy this morning at 10:30
So, we left around 9 and picked Keith up so he could stock up too. First, we went to Walmart and Bill got 2 jugs of DEF fluid. The price is amazingly cheap when you buy the Walmart brand and it works just as well, leaving $ in your pocket. I wandered around and picked up some Vitamin C pills, something I like to have on hand. Then we drove to Fry’s for groceries. We all stocked up and came out with savings. Our fuel points are adding up again.

For some reason this little lunch tasted too bland
although it filled me until supper
Keith needed gas for his quad so did that while we were in the parking lot. One quick stop at Harbor Freight (and they were quick!) to get a small furniture blanket for $3.99. We use our plug-in cooler sometimes and set it on the back seat of Black Beauty. Bill is concerned about that ripping or marking the leather so the blanket is a great idea. Keith and I were all excited about going to Hobby Lobby but we’d forgotten it was Sunday and that HL is closed. Darn! Another day.

Keith drove by on his quad with Oreo
When Oreo saw Bill, she jumped off and ran over and up onto his lap
(wish I'd got that picture)
When he drove away, Oreo jumped off Bill and hopped up on the quad again
So cute!!
We drove home. We unloaded and unpacked, filling the fridge up again. Famous last words ‘we don’t need much’ always turn into a full fridge and cupboards. We don’t buy what we don’t need but today I picked up some Tillamook Vanilla Bean ice cream, for one. After all the recommendations and commendations, we HAVE to try it! I took an antibiotic pill when we got in and then after putting groceries away, made a coffee and took a pain pill. There was a slight bit of discomfort. Then I sat quietly.

And the slippers are started

Bill went back with Ken to Doug’s to offer some advice and assistance with the White Lion. I moved outside with my crochet bag and began working on my slippers to replace the ones with the hole. Luckily, I had some of the same wool left as I really liked the colours. Following my short cut of instructions in the little note pad, it went really well. After sitting for a while, I decided I’d better get out for a walk since I missed one this morning. Walking at Fry’s didn’t add much to my step count. I saw that the boys were saying goodbye to Doug and I carried on for a bit longer.

Bill, Kim and Ken relaxing at Happy Hour
 Before Bill left earlier, he came outside with the announcement that the handle/foot pedal on our toilet just broke. What doe we do? Laugh or cry? Well, we basically just shrugged our shoulders and said ‘guess we need a new johnny’. LOL I’m not going to ask what’s next because we may find out sooner than later. At 3, we took our cooler with drinks (water for me) and our chairs to the Wilson’s. Keith joined us when he returned from the dunes and Doug arrived soon after.

Keith and Doug involved in conversation
We shot the bull until 5 and then everyone went off towards their respective homes. Time for supper! Bill grilled a pork chop and inside I put salad out on our plates and warmed up the leftover cheeseburger soup from last night. It tasted good and I was surprised that I ate it all. We weren’t done yet; we had some apple crisp with the vanilla bean ice cream. I concur with what we were told. It is delicious! Kim, you’ll have to come and taste it. 😊

My 'soft' supper
We did dishes and watched the first episode of American Idol. We both enjoy the tom foolery between Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. We also agree with each other that it is nice to have all music entertainers in deference to America’s Got Talent, where it is all over the board. I sat at my laptop and wrote on my post for today. After pictures were downloaded, I  decide to finish and publish it tonight. I was feeling tired but it was early.

Bill's pork chop supper
Today was a nice day. We managed to get our groceries bought and had a quiet rest of the day. Unfortunately, we had another upset with the toilet but we’ll figure it out.

Good night y'all!

Thank you for taking the time to see what we’re up to.


  1. I'm having to snap the foot pedal back pretty hard to get a good seal since changing the ball seal yesterday. I hope your experience is not a fore shadowing of what I will face!!
    Vanilla Bean Ice Cream....MMMMM! The apple crisp looked delish!

    1. Oh oh. Bill was wondering if it was the spring that was failing. I hope your doesn't follow suit too. You can't buy parts for them.

  2. We were thinking we had missed the Ice Cream Social, then remembered it was still cancelled this week.... So it’s good to know about the Vanilla Bean, I may have to make some space in the freezer!

  3. we always get our def at walmart. an amazing price for sure. Hope you are healing great and thank you so much for the read. :)

    1. Can't beat the price for sure.
      Thank you Lori. Im so glad you took the time for a read. :D

  4. Glad your jaw and gums are getting better. It's always a little worry there's going to be an infection but no problems with pain. That's great! Maybe the toilet isn't a complete goner. Be interested to see what Bill finds out. Any help I can give just let me know.

    1. Thank you Doug. Ken has been researching too so i will also be interested!

  5. Bummer about your toilet, hopefully that's the last upset you will have!

  6. Well rats ... another repair. I feel your pain! Do doubt Bill will get it fixed. I'm voting for the kid from Napal. Wasn't he just amazing???

    1. Thanks Nancy. Isn't that young man the sweetest thing? And what a voice!

  7. Your bland lunch looks good to me. Very colourful too! Some homemade sauerkraut would have made all the difference. ;-)

  8. That dentist must be good at what she does...or you have a very high pain tolerance. Glad it is going so well.

    Shame about the toilet. Hope it is a quick and inexpensive fix.

    1. Dr. Eva is very good. I don't think I have a high tolerance for pain. :)
      Thank you Maebeme.